How foreign students game Australia’s immigration system

By Leith van Onselen

Amid the explosion of foreign student visas with work rights, who are remaining in Australia for up to four years on graduate work visas following their studies:

As well as the ballooning in bridging visas, which have blown-out by 40,000 over the past year, as well as by 90,000 since 2014:

It has been revealed that foreign students have been ‘gaming’ Australian immigration system by appealing their decisions en masse to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) to extend their stay:

A surge in appeals by foreign students against unfavourable visa decisions has contributed to a massive backlog of more than 43,000 active cases swamping the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

The Australian has confirmed the case load at the tribunal’s migration and refugee division (MRD) has increased by more than 75 per cent — rising from 24,462 at the end of June last year to 43,159 at the end of May this year. The cases include appeals by overseas workers and refugee applicants, as well as students…

The number of outstanding student visa refusal cases before the tribunal at the end of May totalled 8603. This compared with 4394 active cases at the end of June 2017 — an increase of more than 95 per cent in a little under a year. The 8603 active student visa refusal cases represented 30 per cent of all active migration cases.

The Australian can reveal that the median time for the AAT to finalise a decision on the refusal of a student visa is 428 days. ­Foreign students are able to seek judicial review of any unfavourable decision in the Federal Circuit Court.

The AAT yesterday acknowledged it was increasingly unable to keep pace with its growing workload, telling The Australian the number of “members available to review decisions has not kept pace with this trend”.

The process of legal appeals can take several years to exhaust, prompting concern among some government MPs that the AAT backlog is contributing to overcrowding in capital cities as the national population last night ticked over 25 million.

Victorian Liberal MP Jason Wood, the chair of the joint standing committee on migration, said the backlog of cases at the AAT was “outrageous” and argued that the appeals process was “working in favour of the visa holder and not necessarily the Australian taxpayer”. He said foreign students could game the system to extend their stay by several years — an outcome which he said would deny Australian citizens more part time jobs.

The reality is that Australia’s education system has become an integral part of the immigration industry and Australia’s population ponzi – effectively a way for foreigners to buy backdoor permanent residency to Australia.

Dr Jenny Stewart, Honorary Professor of Public Policy at the University of New South Wales, drew the direct link between permanent residency and foreign student demand in her excellent article Hooked on Students:

If you work in a university, you cannot help but be aware of the extent to which universities are dependent upon income from international undergraduate students. Many of us working in the sector realised that it was not for any intellectual brilliance on our part that the students came, but because for many, coming to Australia as a student was a significant step on the path to becoming an Australian resident…

What do these undergraduate students do once they have completed their qualification? Many, understandably, wish to remain in Australia…

With appropriate advice and support and the necessary persistence, it would seem to be possible for just about any international student who is a graduate of an Australian university to become, eventually, a permanent resident…

In addition to creating competition for jobs at the entry level of the market, the boom in international students, particularly from China, is also having a deleterious impact on housing affordability, thus dealing a double-blow to Australia’s youth:

We need to switch the education sector from residency to pedagogical exports.

If permanent migration is capped, and appeals processes tightened, many more students will go home. The economy will adjust quickly with lower house prices and a lower Australian dollar. Thus the students will still come in droves for the value offered in Australian degree but without being so detrimental to wages, house prices and crush-loaded public services.

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  1. The mainland Chinese are masters at gaming the system, and ours has proved very easy to game.
    Just hand your paperwork to a friendly migration agent and he’ll do the rest for a fee.

  2. Posted initially in the ACTU wages post

    But fits here just fine……..

    There’s an even bigger Macro reality we have all lost sight of.

    Back in the day when idiots like me set about trying to tone down the influence of unions at a workplace level, the story was all about ‘efficiency’

    With greater efficiency, companies would be more competitive, public organisations would get better outcomes for the taxpayer dollars, both would be more inclined to invest in capacity, and more people would have meaningful jobs.

    The unions bought the idea of efficiency once upon a time when Hawke and Keating sold them the idea they could have workplaces full of competitive employees.  Hawke and Keating sold me too.  As I said I was an idiot. For a brief period they, me and Australia per se bought the idea of efficiency and competition. 

