Alex Turnbull: Don’t vote Liberal

The free radical is back:

Certainly freer than dad, at The Australian:

“I disagree with Alex. His father disagrees with him too,” Mr Morrison told the ABC on Friday.

“His father Malcolm Turnbull is heavily supporting Dave Sharma, the only Liberal candidate running for Wentworth.” Mr Morrison says the former prime minister has recently been silent on the issue as he has bowed out of public life.

How’s Dave Sharma doing? Not so good:

The Liberal candidate for Wentworth, Dave Sharma, said his party is “doing enough” and has “a good record” on climate change, after a blistering attack from former leader John Hewson, who said the party deserved a “drubbing” over its inaction on the issue.

My own view is the Libs will lose despite the heavy backing from big money but we shall see soon enough.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Q: What type of human would not want to look after the environment and preserve resources for future generations and just do the right thing?

    A: A Liberal party human, where morals and ethics are hard to find.

    • Thanks but neither the two main parties will ever get my vote. They have sold this country to foreigners and anyone with a buck to shovel their way. As for the Greens, they are more fake than a Bangkok-sourced Gucci handbag.

      • Categorical error…. the politicians did not sell anything…

        What occurred was… Australia was opened up to international investors so the market could price it effectually, initially that was to anglophone PE and financial mobs, but toward the end throw in some M&A consolidation to buff it for selling on. This then brings us to the Chinese investors buying it off the aforementioned.

        Like Howard said… I want to keep the Australian people sleepy….

  2. Politics, just proves that it’s a system that rarely brings out the best of people but the worst of people.

  3. How many trips to Singapore has pompous Alex Turnbull made? I suppose he goes by sailing ship rather than using copious volumes of JetA1. What an utter tosser.

    • Here we go, the tired old attack on anyone who ever says anything about climate change: “You drive a car don’t you?” etc. Ad nauseam.

    • The costs for environmental reform are always pushed away from the elite who somehow magically remain exempt, and it’s a big problem for getting traction on reform. You can see it on the deforestation stage – Multinational food co gets free ticket to sell in Australia despite destroying thousands of acres of Indonesian rainforest. Local farmer – beaten to a pulp for clearing regrowth.

    • Alex is pretty normal voter, and a pretty normal bloke.
      His attitude is in line with the majority of voters V.

  4. When will people get the message that voting for fossil fuel drones like the ALP membership is a recipe for global disaster?

    Wild fires, dying lakes, landslides, hurricanes,
    apocalypse in store, like nothing ever seen before.
    It’s a-coming.

    Third-generation refugees, street mob burning effigies,
    revolution, civil war, like nothing ever seen before.
    It’s a-coming.

  5. As long as Labor doesn’t win either. That would be a soul destroying confirmation that the duopoly is unbreakable.

  6. Wow, I read the comments by Liberal voters on Alex Turnbulls facebook page.

    The venom and bile is revolting. No intelligent counter argument, just insults and swearing. There is no way I would vote for the Libs if those are example of people who do.