ACTU joins Business endorsing Big Australian Ghetto

Baptists and bootleggers all off the cliff together, via The Australian:

Big business has joined forces with the ACTU in an unprecedented compact to back a Big Australia, calling on the federal government to maintain current levels of permanent migration amid calls for the rate to be cut.

The historic coalition of peak unions, employer groups and the ethnic lobby will release a united policy document today warning of the economic and social consequences of dropping the annual migration rate.

The ACTU’s involvment comes as it embarks on a high-profile campaign to rein in employers’ access to temporary foreign workers.

The first migration document of its kind in the nation’s history calls for the current goal of an ­annual intake of 190,000 to be ­retained, with long-term levels set proportionally to the population.

…But the unified stance is designed as a ­circuit-breaker to the increasingly heated immigration debate, which the signatories believe has become toxic, xenophobic and at risk of ignoring the economic benefits that underpin skilled migration.

The document, spearheaded by the Migration Council, signals the first time unions and employer groups have reached general agreement on temporary skilled migration but based on stricter policing of the program.

Signatories to the compact — announced today in an advertisement in The Australian — include the Migration Council of Australia, the Australian Council of ­Social Service, the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia, the Settlement Council of Australia and migration lobby group Welcome to Australia.

It will also involve the Business Council of Australia in what the compact’s signatories claim is a “historic” agreement between business and the trade ­unions for the economic good of the country.

We’re all racists now, apparently. At least according to the business lobbies that want free demand growth and lower wages, unions that are beholden to building, and media which is a glorified real estate agent. Yes, all will be losers if immigration is cut.

But the nation won’t. It will go through an adjustment period in which growth in the debt-addicted urbanisation sector is replaced by growth in the much more sustainable tradables sector as the currency tumbles. Over the long run we’d be much better off.

It’s all upside for the businesses to be involved in the compact. I suppose it’s understandable that social services groups have joined in. They are card-carrying Fake Lefties that long ago lost class consciousness in favour of identity politics. They can look forward to floods of new clients as living standards fall.

The ACTU’s involvement is half good and half bad. It’s proposals for temporary workers have some teeth:

The Australian Council of Trade Unions has today released a five-point plan to boost local jobs and end the exploitation of temporary visa workers.

Australia has a widespread unemployment crisis in many regions, caused by employers’ over-reliance on temporary visa workers.

And with one in ten people in the Australian labour force on a temporary visa, Australia has an underclass of easily exploitable workers.

The system of employer-sponsored “guest” workers gives employers all the power. It results in vulnerable workers being regularly exploited, underpaid, and often forced to work in dangerous conditions. Too often they can’t speak up for fear of not just losing their jobs, but also being deported.

The use of vulnerable temporary visa workers also undercuts local job and removes incentives for governments and employers to train local people. Simultaneously, the government has cut funding from TAFE and privatised much of the vocational education sector.

Some employers are using temporary visa workers to avoid employing and training local workers, and in some regional areas of Australia, youth unemployment is as high as 20%.

Our five-point plan to bring back fairness:

1. Ensure local workers get the opportunity to be trained and employed in secure jobs in their local area;

2. End massive exploitation of hyper insecure temporary visa workers by ensuring that these workers are paid market rates and have their rights at work protected;

3. Change our immigration program to favour permanent over temporary migration;.

4. Temporary work visas must only be used when there are cases of genuine skills shortages that can’t be filled by locals;

5. Rebuild TAFE so people can get the skills they need.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:

“The government allows racist attacks on migrants from its own Ministers, while allowing employers to import and exploit a cheap source of labour – temporary visa workers.

“Now, one in ten workers in Australia is on a temporary visa. Whether it is 7-11, farms, construction sites, meat processing factories or in hospitality, temporary visa workers are being exploited. This has to end.

“Local workers deserve the opportunity to gain secure employment. Jobs must be properly advertised locally, and people must be able to get the training they need to pursue these opportunities.

“We need to change the rules so employers are forced to advertise locally, and is only able to import workers for genuine skills shortages.

“Australia’s migration program must, as it did previously, favour permanent migration, so people can come to Australia, with their family, and build a life for themselves – with the same rights that we all deserve.

“Temporary visa workers in Australia must be given basic rights, such as access to a union and being paid properly.

“All workers, no matter where they are from, should have the right to be paid properly, have basic job security and to be safe at work.”