    But none of that happened – we gave up being competitive in March 1996.  What happened has happened since then is Australia has deindustrialised and de competed at the same time.  Australia doesn’t do anything which competes with anywhere anymore.  It loads boats full of rocks which Australia possesses in greater abundance, closer to the surface and a shorter transport distance from the major buying market than anywhere else, or it generates a surplus of agricultural output (in years when the rainfall comes up) and fills another batch of boats.  These employ maybe 3% of the population.  Throw in a few global tourism lures, which bring in foreigners for a visit (as opposed to bringing in foreigners as a loss leader to sell houses to them, or tourism revolving around locals going on holidays) and you might get to 5%

    All the rest is bullshit, economically speaking. Bullshit revolving around the redistribution function of the central government, taxing those moderately competitive parts of the economy to keep other parts afloat.  The retailers, the housing Ponzi, the education sector, much of the tourism, the press, the accountants, the doctors, lawyers, teachers, aged care facilities, infrastructure construction, the cafes, the massage joints, the peons recording your calls for coaching purposes, the lollipop ladies, the window washers, the lot. In every last case you can get someone to do exactly the same job cheaper and better. Offshore. And the cheaper and better phenomena is never more overt than when looking at the remuneration of executive levels of sheltered companies, executive public servants and public officials, and of course our globally most expensive politicians.

    Australian politicians, Australian companies, Global Capital controlling corporate assets in Australia, Australian unions, and the Australian people have all given up on the game of being efficient and being competitive enough to win a contract from somewhere else.  What they have replaced that with is harvesting the bounty.  They all live off the Ponzi, and the Ponzi lives off the redistribution, and the Ponzi dilutes the redistribution with every new bum on a seat, while smothering real investment (should any still exist) and Australia’s real competitive position, and Australia’s efficiency. 

    Australia no longer has a need to be efficient or competitive, or no longer feels it needs to be.  The game plan now, game plan B for sure doesn’t require it.  It is back to the cargo cult mindset Keating used to wax lyrical about.  Just pick up a new mouth to feed, or a new thing to offload of value and that does the trick.  Coles and Woolworths don’t compete and they don’t invest, and they don’t do anything economically productive, they just harvest the demand that is there, and the only competition they have in doing that is each other and Aldi or IGA.  Same for electricity retail, or mobile communications, or government provided infrastructure, or schools (private and public) – none of any ‘investment’ is intended to generate better economic competitiveness, it is all about harvesting whatever demand is there. All too often soft flabby demand which has been planted in a fecund sea of debt. All too obvious to anyone thinking about insane house prices, insane banking practices, insane energy policy, insane overcrowding, insane education costs, the margins of retailers, mobile providers, and the determination of capital to keep its hands on economic policy (with implied threat to trash the lives of Australians unless it gets its way).

    The unions have lost sight largely because their own side of politics (the ALP) agreed with the Torynuffs back in the Howard era that giving up on competition was the way to go, and placing Australia in an economic palliative care ward (of debt, population ponzi & unseen Free Trade Agreements) was the best available alternative, while stripping the economy of fixed concentrations of capital (large industrial plant mainly) which unions had clustered around, as a by-product of their ideological obsession with de unionising Australia.

    From here the Unions alone will not be a hope in hell of stimulating stronger wage growth in any meaningful sense, because to do that they would need to take up the cudgels that the nation per se has let go of for a generation – doing things efficiently and being competitive.  Even if the unions were to try and pick up that baton they would be laughed at by capital – which for a generation has viewed Australia as the ultimate foie gras economy, force fed by debt – which has ploughed untold billions into housing debt and land debt and the trashing of energy policy which has destroyed Australian competitiveness.

    And the only way out of the national economic palliative care ward we have placed ourselves in is taxing inefficient capital until it becomes competitive, telling Australians they are about to embark on a generations worth of economic pain, and taxing wealthier Australians into the bargain while removing a load of concessions – all without a population Ponzi to prop up demand.

    Australia made this bed of nails.  Australia is going to have a Bex and a good lie down in it too

    • Yup, the nation cannot become prosperous mowing each other’s lawns and servicing each other’s cars. Real capital is being consumed at a ferocious rate.

  3. Ronin8317MEMBER

    So why don’t the Coalition government hire more people at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal? There are only 573 employees, and they have to handle Centerlink, Child Support, NDIS, visa , as well as other thing like taxation and veteran benefits. Being in government means you can do something about it!!

    Or maybe they prefer it this way.

