Big Australia destroys Aussies’ happiness

By Leith van Onselen

NAB’s latest Australian Wellbeing Report has revealed that Australian wellbeing fell to a new survey low 62.8 points in Q1 2018, with home ownership holding the key:

Australians who live in and own their house or apartment report much higher levels of overall wellbeing than those who rent, according to new research released today by NAB.

NAB’s Wellbeing research has consistently shown that the home we live in is the strongest contributor to our sense of personal wellbeing. And this latest report clearly shows that it is home ownership that goes a long way in boosting Australians’ wellbeing – much more than for those who rent the home they live in.

Home owners reported much higher levels of wellbeing across all key measures – life satisfaction, life worth, happiness and anxiety…

…house owners had the highest levels of overall wellbeing.

…the NAB Australian Wellbeing Index fell to a new survey low 62.8 points in Q1 2018. This was down from 64.6 points in Q4 2017 and now sits well below its long-term average level (64.4 points).

Lower wellbeing was driven by lower levels of happiness (down 3.7 points to 62.6), life satisfaction (down 3.6 points to 62.5) and sense of life worth (down 3.0 to 65.4 points).

Clearly, Australia’s mass immigration ‘Big Australia’ policy must share much of the blame for reducing Australian’s wellbeing.

After all, it is this policy that has flooded Sydney and Melbourne with people:

Driving up property values:

Helping to destroy home ownership:

And forced people to live in apartments:

It has also wrecked overall quality of life through broader measures like worsening traffic congestion:

Not to mention lowering wages and exacerbating inequality.

As noted recently by social researcher Mark McCrindle:

Mark McCrindle, social researcher and founder of McCrindle Research, says Australia’s rapidly rising population is a fundamental driver of demand for housing.

The population growth for Australia over the past 10 years is 18 per cent, which is very high by world standards…

Driven by high property prices and an increasing preference to live closer to the city centre, two in five people in Sydney and Melbourne now live in apartments, McCrindle says.

Whereas the average adult earnings has increased 54 per cent to $80,000 over the past 10 years, the median house price in Sydney had increased by 130 per cent, to $1.21 million. Home ownership rates have fallen to 25 per cent in 2014, from 36 per cent in 2002, McCrindle says.

Property ownership is considered as central to the achievement of the great Australian dream, but is increasingly out of reach for younger people and low-income earners…

Why then is the federal government persisting with mass immigration when it is clearly destroying the wellbeing in incumbent residents?

Who decided that Sydney and Melbourne must turn into crowded, expensive, high-rise hellholes?

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  1. Super Phoenix

    I wonder when the populace will realize that cheering for rising house prices was a very bad idea. Will they ever?

    • proofreadersMEMBER

      Nah, nah, nah. Strayans take gold, gold, gold every time for greed, naivety and stupidity.

      • THIS.
        We have been suckered into the “Smart for one; dumb for all” mentality where we think that as long as we are ok and we are doing ok then who cares about what is going on around us.
        This is how the powers that be and the elite manage to divide and conquer.

    • fitzroyMEMBER

      . “There is no class as pitiably wretched as that which possesses money and nothing else.”

      Big Australia has seen the rise of the Spivs and the diminution of everybody else. The economic and academic base of our society has diminished and with it the prospects of the next generation of Australians. The Balkanised society that has driven the rise in property prices and has secured the banks has meant that cohesion and support that is the signature of wellbeing has been shredded. We should have learned from the older Okinawans where each member of society supports the other, leading to a kinder, happier and longer lived community. Local Australians, especially the younger ones have not been represented by their politicians, and instead the open borders, politically correct useful idiots have been used by vested interests to enrich themselves at the expense of their fellow citizens.

      The resulting society has seen the diminution of wealth of the current occupants as the past and current taxpayers, who have spent years supporting this country, see their accrued wealth diluted and their children sacriced economically, to make the 1% richer. It is good for the migrants who come as they get an advanced country with laws that are civilised, and a public service and entitlements that are relatively generous, for what is generally very little initial contribution.
      The younger locals who have little real estate and lower wages pay the price as do older Australians without land.

      Social mobility that forms the basis of an equal society diminishes with wages. Older people too have to work harder to maintain their independence in lieu of land ownership. Manufacturing and engineering, science and society’s advance through invention and research is compromised as the funds that are required are diverted to rents and property speculation. Greed of the few triumphs over the prosperity of the many leading to the rise of inequity.

      The irony is the sellouts and the profiteers do not get any respect in the society they have engineered.

      • Super Phoenix

        Actually, a more fitting title would have been “Rising house prices destroy Aussies’ happiness”.

        But I bet the 99% will not believe it. As the yesterday’s post on oBikes shows, you can hardly blame the 1% for the mess unless you think the 1% is responsible for the “education” of the 99%.

        Go Straya!!!

      • Super Phoenix

        Strayan’s ability to connect the dots, so to speak, is minimal. They might feel something is amiss, but ah no, it will be outside of their wildest imagination that their own love affair with house prices is to blame.

        Meanwhile, racists like Hanson will ensure that the trouble will continue. Social cohesion and support? Pffft, the Western civilization is far superior to the likes of Okinawans and there is nothing to learn from these Asians!!!

