MB Fund Podcast: Australian dollar reflation?

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Enjoy the latest MB Fund podcast recorded live yesterday discussing the outlook for the Australian dollar over the short, medium and long terms:

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    • I’m curious too. RE news, especially non-positive, takes a long time to filter out the laymen and typically they will dismiss negative property news at first. Additionally, i don’t know what the news lag is to international investors and our re market woes but i’d guess it’s reasonable. I think spring selling season will create a lot of headline worthy data points that might affect the aud.

  1. truthisfashionable

    Alright, if like me you have been trying to figure out how to hold USD but not in cold hard boring green notes, I found out about a ‘new’ (launched in July) product and so far it seems good.

    The Citibank Global Currency Account. Can open an AUD and USD account and it is linked to the one Mastercard debit card. You need to use the app or website to link which currency account the card uses. There is no transfer fees to send or receive money, plus no ATM fees when withdrawing in local currency.

    However the exchange rate is atrocious if you move AUD from the AUD account into the USD account. I’m looking to send AUD via XE.com to the USD account, as the exchange rate is quite a lot better.

    Sorry if the above seems like a shill, I just often see the question asked here and wanted to give people an example of one method.