    • Just think how many extra people they could’ve employed with that $440million that ‘I totes love the environment’ Turnbull gave to the bodgy Great Barrier Reef charity.

    • They do prefer it this way.
      Anyone involved the university system can see what’s openly going on. It started quietly in the early 90s when pockets of fee paying overseas students gave vice chancellors their first sugar hits. It wasn’t too bad then, more that those students got mollycoddled for their money. Now it’s blatant with large numbers from certain demographics openly gaming the system which is addicted and can’t detach itself even if it wanted to. With some noisy exceptions, who can be dismissed with a bit of spin or ignore, no-one seems able to rock the boat. If this issue ever gets traction in the media the administrators and government will express shock and pledge to fix the problem.

  4. It works like this: get visa. Get cancelled or refused. Then appeal to AAT and buy your self a further two years onshore on a frivolous appeal. When that falls over then you apply for a protection visa (it literally costs $40) and buy yourself another two years while working illegally. When that case falls over, but yourself another two years with a bullsht appeals. When that falls over, find yourself a fake partner and the two-year thing starts over again.

    All in All, you can buy yourself ten years in Australia for fk all because we are soft touch. And then there is the infamous ten year rule. Ie get onshore and have a kid asap, drag out bullsht cases and appeals for ten years, when that child turns ten and becomes a citizen by law, then apply for citizenship through your child.

    The whole system is fkn rotten.

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Thankfully that’s how a lot of the beauties in the massage joints get to stay on. They also move daily between parlours so as to not arouse suspicion. This can be a bit annoying because it’s hard to track down your favourites.

    • Does it work for expired?
      So you come here, do a double degree (6 years study), then when it runs out, start doing what you said?

    • Ah the great Anchor Baby ploy! That’s why you see so many pregnant young Indian women waddling around.

    • Should there be automatic citizenship for children born here to alien parents, after ten years?

  5. South Korea, China, Vietnam, Malaysia – these are the countries we are relying on for growth in our education exports? Countries with falling numbers of births, past the peak student aged population.

    • John,

      Yeah. I wonder where the not specified males are from? And why is Bangladesh and Japan not on the list?

  6. This country was stolen. Like all things stolen, it was never valued and is now being sold off cheap. Don’t hate on the new owners, they’re just looking to better their lives – and they’re much better at it than us.

  7. Yes, ‘gaming the system’ by exercising their legal rights.

    MB becomes more pathetically shock jock by the day. Shut down appeal processes? Because what we really need in this country is Dutton with more unchecked power. Jesus.

      • Yes Tom wake up. The whole visa process is being rorted starting with student visa application fraud in countries like India right through to gaming the system in Australia to stay in Australia as long as possible to gain PR through fake work experience and if all else fails fake spouse applications.

      • Yes, it is. But merit or judicial review, and administrative law in general is not.

        The government can manage the quantity of visas being handed out without compromising our system of governance.

      • Have a good look at the entire review process. A reasoned, legal cancellation decision usually about false statements on a visa application goes to appeal by a single member MRT reviewer who then places the candidate on oath and believes everything the visa applicant says.The RRT is also a single member reviewer who makes deciaions mainly on the applicants testimony at review. Clients use dodgy migration agents who present new material at the review stage, untested at the original decision stage and then accepted at review. It’s a joke. In relation to visa refusals, there is an attitude amongst immigration officers that it is far easier to grant a visa than refuse the visa and have the MRT overturn the decision anyway.

    • I hate attempts at being taken for a sucker occurring to me and I hate my friends, family and community actually being taken for one even more. “Legal rights” are truck sized loopholes deliberately imbedded in immigration law to allow the population Ponzi. Thus my conclusion that the law is an ass and needs changing. MB is both vanguard and shock jock I reckon because that is what it takes in 2018.

    • migrants to this joint shouldnt be given so many god damn ‘rights’. they are taking our generosity for a ride.

      i’ll give a sh1t about the rights of migrants after the govt starts caring about our rights, like the right for us to own an affordable house, have access to uncongested transportation networks, and the opportunity to get a decent job. till then, TS.

  8. They come here, do a “degree”, then work full time in petrol stations or restaurants for $10/hour.

    If they stay here for 4 years after doing their “degree”, they can get $18.2k x 4 = $74k. Enough to pay for their “degree” and then some.

