100% pure Great Southern Canton

You always have be careful what you joke about at MB because within a short time frame it usually comes true. Via The Great South Canton Times (formerly The Australian):

A high-powered panel has been appointed to steer the creation of a “unified national brand” for Australia and includes Fortescue Metals’ Andrew Forrest, Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce, Australia Post’s Christine Holgate and Atlassian founder Mike Cannon-Brookes.

The Nation Brand Advisory Council is meeting for the first time today in Canberra as the Turnbull government tries to drive exports and investment.

Australian products, services and tourism are promoted overseas using several brands, and ­experts have long called for one powerful brand — such as the successful “‘100% Pure New Zealand” campaign.

The advisory council, chaired by Mr Forrest, also includes Tourism Australia chairman Bob East, A2 Milk chief executive Jayne Hrdlicka, Aesop chief Michael O’Keefe, Austrade chief Stephanie Fahey, Sydney Festival director Wesley Enoch, Navitas head Rod Jones and Coopers Brewery chairman Glenn Cooper.

Lol. Pick the non-China apologist in that little lot.

“100% pure Great Southern Canton made” it is!


  1. [edit: juvenile curves ahead]

    Jane Hardlicker and Wheresmy Eunuch – great picks for the Australian delegation.

    Who will their counterparts be from The Northern provinces?

    Lik Ma Wang and Wai No Dong?

  2. HadronCollision

    I can’t work out what the controversy here.

    If the aim is to create a 100% Unzid-as-bro brand, then what is the problem.

    Or is it a case there’s always Reds under the bed these days./

      • HOW?
        The what we should be doing is easy, it’s just how this is to happen that’s difficult.
        As far as I know there’s nothing of any scale developing within the Australian economy that has even the faintest hope of replacing China. Given this I’m not sure that recommending the impossible is any better than simply accepting the unpalatable and working to make it at least appear acceptable.
        Bottom Line: We already sold our heart and soul for a little slice of the China dream and we’re just beginning to realize that this little Asian devil plays for keeps, he ain’t giving it back….maybe we should have thought this through before attaching our wagon so firmly to the China Train.

      • @ Fisho
        Like it was always the case in the history: war
        We should start by blaming the “perp” for every single thing we did to ourselves on the road to serfdom.

  3. Failed Baby BoomerMEMBER

    Sheesh H&H, your comments will be finding their way through the convolutions of the great red blob media filtering system.
    Take care with your site security in case of a reprisal attack and don’t count on visiting the prospective motherland soon!

    • JunkyardMEMBER

      “Straya. We’re 100% for sale”
      Logo will be a roo leaning on a realestate board with sold sticker across it.


        Good one!
        In the ‘tonier’ parts of MEL, ‘GONE” has replaced the self conscious ‘sold’ decal applied at the silly angle cross the board.
        Gone suits me just fine as no longer is there any expectation of returning to how the nation was just 15 years ago. Our ‘protein’ has been denatured and its pointless to hope it can be ‘undone’.

  4. Just Dismal 2

    This is what “free trade” with a communist dictatorship buys. They didn’t bribe with their RMB, but with dollars received as trade surpluses. We have sold ourselves into debt servitude, thanks to our large and persistent deficits. Our future? Check out Venezuela.

  5. “Made in Australia with imported ingredients. Contains additives. May contain nuts”

  6. Design by committee: a disparaging term for a project that has many designers involved but no unifying plan or vision.

  7. It is outrageous how NZ grown food is regarded the same as China grown food!

    If it is grown in Italy or AUS, the packet will say it at the front. But if grown in NZ, it will say it on the back as if it is a corrupt 3rd world basketcase!

    There should be a Trans-Tasman agreement to say AUS grown and NZ grown on the front.

    • Most of the labels I check tell you nothing just “made with ingredients from more than one country” or some such so I can’t even judge if it’s good NZ stuff or probably contaminated from China, Chile, Vietnam etc
      And since I found out loads of stuff labelled as NZ is just foreign sh*t packaged in NZ I no longer buy most NZ food stuff!

  8. Can’t say Canton, might offend the party..
    Is Guangzhou, RiceEar city, or the Yellow Sewer Confluence.

    In China the name for Australia is 澳洲 or Ao Zhou (AZ).

    NZ & AZ are both part of 南殖民地
    Nán zhímíndì or ‘South Colony’.

    The Chinese think of it as one area of conquest.
    They know they get their milk powder & back door visas in NZ, and AZ (Australia) is where they get Iron & coal &dump their factory surplus, slum & rural poor, old sick, criminals & vice workers with over 1 million colonists.

    The new Nan Zhimindi banknotes are for both of what used to be Australia & NZ – will be run as one region with the Chinese southern hq.

    • Mike, you’re a source of information that is as fascinating as it is, at times, overwhelming.

      Btw, chatting with a lovely young lady of Vietnamese heritage at work – she HATES the sponging Vietnamese culture, the gaming of the system to get ahead, the sham family reunions of elderly relatives that are used to then qualify for carers payment, the criminal activities either as sole or supplementary to low wage jobs etc etc.

  9. It can’t be “100% pure Great Southern Canton made” as Australia does not make anything worth mentioning.

    Should be “100% pure Great Southern Canton mined”

  10. It doesn’t matter what any of us think. The big end of town sees dollars in their eyes from China, so tha’ts who we whore ourselves out to for now. Screw the country and it’s inhabitants, it’s full steam ahead for our great capitalists.

    • At last something well directed (unlike the…)

      It’s kinda like a pimp/sexslave relationship.
      We are pimped out for the highest bidder and get only to keep the debt and cheap ebay/amazon purchases

  11. On ABC news now. Some academic saying China doesn’t want to take over Australia or the world and everyone is just rushing to judgment. So there!

  12. This sounds like the brainfart of some marketing dickhead cum political staffer. Dollars to donuts nothing actually becomes of this except a gigantic waste of taxpayer money.