Too right. The problem is the immigration economy today looks ungovernable. Is the ACTU going to deploy wage police across every services joint in Western Sydney and Western Melbourne? Previously via Domainfax:

A concentration of underpaid workers has been uncovered in western Sydney, with almost two- thirds of businesses audited found to be seriously short-changing workers or failing to keep proper pay records.

The Fair Work Ombudsman investigation found that 64 per cent of almost 200 businesses audited were breaching workplace laws in suburbs including Cabramatta, Guildford, Mount Druitt, Fairfield and Merrylands.

Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James said businesses that were underpaying workers and not issuing them with correct pay records were on notice that future breaches could result in serious enforcement action.

…The suburbs are also home to a higher than average proportion of migrants, with both Harris Park (85 per cent) and Parramatta (74 per cent) at more than twice the national average of 30.2 per cent.

…“When combined with a lack of familiarity with workplace laws, language barriers can present significant difficulties to employers seeking to understand and comply with their obligations.”

…She said new arrivals to Australia might have a limited awareness of Australian workplace laws.

Moreover, how does the ACTU plan to overcome the perpetual supply side shock it has just endorsed for the overall labour market?  Back in November, Robert Skidelsky, Professor Emeritus of Political Economy at Warwick University, penned an excellent article in Project Syndicate which, among other things, explained why never-ending mass immigration pushes down wages growth:

Standard economic theory tells us that net inward migration, like free trade, benefits the native population only after a lag. The argument here is that if you increase the quantity of labor, its price (wages) falls. This will increase profits. The increase in profits leads to more investment, which will increase demand for labor, thereby reversing the initial fall in wages. Immigration thus enables a larger population to enjoy the same standard of living as the smaller population did before – a clear improvement in total welfare.

recent study by Cambridge University economist Robert Rowthorn, however, has shown that this argument is full of holes. The so-called temporary effects in terms of displaced native workers and lower wages may last five or ten years, while the beneficial effects assume an absence of recession. And, even with no recession, if there is a continuing inflow of migrants, rather than a one-off increase in the size of the labor force, demand for labor may constantly lag behind growth in supply.

This analysis followed an empirical study by the Bank of England, which found that immigration into the UK had pulled down average wages:

This paper asks whether immigration to Britain has had any impact on average wages. There seems to be a broad consensus among academics that the share of immigrants in the workforce has little or no effect on native wages…

We find that the immigrant to native ratio has a small negative impact on average British wages. This finding is important for monetary policy makers, who are interested in the impact that supply shocks, such as immigration, have on average wages and overall inflation. Our results also reveal that the biggest impact of immigration on wages is within the semi/unskilled services occupational group… where a 10 percentage point rise in the proportion of immigrants is associated with a 2 percent reduction in pay.

…the impact of immigration on wages in semi/unskilled services is much larger than can be accounted for by purely compositional effects, suggesting that the vast majority of this effect refers to the impact on native workers.

And after the UK cut immigration, the Financial Times has reported that UK wages are finally rising as employers lose pricing power:

Nik Wyers cannot find enough workers for Floorbrite, his office cleaning company in Manchester. So for one recent contract, he had to up Floorbrite’s hourly rate from £8.50 to £10.

“The cleaning staff that are available are able to pick and choose which jobs they accept,” he said. “We have been forced to increase the rate of pay. It’s not an ideal solution.

“Mr Wyers is not alone. The Bank of England believes that after nearly a decade of stagnation, it is seeing evidence of rising wages as companies are forced to pay more to fill their vacancies…

I’m guessing that Sally McManus is driven by some perverse combination of wowserishness and CFMEU interests (which likes the building). A much simpler and more effective solution for the labour market is to halve the permanent migrant intake as you police industrial relations.

So, dear friends in Sydney and Melbourne, I’m afraid it’s more falling living standards for you. Crush-loaded infrastructure, lower environmental and services amenity plus lower wages. It will be especially bad in the west of the cities which will continue to devolve into crush-loaded, low wage special economic zones so that the east can live high on hog. Our very own little de-merging markets.

We can at least draw comfort from the growing housing bust, which looks unstoppable despite the people ponzi. More people will now only result in more folks living together under the same roof rather than rising prices given the falling availability of credit.

Which is only appropriate in the Big Australian Ghetto.

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  1. I wouldnt put it beyond the Rupertarian to have over egged what the ACTU position actually is…..