    Theresa May deports them 12 months after they graduate. 😊

  9. Universities need to be made to achieve efficiency dividends if they are to keep getting the government funding (via local student contributions and research grants). By going for efficiency (i.e. cutting the fat from inflated corporate structures, support services and fat cat salaries), they would not need to rely on full paying foreign students.

    Less foreign students means less graduate visas and fast tracked PRs.


    • The real fraud is in the Vocational training sector. You need serious money to study at a University, much less so in a dodgy vocational college.

    • Brian, there is major fraud in the University sector, as well at the VET sector. Whilst it seems like big money, families in China and India pull their money together to get one of the kids off to Australia to study, that then kick starts the chain migration.

  10. The whole rorting overseas education immigrant program can be cleaned up with the stroke of a pen, simply by removing the permanent residency pathway and work rights.This measure will also restore some integrity to the oversea education industry
    We have been down the never ending appeals process previously, when boatload after boatload of illegal maritime arrivals used the appeals process to stay in Australia.
    As at September 2016 there were 28,842 illegal maritime arrivals on bridging visas remaining in the community.
    A further 8,992 who had been granted a bridging visa, had either been granted a substantive visa, departed Australia or returned to detention. .

    • kiwikarynMEMBER

      Also only accept visa applications from outside the country – ie. you have to complete your education and go home, and then apply for a new visa to return and work if you meet the requirements.

      • Yes, and you can’t apply for Australian visa until after you have lived in your home country for at least one year after completion of your Australian qualification.

  11. So how much does this appeal process cost the taxpayer – any numbers on this?

    Surely we must consider any supposed economic benefit from foreign students, with the real costs, including appeal process costs (specifically those that came in off the back of student visas).

  12. You let in people from two of the most corrupt countries on Earth, and expect otherwise from these people?

  13. Hey UE.

    An ad just popped up for ‘immigration lawyers’. Not a good look.

    I am waiting for one from Meriton.

  14. We have 624,000 ‘Foreign Students’ onshore.
    Here’s the link to a simple infographic that provides the evidence including their country of origin, ‘courses’ and visa categories.

    And the International Student industry is NOT a $28 billion export industry.
    They create a huge NEGATIVE GDP -1.3% IN ECONOMIC & SOCIAL IMPACT by some -$24 billion. NEGATIVE.


    Fact. The majority are third world unskilled adults & partner with a range of work rights. 53,000 have full work rights and 571,000 have restricted work rights.
    A majority, over 70% then work illegally in addition to this.

    The result is collectively that each foreign students displaces up to 1.3 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Australian job in a mix of their legal & illegal work.

    ➡️That is $38 billion being earnt onshore, and 811,000 ‘Australian’ employee jobs lost. Offsetting this is employment in foreign student education & services (110,000 say Deloitte) of Australians, sponsored migrants, agents & transients in foreign student education & services.

    🔹Net : 700,000 Australian jobs are lost for the 624,000 foreign students onshore.

    Work rights.
    The foreign students have either full time or generous part time work rights (40 hours a fortnight) but what is rarely revealed is on restricted work rights they can work full time & unlimited extra hours during course ‘breaks’, full time & overtime in work experience, and other loopholes.

    So their ‘courses’ are designed to maximise this in selling the visa alibi.
    Even on restricted work rights of ‘40 hours a fortnight during a course semester’ it works out at 1,500 hours + work capacity in a year – 30 hours a week over the year.

    Given Australia job awards for holidays, sick leave, it’s close to each foreign student even on restricted work rights to be 1 for 1 in stealing an Australian FTE job.

    Then the vast majority (74%) ALSO work illegally on top of that. Often a second or third job, Fake name, cash in hand, and consume even more Australian jobs.

    The key point here – this is in addition.

    So each foreign student takes out at least 1 Australian job even on restricted work rights legally. Then based on their very high ratios of additional illegal work (74% work illegally) & hours worked, each foreign student knock out another third jobs in illegal work in a 1 to 1.3 x Australian Full Time Equivalent displacement.
    Probably more.

    Then the Fake ID, cash, no tax paid, foreign only ethnic labour hiring, and the overall impact is to decimate Australian youth & overall unemployment, as well as debase wages & employment for all Australians.

    Australia is unique in the OECD in allowing foreign students very long stay visas, self declared funds, no tracking or controls and the vast majority being third world unskilled doing pretext low level and not internationally recognised courses.

