Welcome to Chinese hegemony: PNG Facebook ban

Via The Australian:

The Papua New Guinea government’s plan to ban Facebook — the platform favoured by vitriolic domestic critics — for a period is only the latest in a succession of threats to clamp down on internet use.

But this time, the nation may be in a better position to take action since it is forging closer links with its Chinese counterpart — the world’s leading internet censor.

…Discussion has already begun towards the prospect of negotiating a free-trade agreement between PNG and China, reinforcing a relationship that is highlighted by a $4.6 billion concessional credit line already made available by China for PNG.

…The internet was launched in PNG on March 12, 1997. By 2014, when users were last surveyed, only about 10 per cent of the country’s eight million people had access, compared with the half who now have access to mobile phones as a result of the drive by Irish company Digicel.

This online community in PNG, however, includes a disproportionate number of people who consistently post material highly critical — sometimes defamatory — of leading figures in the government, including Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Next up, PNG democracy fading into a Beijing-anointed strongman leader with a Chinese military base to hang over Australia’s head.


  1. Robert Hanssen

    Cambridge Analytica – companies are abandoning Facebook advertising as well as users due to the corruption of democracies by Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, promotion of hate, terrorism, lack of accountability along with a host of other reasons – but not you, no………………

    Lets say CHINA !

    Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, Shapiro etc needs to really up his game to keep up with you guys and the loooooonatic far right / ALT-RIGHT of macrobusiness.com.au

      • Nah he’s a Russian spy, you got the wrong country, bucko! (the feds are giving internet access to any old inmate these days).

    • Yeah, nah Robert, maybe you ought to read it again. The content is from The Australian. It doesn’t mention anyone other than PNG and China. Send a letter to the editor.

    • Promoting the Chinese lack of freedom and human rights on a free platform in a democratic country – Einstein was correct

    • You are not very good at this ‘Robert’. Your bosses at least need to fork out for a membership in order to enhance your ability to influence views here.

  2. Strongmen existed before China. Automated chat bots will probably be the biggest threat to freedom of speech ever.

  3. Ronin8317MEMBER

    PNG is a failed state, and a Chinese installed puppet won’t change this. The bigger issue will be the anti-Chinese sentiment as Chinese business take over the construction, retail and wholesale sector : a race riot in PNG will have far, far worse than the ones in Vietnam.

      • I won’t care. Force projection is expensive. Most of the European powers had it, and gave it up. The US did it for a while but they’ve now elected a guy who thinks its a waste of money. China’s standard of living is still very low. Creating lots of ports all over the place just creates a series of expenses. China has no capacity to go off on expansionist wars- one child policy means that every Chinese person you kill probably ends a family line. Not to mention that they already have a shortage of working age population relative to aging. Picking fights will make that ratio disastrous. They have Mongolia/Russia on 1 flank, and India on another. Japan is just cross the drink, and Vietnam doesn’t trust them further than they can throw them. Philippines is warming up to them, but only at the government level. A bit of starvation due to lost fisheries will rapidly turn the tables there.

        Indonesia’s northern waters aren’t far from China’s claims, and its northern provinces are particularly Islamic. China is both atheist and oppressive of Muslims on its western edge.

        So what I’m getting at is that China can build a port in PNG and it probably helps Australia more than anything. That port will drive a permanent wedge between Indonesia and China, makes Philippines more nervous and force Australia to re-evaluate its priorities. It’ll cost China money that could’ve gone to its own citizens, and outside of war it won’t do a whole lot. Inside war, China has so many land borders I don’t think their navy will get the bulk of funding, and even if it did there are a lot of other naval powers around.

  4. this is one of the few good things about chinese hegemony, them knowing the score about how bad social media is for people

    hope they ban tinder here, might make it easier for guys to get a root again

  5. Internet freedom is over. It’s now time to apply controls on Weibo, and WeChat for facilitating subversion in Australia.

  6. alterbrainMEMBER

    Interesting. From a technical viewpoint PNG has done well. China is way ahead in ‘managing’ social media. Their development of AI profiling is top notch. I think Russia is still ahead in bot operation though. A best of breed might combine the two. The bots can advocate for the new base.

    The big gap is in developing nuclear weapons, so Trump can come and negotiate to give away the us bases in Australia and pull out of joint exercises. Perhaps that can happen anyway. I feel confident we are in good hands.