      • fitzroyMEMBER

        I think they know that their country is being trashed. I think they will blame the new arrivals and the politicians. I don’t think they blame the Spivs as yet. That is yet to come. Wait for the property downturn. The politicians, not the populace, has chosen to go down this path. The social cohesion that the Okinawans have shows in the longevity and health stats, and you are right, doesn’t have much traction…

        Cohesion is not valued,. Diversity means money for the 1%.

      • fitzroyMEMBER

        The prostate cancer stats are astonishing. I ate some purple sweet potatoes last night!

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        The biggest thing I learned from Mr Miyagi was “Wax on, wax off”. I loved that guy!

      • Well said Fitzroy but it wont last for ever……….””Big Australia has seen the rise of the Spivs and the diminution of everybody else.”” Please watch video of Labour MP Glenda Jackson speaking on the parliamentary motion after Thatcher’s death. Jackson rightly says all the values we were brought up to respect were discarded and the vices we were taught to be wary of became things to aspire to. “We were told everything I had been taught to regard as a vice and I still regard them as vices, under Thatcherism was a virtue”. This was not Thatcher’s intention but this is the society she produced, which was eagerly copied here by both sides of politics. Spivs used to be despised, then after Thatcher’s faithful servant Howard, they took over and corrupted our society

      • “Only when it is too late”

        Life is so unfair, don’t you think?

        Once the plane you are on board is going to crash you would be better off not knowing what is about to happen. But alas, that is not how things work in the real world. You will be forced to realize what will come next and will be made to suffer. Even if you were asleep you would be forced to wake up to face the reality by the sheer G force.

    • nexus789MEMBER

      They will be even more pissed off when ‘chain migration’ starts – South Australia has a ‘policy’ but I think would all the other States would have similar. Have any of the following in Australia and come on in:
      Grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, sister, or step/adoptive parent or sibling
      The family member must be over 18 years of age
      The family member must be an Australian permanent resident or citizen

  2. Yep, then GFC 2.0 comes and they’ll take all the warm bodies with a dollar in hand that they can cram in once again.

    • nexus789MEMBER

      I suspect it will be like Ireland and Spain but bigger. The FIRE sector in Australia is only maintained via debt. The FIRE sector in those countries collapsed and so did employment and associated activities – so expect lots of unemployed bankers, real estate agents, insurance agents, builders, tradies, etc. Growth industries will be any thing to do with debt collection and disposals – property, cars, boats, businesses, etc.

  3. reusachtigeMEMBER

    As I keeps telling yas, unless your own property you are a loser, and YOU KNOW IT! Good buying opportunities at the moment so get out there and feel happy. Your 1.5mil Sydney purchase is a bargain considering it will be worth 6.5mil at the end of your loan term. Seriously, why are youse all so stupid, continually?

    • Super Phoenix

      Lol reusa. That’s a good one.

      After all money can buy one happiness. Do you know of any home owners who are not happy (the losers in the Martin north version does not count)?

    • nexus789MEMBER

      Only individuals with limited grasp of reality would believe that house prices could be extrapolated that way. Highly unlikely given that real incomes will continue to decline unless of course you believe the tax cuts fairy tale as well.

  4. TailorTrashMEMBER

    Next stop Tasmania ……..and we can sell “palliative care “ to the old sick and neglected of China ….garn Straya!

    …..what tells me there is an element of packaging up our puplic health system and flogging it off with a villa attached?

    ….looks like the folks in South Taiwan are getting a tad antsy though ……..

    “The possibility of including palliative care services at the resort has also raised eyebrows.
    When the project was first announced, planner Irene Duckett told the ABC there was a market for palliative care services in China because of the erosion of the extended family.
    But Ronald Hu has told 7.30 the palliative care facilities would be designed for locals.
    “That question (about palliative care) has been asked the most and a lot of people are concerned about it,” he said.
    “Number one, that’s mainly for the locals or mainland Australians.”

    But when questioned further he acknowledged that it wouldn’t be restricted to locals and couldn’t provide details on how it would operate.”

    • reusachtigeMEMBER

      Tasmanian nimbys are the worst! This development will be great for jobs and growth, something Tasmania is hopeless at!

      • What a great new export growth industry, helping lonely old Chinamen to die. Think of the GDP.

    • I wonder how many of us here are old enough to remember the “Multi Function Polis”, which ended up looking like a retirement home for rich Asian foreigners.

      Looks like it’s happening after all

    • Super Phoenix

      No problem. Unlike those bloodthirsty Moslems, we are civilized, sophisticated and humane so we use their hands to get rid of those unwanted traitors who deviate from our unwritten rules.

    • Someone wants him killed. I wonder if it will be napalm this time (sugar and boiling water). They might do more than break his teeth, which is what happened last time. The man is a hero.

      • 71% muslin prison. Yep.

        For my money, I genuinely believe that the gangs are simply grooming gangs and nothing else. As in, they are the supply side of the equation. Who is the demand side?

        I reckon he stepped into the supply chain for the globalist-pedophile alliance. Thats why. Nothing to do with Muslims. They are just the useful cannon fodder for the globalists.

      • fitzroyMEMBER

        No mate. I have personal experience in this kind of behaviour. I spoke to a good looking 30 yo Pakistani who had sex with5 14 yo local girls in care. They are compromised by drugs and blackmail and the passed around.among other Muslims of all ages. The playbook is the same in many countries. Read the Jay report in the UK where 1400 girls were abused and raped. The girls were all white British. Sikh girls are also targeted. The process is described in a book “Easy Meat”.