    There is no tracking or matching of work, activities, funds, income or activities.
    Prostitution is a legal and usually cash in hand untaxed income source.

    There is widespread fraud, fake identity & ABN, and if any nominal tax is paid (in their legal partial bit of their income) then they get it back as under the tax thresholds.

    So a true statement is that at least half a million Aussie jobs are lost to foreign students.
    Another true statement is foreign students pay little or no taxation or economic contribution.

    Their courses are nonsense.
    80% are do courses with no international recognition. Most cheat or pay others to do assignments. The courses are deliberately to maximise ‘work’ as part of the marketing & delivery of the visa alibi.

    Foreign students working 60-70 hour weeks in a legal & illegal mix is common. The foreign students have become a mainstay of the black economy, casualisation, illicit & vice activities & are not exploited but willing participants.

    That’s why they are here. To work.
    Their third world family crisis or being poor slum or rural poor, they were targeted by a swarm of foreign syndicates & loan shark agent procurers who provide the ‘loan’ and facilitate the ‘foreign student’ into Australia on the pretext visa & course – illegal accommodation & to work illegally.

    To repay that agent procurer loan debt, to send back remittances, to secure the PR & to act as an anchor for family & fake partner chain migration.

    Their pass rates & pathways to a professional high income vocation (only 3.6%) indicate this. (Migration Pathways a Decade On 2016 Report)

    ➡️96% fail after a decade to get a high income job in their so called ‘vocation’, here or in their home country.

    624,000 foreign students are onshore.
    8% incl partners or 53,000 have full work rights. 571,000 have partial rights & work.
    74% with partial rights work illegally (SMH 2017 )= > 422,000 foreign students in visa breach.

    Foreign Student Location job impact.
    87% of foreign students are in Sydney or Melbourne (Delloite, DHA, Study In Australia)

    🔹321,000 in Sydney. 1 to 1 FTE impact.
    216,000 ‘also’ work on top of this illegally, 2 or 3 Jobs @ x 1.3 FTE jobs impact
    (+ 64,000 FTE additional job impact).
    =>385,000 Australian jobs lost. Then add back 58,000 jobs in ‘foreign student education & services’.
    ➡️ 327,000 Net Sydney jobs lost.

    🔹223,000 Melbourne. 1 to 1 FTE impact.
    165,000 ‘also’ work on top of this illegally, 2 or 3 Jobs @ x 1.3 FTE jobs impact
    (+ 49,000 additional FTE job impact).
    =>272,000 Australian jobs lost. Then add back 43,000 jobs in ‘foreign student education & services’.
    ➡️ 239,000 Net Melbourne jobs lost.

    🔹85,000 elsewhere. 1 to 1 FTE impact.
    62,000 ‘also’ work on top of this illegally, 2 or 3 Jobs @ x 1.3 FTE jobs impact
    (+ 19,000 additional FTE job impact).
    =>104,000 Australian jobs lost. Then add back 9,000 jobs in ‘foreign student education & services’.
    ➡️ 95,000 net jobs lost elsewhere.

    Total 659,000 Australian net jobs lost.
    Almost exactly reconciles with the 700,000 Australian jobs lost estimate.

    Very high impact to all Australians and especially Australian youth & unskilled.

    Costing the Australian taxpayer & wages earner tens of $ billions in unemployment, wages loss, casualisation of our employment, housing contention, debased education, youth unemployment & homelessness for Australians.

    Statistics & Cross check.

    1. International student visas
    Primary Holder 454,962
    Secondary Holder 56,830
    Total onshore in this visa 511,792
    22,941 or only 5% -of the 454,962 are doing university higher level studies.
    Limited or no work rights.

    485 Visa (post grad full work rights)
    Primary 41,498
    Secondary 12,084
    Total 53,583 or 8% with full work rights.
    This category is exploding as many changed from student visa to 485 to extend ‘working in their vocation’ rarely checked – with full work rights including partners. This is often a 4 + extension on what was already a 4 Student Visa stay.

    Then add on 58,266 foreign migrants as ‘international students’ who are on other visa categories (visitor, bridging, special purpose, DFAT & other visa) usually with only partial work rights.

    The total is 624,000 – reconciling with the Australian Dept Education numbers.

    Country of origin & skills.
    93% of these foreign students are third world origin and unskilled. Not an opinion but a fact (DHA TR / country of origin)
    The intake is primarily Chinese, Indian, North & East Asian, Nepalese, Pakistani, Middle East, Brazilian.

