Australian dollar to the lows as King Dollar reigns

The Australian dollar is clearly testing downside support this afternoon in a bearish little descending triangle:

As DXY heads for the heavens approaching tonight’s US inflation number. EUR has broken down, CNY is at the verge:

King Dollar returns!


    • Maybe on some disappointing US news, and some positive China news…else, I’m not so sure…

      I’m going to wait for US news tonight, and see how the AUD responds; but, the Poo/Bob is having trouble holding 74 cents…

      My disclosure is that I recently bought some more USD so am hoping I bought correctly for once! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I reckon itโ€™s all over for emerging markets. Turkey is about to bring the house down. The AUD will get caught up in it. Thats my prediction anyway.

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