Light rail farce to derail Berejiklian Government?

By Leith van Onselen

Following the massive cost blow-outs and delays hitting the Eastern Suburbs Light Rail Project, as well as multiple reports of incompetence, Miranda Divine believes Light Rail will derail the Berejiklian Government’s bid for re-election. From The Daily Telegraph:

If you’re looking for reasons the Berejiklian government is neck and neck with Labor in the polls six months out from the state election, and why Luke Foley is preferred premier, look no further than George Street.

The light rail catastrophe is emblematic of the Premier’s Pollyanna approach.

No one wanted trams back in Sydney except Gladys, then the transport minister, and Lord Mayor Clover Moore.

In 2012, Gladys and then Premier Barry O’Farrell ignored every naysayer around the cabinet table, including then-Roads Minister Duncan Gay whose department was warning that light rail would make congestion in the CBD 35 per cent worse.

This was a nightmare we walked into with our eyes wide shut.

Every expert said it was stupid. The business case was woeful. It would increase congestion. It would cost a fortune. George Street was too narrow.

And yet Gladys forged ahead.

Fair enough. But Divine has failed to mention the WestConnex disaster, dubbed yesterday as the “biggest misuse of public for corporate gain in history”, as well as the footy stadiums fiasco. And let’s not forget the Government’s unflappable support for mass immigration and a ‘Big Sydney’, despite the public’s overwhelming opposition.

No, the Berejiklian Government is facing defeat because it has lost touch with the electorate, in addition to hosing public money on dubious projects.

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