    Courses & contribution.
    The majority are doing very low level English (ELT) or (VET) as diplomas & certificates. Or else non specialist entry level & segregated university courses.
    Much of which is available in their home country, or online for free.

    An OECD benchmark compare finds that only 5% or 33,000 of the 624,000 onshore would be considered as ‘international students’ in most other OECD countries.

    Skills & economic contribution.
    The progression rate for an ‘international student’ into a high income professional vocation in their home country or Australia is 3.6%. (Migrant Pathways Decade On : 2016).
    ➡️96% of foreign international students fail to add any unique or highly qualified skill / high income productivity value to our economy.

    The ABS 2016 data confirms this.
    The PR migrant intake, a large proportion being TR foreign students’ continue on to have higher unemployment, lower incomes & a lower professional status.

    Widespread media, border control & parliamentary submissions that the entire foreign student program is riddled top to bottom with foreign criminals in migrant fraud, Fake & pretext courses, organised crime & racketeering.

    They are a ‘$28 billion ‘export industry”….

    A big lie funded by the education industry, migrant agents & lobbyist – Deloitte Access Economics in propaganda.

    Read their reports carefully, it is full of incorrect assumptions in where the money comes from, is earnt & sent out.

    The Deloitte Report adds value of $8 billion of ‘human capital’ not supported by any facts other than they become PR but not their failure to achieve employment, high income or a professional vocation.

    They do not include any cost impacts to Aust jobs, unemployment, housing & wages & tax loss, debased education, congestion etc caused by the foreign student intake.

    The facts are – including their own references in fees paid etc.

    Fact 1. The entire TR Visa intake, incl foreign students only brings in $4.5 billion of mostly self declared funds (ABF) and that is often & routinely faked.

    The foreign students form a collective $38 billion underground unskilled migrant sub economy. ($28 billion 2014, numbers have grown substantially) and the report is silent on the fact most working illegally!

    They only pay $7.8 billion in fees.

    They consume & occupy some 125,000 ex Australian dwellings in mostly migrant sub let slum share,

    They rent – 98% are in ‘private shared accommodation’ foreign owned migrant only sublet cash in hand bunk share.
    (624,000 / average of 5 occupants or more = 125,000 dwellings.

    $6 billion yearly paid mostly as sublet cash in hand to foreign syndicate owners of now ex Australian dwelling.

    They xfer or send back some $8 billion in Agent Procurer debt repayments of money back to their third world families.

    (Western Union & World Bank Australian migrant money flows & remittances 2017).
    NEGATIVE GDP OUTFLOW of $8 billion.

    ➡️Where exactly is the ‘export ?’

    Jobs – “they create 110,000 new jobs”

    The foreign students consume at least 811,000 Australian jobs lost. 110,000 are gained in providing the sham education as the ‘foreign student’ alibi. So that’s a negative 700,000 Australian jobs lost. $38 billion being earnt but now minimal or no tax paid costing us tens of billions. Over $9 billion from mostly illegally earned income is sent back to the agent procurer & in remittances.

    ➡️billions of taxpayer dollars then spent Australian unemployed ($19 billion), homeless, housing, congestion & debased education for Australians.

    The entire foreign student program is massively economically & socially negative, dragging down our GDP per average Australian by at least a net negative -$22 billion or -1.3%

    If we followed OECD standards (post grad, no work rights, fully funded upfront, doing internationally recognised education)
    then we would only have 33,000 ‘genuine.’ international students’.

    The action needed is simple / exit over 580,000 foreign students on the nonsense courses or in current visa breach and normalise to OECD standards as the cleanup needed.

    Recover back some 700,000 Australian jobs, wages growth & job tenure for all Australians.

    And also recover back some 125,000 dwellings, reducing homelessness, major city decongestion & slum clearance, reduce the onshore migrant black economy, increase employee base paying taxation, and fix our education & all the other impacts.

    🔹The wider migrant topic. PR v TR/TVWI.

    The PR intake is most visible in media headlines. But is the TR & Tourist Visa Working Illegals (TVWI) who are by far the larger impact to Australian society.

    We have 2.7 million mostly third world and mostly unskilled migrants now in Australia on Temporary Visas (TR) or illegally working tourist visas (TVWI).