    This is from an ACTU statement yesterday

    Five-point plan to address unemployment and end exploitation of temporary visa workers
    Our five-point plan to bring back fairness:

    1. Ensure local workers get the opportunity to be trained and employed in secure jobs in their local area;

    2. End massive exploitation of hyper insecure temporary visa workers by ensuring that these workers are paid market rates and have their rights at work protected;

    3. Change our immigration program to favour permanent over temporary migration;.

    4. Temporary work visas must only be used when there are cases of genuine skills shortages that can’t be filled by locals;

    5. Rebuild TAFE so people can get the skills they need


    • This like how the rate of immigration would be fine, only if we did a better job planning infrastructure. Its virtue signalling nonsense from the left, mostly projection and lies as far as i can tall. What, if any, of those fine sentiments have been put into practise?

      • Its hardly a rousing endorsement of the current immigration intake.

        As someone who has searched the ACTU site this morning I can find nothing in their media releases or opinion pieces on the subject of immigration at all.

        I havent read the Rupertarian piece but i have called 2 State level union officials i know well to ask about it and got a ‘huh? Know nothing about it’ response.

    • Stewie Griffin

      I don’t know how they over-egged it – they basically came out in support of maintaining an NOM rate of at least 190,000 people per year. They make motherhood statements about simply needing to build more infrastructure without explaining that the rate at which it would have to be built would be on par with how China was producing it at the peak of their transition, when things like worker safety were well down the list of priorities on the 5 year plan.

      • Ok Stewie

        If the ACTU has come out and stated support for a 190 annual NOM number then the ACTU is simply foolish. I just found nothing on their website to support that contention (and i know a few union officials – alas not unions all that influential – and refer them regularly to the MB line on the population ponzi, and have recently at the footy talked some significant union types through the data and issues – to get an ‘aaaah. Thats how it is working against us.’ Type of response)

      • Stewie Griffin

        Then you better tell those footy mates in the Union to pull their finger out and start standing up to the Population Ponziters within their organisations – I’m reading the headline as this:

        “Rare allies back a Big Australia: Big business has joined forces with the ACTU in an unprecedented compact to back Big Australia, calling on the federal government to maintain current levels of permanent migration…”

        So either they’re okay with this or they need to get on the blowers and twitter and tell the world that they’re fucking not okay with this, because to the average man (whatever that is nowadays) it looks as though they’re totally okay with this.

      • Stewie Griffin, you nailed it.

        The left wingers online insist that the Greens do not want AUS to be home to 400 million people or even 40 million people, but both the Greens and the online virtue signallers refuse to say how many people they want in Australia.

      • Might b a bit of fallout from that Rupertarian piece…..

        The article is straight out bullshit without a fact checked anywhere (without even looking at ACTU, United voice, AIG or ACOSS sites)

        …….which was subsequently picked up by SBS, Sky and the Rupertarian stable, and mark Latham.

        welcome to Australia’s media

      • FiftiesFibroShack

        Not sure what Rupes playing at here. I guess the lie will be remembered and the truth forgotten for the most part.

  2. AndynycMEMBER

    They all traitors and should be deported to some place where we keep importing people from.

    • Stewie Griffin

      The MAJORITY of Australians want lower immigration – we are being ruled by a selfish. compromised minority.

      At what point does it become ethically and morally correct to take up arms and make a stand against the theft and disposal of our nation and our children’s inheritance?

      • When it becomes okay to openly discuss resism without it being confused with racism. Resism = discrimination of persons based on their residency status.

    • Agreed. A select few are getting rich at the expense of many. I will never vote for a major party again until this BS corruption ends which may be never. Although I need my job and have a mortgage we need a recession now more than ever to bleach and clear the scum that is Canberra and the rent seeking economy.

  3. Expected from BCA, et al.
    But the CFMEU – this is pure betrayal! I’m less outraged than I am cobfused. Can someone please explain to me from what perspective the CFMEU would support this??

    • Are they hoping that there will actually be an infrastructure response and they’ll be the ones who get to build it? If so I’ve got a (just announced, soon to be commissioned, we promise … check out the pretty concept art!) bridge to sell them.

    • It’s all becoming clear to me …

      The unions are aggressively egging on stories of mass immigrant exploitation and in the not-too-distant future you shall witness an explosion of union advertising claiming that THEY are the salvation for these down-trodden folk! As Calvin says above: “more members”.

