Love tears Government apart

Love is not going well. Via The Australian:

Scott Morrison has called on ­Malcolm Turnbull to stop undermining the government, with the Prime Minister’s office approaching key members of the ousted leader’s camp in a bid to end leaking and destabilisation.

The appeal comes amid accu­sations that Mr Turnbull and his former deputy, Julie Bishop, have engaged in a campaign of subversion by casting further doubt over the eligibility of Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton to sit in parliament, in an implicit threat to the government’s majority.

The Australian has confirmed that Mr Morrison’s office has contacted several key figures close to Mr Turnbull over the past 48 hours seeking a detente after weeks of damaging leaks against the new Morrison government from suspected former Turnbull government insiders.

Not well at all, at the Herald Sun:

SCOTT Morrison faces a crisis vote next week, with two more Liberal MPs threatening to join Julie Bishop in a backbench rebellion that could force Peter Dutton to face the High Court.

The two MPs have told the Herald Sun they are considering voting with Labor to force the High Court to rule on whether Mr Dutton is ineligible to sit in Parliament.

“He should do the right thing and refer himself,” one said.

Downright badly at the SMH:

Former foreign minister Julie Bishop has questioned whether some Liberal MPs acted illegally during last month’s leadership spill.

…The former deputy Liberal leader says its a difficult situation to name someone of doing something that may be “illegal”.

Ms Bishop also backed fellow Liberal Julia Banks, who is quitting politics over “appalling” bullying, intimidation and harassment during the recent leadership spill.

And it’s bald-faced revenge at The Age:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been overruled after the NSW Liberals defied his push for a female candidate to run in Wentworth and instead backed former ambassador Dave Sharma.

…Ms O’Regan had started the day as the clear frontrunner after Mr Morrison had stressed that a woman should be pre-selected. But 11th hour interventions by former prime ministers ended her chances.

Former prime minister John Howard spoke to Mr Sharma on Thursday…Shortly after, Malcolm and Lucy Turnbull called Mr Sharma from New York…and told him to run and offered their support.

The Libs now have three ex-PMs and one current PM pulling strings.

Love will tear us apart.


  1. My only problem is if Labor don’t have to offer anything to win the next election other than not being the liberal party…..there is no necessity for them to really change anything or initiate reform.

    • darklydrawlMEMBER

      That seems to be the standard approach for anyone in politics these days. They are soooo “meh!” – all of them. The best the offer is “We’re not as bad as that guy over there”. Pathetic.

      • +1 – Labor will then become a Do Nothing Government, just with more virtue signaling from Shorten… that’s going to be horrible to watch.

      • correct but is there an appetite to go through the pain in order to position the country for a gain? let’s say a party comes out and says “we need to bring house prices down by 60% in order to improve affordability” how many people will vote for them??

    • Hopefully a rising independents share means they still have something to lose. Hell, imagine a party like SAP being necessary to form government. It would probably achieve more than if Labor just won outright. Not that that is ideal in my view- 5 electorates shouldn’t get more stuff than the other 140+ just because their guys are an important minority.

      • Why not? Marginal seats have gotten more than safe seats forever. It is one of the many wondrous traits of our system of government.

  2. I believe it is a breach of convention for a sitting PM to get involved in a preselection contest, or to back a particular candidate. When John Howard was PM, he always maintained that preselections were a matter for the local members and the Party machine, not the PM.

      • Ru kidding. Haven’t you read the 10 Conventions?

        1. Property shalt double every 7-10 years
        2. A sitting PM shalt not get involved in a preselection blah-blah
        3. …

    • I suspect that Howard was a little more shrewd and nuanced about it all, and it was more a matter of being a breach of convention for a sitting PM “to be seen” to get involved in a pre-selection contest. That way, you could as PM still attempt to influence the outcome – which almost goes without saying – without having to face the risk of an awkward public rebuke from your own party.

      Obviously the present PM plays things a little differently. Lead with the chin.

      (I am still struggling with the use of rap or any other music to engender a sense of camaraderie and unified enthusiasm by our elected representatives. How old are these people? Is this the best that Australia can muster as leaders?)

    • When you’re one seat away from means a minority government, convention can take a back seat.

      Demographic matters. A female candidates will win the seat far more easily than a male candidate in Wentworth, and a Jewish candidate will have a easier time than an Indian. The thing is, it is a very safe Liberal seat without the backlash from dumping Turnbull, so whoever holds it now will hold it for the next decade and beyond. Provided an independent doesn’t hold the seat, it WILL go back to LNP next year, thus the NSW LNP is not give up a safe seat jjust so ScoMo can have a easy time.

    • in the past politicians thought people are half smart and may revolt.. now our politicians know better.

  3. The only thing missing from this Game of Thrones is the beheadings. Oh, how I long for some beheadings.

    • Parliamentary privilege should extend to physical attacks. Yes, it’s illegal for the rest of the population to do it, but if one politician does it to another, that’s OK. It creates a vigorous democracy and parliament may actually get decent ratings on TV. Win win.

    • “Boy, that is bitterly disappointing,” Mr Joyce said.

      “Why is Malcolm doing this? I don’t know but it’s not looking good. He’s got a legacy, a good legacy, and he shouldn’t, basically, impugn it.

      “These things, they just are starting to look like malice and not like anything to do with the reflections of a former prime minister.”


  4. imagine being this fanatically committed to the real estate / immigration ponzi that youre willing to jeopardise your own political party and even your own political viability to this extent lol

    make no mistake about it thats what all of this has been about and why every standing pm in australia over the past decade has had the longevity of a roman emperor in the third century a.d

  5. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Love hurts …….Malcolm invested $1.7 million of his own money to buy some love …..he will want to get something that resembles a happy ending ….the climax
    to this will make even Reusa gasp

  6. Strewth! Julie Bishop looks like she has been crying in her pillow for weeks!!! This is the same woman who pulled in the Russian Ambassador for public TV vilification and abuse over something about which she had no idea and no proof?????

  7. Given that Turnbull pretty much as no legacy and will be a trivia question in 20 years, I doubt he has much interest in letting ScoMo etc have their legacies. Abbott at least has the 2014 budget, Knights and Dames etc that will stick in the mind. Turnbull has pretty much nothing and he can thank his former colleagues for that.Of course he’d be out for some blood. That’ll get him remembered at least within the party.

    • That’s a great point mate. All this political sturm and drang will be forgotten in a very short time. How many people off the top of their head can name the PM from 1932? Or 1969?

      Turnbull and Abbott and Morrisson and these other puffed up, self-important morons will all be remembered, if at all, as nothing but small wet farts in the hurricane of history.

      • i think that’ll be the nation of australia period, let alone turnbull or morrison. anyone remember the empire of trezibond or the kingdom of pontus? nope. in 1000 years from now niggas on mars (or where-ever ppl will be living) will be all like “wtf was australia?”