    ➡️That is 140% of the whole last decade of PR. 16 years worth of the current Australian migrant PR intake.

    The grand total being 2.7 TR/TVWI plus 1.9 million PR) 4.6 million migrants.
    Mostly third world unskilled onshore.
    58% being Temporary Visa, many in visa breach to work illegally, or on a Tourist Visa working illegally.

    86% are concentrated in Sydney or Melbourne. Long stay, repeat stay, visa churn & extension & overstay.

    2.7 million TR & TVI by country of origin.

    • 2.2 million TR Temporary Visas (DHA July 2018), Chinese then Indian, South & north Asian, Middle East. Including a third of the NZ SCV being non NZ born, using NZ as a transit stop & back door entry.

    • 440k TWI Tourist Visa working Illegally (5% of the 8.8 million tourist visitors – (ABF / DHA parliamentary committee report) mostly Chinese, North & South Asian, Indian, Nepalese, Middle East etc.

    55k overstayers. As above.

    City Concentration.
    2.2 million Temporary Visa holders (July 2018) third world & unskilled.
    1.2 million TR reside in Sydney.
    0.8 million TR in Melbourne.
    0.2 million TR elsewhere.

    1.9 million PR & citizen grants in the last decade – mostly third world unskilled.
    0.9 million PR in Sydney.
    0.7 million PR in Melbourne.
    0.3 million elsewhere. (ABS / DHA 2018)

    440,000 illegally working unskilled Chinese, Indian, South East Asian.
    220,00 tourist illegals in Sydney.
    190,000 tourist illegals in Melbourne.
    50,000 tourist illegals elsewhere.

    55,000 overstayers, concentrated in the third world migrant slum enclaves of
    Sydney (20,000)
    Melbourne (15,000)
    the rest elsewhere. (DHA 2017).

    ➡️The Sydney number of third world unskilled migrant intake is 2.34 million.
    45% of Sydney’s pop of 5.2 million (ABS est July 2018), nearly every 2nd person.

    The 1.2 million TR migrants in Sydney are 23%. Nearly 1 in 4 people in Sydney.
    0.9 mil PR in Sydney are 17% of the Sydney Population, or 1 in every 6 people.
    And 0.22 million TV working illegally & 20k overstayers are 1 in every 22 people.

    Slightly lower figures & similar ratios for Melbourne.

    The 2.7 million third world unskilled migrant guestworkers (TR & TVWI) are long stay, very long stay, repeat & multiple visit stay. They work illegally, paying little or no tax. The epicentre of foreign criminal run illicit & blackmarket activity.

    They steal Australian jobs (the reason they are here), and occupy housing – some 440,000 dwellings nationally. (2.7 million / 6 average migrant guestworker occupants = 450,000 ex Australian dwellings) now converted to migrant guestworker occupancy.

    Over a quarter of a million dwellings in Sydney alone in migrant sublet cash in hand bunk & mattess share.

    They use public transport, have cars, create congestion and contention.

    They debase education, services, living standards, employment, wages, ownership & every other facet of our society and living standards.

    The ‘migration debate’ needs to shift to the facts, and exit migrant guestworkers working illegally, in visa breach or on fake & pretext visas.

    ➡️ 1.5 million TR & TVWI should be exited either on visa breach or not suitable.

    🔻440,000 illegally working tourists (TVWI) need to be exited. It’s simple border & visa control, location & activity tracking standard in every other country.

    🔻580,000 of 624,000 TR fake students & partners to go. Most are in visa breach, not genuine students and the program is corrupted from top to bottom.
    Normalise to OECD levels & standards.

    🔻230,000 non NZ born TR SCV of the 650,000 NZ SCV need to have work rights withdrawn & be exited. Send them back to the NZ transit stop. The Aust / NZ SCV to be only for NZ or Aust Born, not a backdoor for mass third world unskilled.

    🔻250,000 ‘skilled, sponsor, bridging, protection’ fakes. Legislate in the national interest to override the Immigration Appeals Tribunal who make a mockery of all our border or visa control at all.
    90% bridging & protection claims end up being proven false but are used by migrants as a delaying tactic in many multiple appeals to stay for many years with full work rights.
    Clear this backlog to a decision within 30 days, a number under 5,000, & any subsequent appeals only after exit and from offshore. And no work rights.

    We need a Royal Commission into our border control & visa enforcement.

