Straya still the global carbon glutton

Via Domainfax:

Cuts in power sector emissions are unlikely to be maintained, while those from the transport sector will continue to climb in the absence of mandatory standards, according to analysis by The Australia Institute.

“From now on … electricity emissions will fall much more slowly” if not remain flat, Hugh Saddler, an energy analyst and author of the report, said.

…Applying several approaches used widely to assess nations’ contribution, the institute found the government’s Paris pledge to be “grossly inadequate”.

“Whether you assess the fairness of a country’s emissions reduction target by population, economic cost, or a combination, our analysis shows Australia’s reduction target is unambitious, unfair and irresponsible,” Richie Merzian, director of the institute’s Climate & Energy Program, said.

Go Straya.


  1. If someone proposed that every skilled immigrant must bring a 60 kWh electric car with him, I bet the “Greens” will be against the proposal.

  2. pyjamasbeforechristMEMBER

    If you own a business like the one I work for that uses power during the day.

    The economics are a no brainer if you aim for a direct power replacement system.

    Only 1.8 years to pay back your total system instal cost!

    And about $7.90 PROFIT per WATT installed over the life of the system (15 years)

    For daytime power users, you are throwing your money away if you don’t put on solar these days.