    ➡️Take it out of the hands of the political parties.

    A Royal Commission into our broken & corrupted Border & Visa control & the massive racketeering.

    Only a Royal Commission provides assurance to Australians that legislative border control & enforcement changes will be made, not empty political promises.

      • No, but have seen all the visa rackets and the whole lifecycle from inside China, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Middle East ; the recruiters, the agent procurers, the loan debts, fake doc, fake ID, the packaging etc – right their to here onshore in their pretext education, housing, illegal work & impacts.
        And here – The massive migrant only slums, inside the foreign owned bunk share & colleges & institutes.

        I’m not anti migrant, far from it.
        I’m anti corruption & the degradation of Australia.
        We have it’s a totally corrupted border control & visa system that’s not enforced.
        And we have many countries- China India & others that exploit our border controls & visa for active programs of mass rural poor, slum clearance programs, old, sick, poor, misfits & criminals to be ‘exported’ to Australia.
        All with active collusion from those governments to get the economic & social benefit of both short term cash flow back (loan debt repayments, remittances etc) and the long term benefit in chain migration of being able to dump their direct & extended social burden into Australia as our problem.

        We do not have a skilled or high quality migrant intake. Our TR & Tourist Visa loopholes are the primary gaps – 2.7 million TR & TVWI onshore – 140% of 16 years of PR intake & 1.5 million at least who should never have been allowed in.
        They should be exited as the very first step in remedial action.

  15. During the boom years, the housing bubble was an added bonus for overseas students. Send your kid to Uni in Oz, buy an apartment near the campus, sell it when they graduate – in many cases, the capital gain paid for a big chunk their education!

    • Those days are long gone.
      Those ‘Rich parent’ Singaporeans sold that little unit near the campus to a Chinese proxy who now runs it as a sublet cash in hand with 8 migrants in bunks.

      Have you ever been inside an international student English language school or institute? Recently?
      Or the uni international student campus or classes.
      Only a tiny fraction (50,000 of 624,000 foreign students are doing genuine higher education university / grad degrees). Most having taken 3-5 years here to get to this point.

      Even in this subset – they are poor, invariably.
      In loan debt, products of the massive China urban slum clearance programs, or India rural poor or itinerants with fake doc – in loan debt to the foreign agent procurer on a pretext course.
      ONLY HERE to work illegally, in the underground job on fake ID or vice.
      They lie, cheat, pay others to do their assignments.

      Reality. Spent some time at UNSW.
      UNSW University 2nd year accounting, the ‘Teacher’ is an unqualifed Filipino cloths shop bookkeeper who can’t speak English, and a half empty class of Chinese & Korean & Taiwanese vice workers with their multiple ‘work’ or personal phones, sleeping Indians who have worked all night illegally. They do accounting because it’s another 3-5 years & ridiculously easy to cheat.
      Bit of a talk about accounting as a visitor & some questions. None, not one understand or could explain a Trial balance or journals. Most can’t soeak English having to use others or smart phone translate,
      This is 2nd year in an accounting degree…
      After 2 or 3 years already in Australia.

      ‘We pretend to educate them. They pretend to learn’.
      Rich Asians don’t send their offspring to Australia to get an education.
      It’s a laughing stock in Asia.
      An Australian international education ‘certificate’ of ‘diploma’ means your daughter was a vice worker, or your son wasted 4 years working illegally like a common poor Chinese or Malay or Indian would.

      The Rich Asians either have PR, can just buy a PR when they want via other scams or come to Australia and work illegally & do what they like on a Tourist multiple repeat stay visa.

      • MontagueCapulet

        The scale of the rorting you are talking about is mind-numbing, It’s almost like we have regressed to the Dickensian conditions of 19th century London slums. It makes a mockery of democratic values and the rule of law. And how has the left just slept for 50 years and let this happen? You might not expect any better of the right, but mass exploitation of the poor as a business model gets the blessing of the left how exactly? The trade union movement started out fighting for the health and safety of workers, the right to be paid properly, the 8-hour day, getting weekends off. And now the political left which owes so much to that movement turns a blind eye to millions working for half legal wages, without rights, living in dormitory conditions.

  16. After a resent six month travel through the sub continent, it becomes apparant that there would be significant incentives to move away from the very crowded metropolis or underdeveloped regional areas to breath the fresh air and livability further south of those charming vedic incantations, all things being equal.