  4. Migrant Council + big business. Common factor: Scanlan Foundation $ on the job.

  5. i always wondered if we could turn one of the islands in the bass strait into a permanent internment camp to detain traitors like this.

    • desmodromicMEMBER

      Norfolk Island has the history, the infrastructure and the need for an economic boost.

    • Oi don’t be touching King or Flinders! Magic places. That’s what Macquarie Island should be for – further 2000km south and send them there with no heating.

    • nah leave macquarie alone too, the penguins shouldnt have to share the joint with this scum. send them to the heard & macdonald islands.

  6. Interesting.

    Sally may think she’s protecting the most vulnerable workers but as long as the migration spigots remain open full-blast, temporary or permanent won’t matter – business will still have access to an infinite supply of labour, forever suppressing workers bargaining power and ability to win wage rises.

  7. Aaarrhhh!!! Why are only dumb-shits in positions of power? What is wrong with this world?

  8. News this morning NSW Premier calling for urgent discussions on the rate and number of immigrarion to be reviewed.

  9. Corruption and self interest seem to be the primary drivers of Australia now. It’s everywhere you look, politics, the media, sport, our institutions, our military.
    Now the ACTU sells out too. Keep the ponzi going at all costs, ideals be damned!

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Is there like an international NDIS Straya can get on? We’re the crash victim…the speeding, drag-racing crash victim…who is gonna need help with their self-induced disability.

      • Sure there is, NDIS for countries – IMF bailout and takeover and official selling out of our sovereignty. Its coming, count on it.

      • NikolaMEMBER

        @T – the will replicate Greece’s approach. Not that we deserve any better.

      • @ Nikola – Yes, it is the Greece play book. And then they will give the illegals voting rights, the idea being a permanent majority. Like we see now in Greece.

        We do not deserve any of this nonsense – average everyday Australians are good people. Every single day it blows me away the small ways in which people are generous and kind.

        But be cool – I know this sounds retarded, but we are winning. Every day there are more arrests, and the top of the ladder is being slowly compromised. Unfortunately these people at the top are not going to give up their ill gotten gains without a fight. Its cool, the fight is well under way, and the tide is close to turning.

        This week for example, two Hercules c130’s crashed on consecutive days – what are the chances? People are dying in this fight, but as had been said, the tree of liberty needs to be replenished with the blood of patriots. Those people knew what was at stake, and made the choice to make the greatest sacrifice.

        Once the tide turns, this will get real scary real quick. At that point, be there for your fellow Australians. The actual number of bad actors is minimal, and mostly their only real defense is hiding in the shadows. One day you will get to look back at this all as a bad memory, and the influence of the cabal will seem like a bad dream.

  10. The ACTU will act in its own interests firstly then any other interest secondly. They see more customers.

  11. Delusional.
    I guess that now the Ponzi IS the economy, people and self interested groups are deluding themselves into thinking it can be “managed”. lol At best some of the edges can be knocked off, but it must mean a slide to an Argentine political economy in the long run. We are led by a mixture of clowns and criminals.

  12. More evidence we have the Illusion of choice at the ballot box.

    Unions need membership to $urvive, Domestic or otherwise. The Cfmeu which absorbed two more unions in the last 6 months, is silent because.. Moar people, More construction, more jobs, more members, more money.. same old story..
    Since – ALP/Greens are leveraged by the unions for their party faithful, it’s no surprises here. It is all in on the Ponzi.

    Bills’ silence, is his acceptance that we must endure the influx of Vibrancy. He needs to be called out publicly as soon as possible.

    • I love the vibrancy of hearing Punjabi or Hindu et al on my morning commute on public transport – all rambling on for the entire trip.

  13. surflessMEMBER

    ACTU beholden to the building unions and BCA beholden to corrupt developers, a marriage made in hell.

  14. First the “will never happen” QE is scheduled. Then the IO mortgage cliff is cancelled. Now the migration revolt is replaced with a bi-partisan open-teh-gates policy.

    What next, I wonder…. hopefully the bitcoin crash is called off and replaced by a bitcoin rocket. 😅 Or maybe we can start seeing the silver lining in very high gas and electricity prices?

  15. Relevant StakeholderMEMBER

    The marginalisation of Australian civil society continues.

    You can’t control the narrative when the counter argument (reality) punches people in the face with increasing force.

  16. All this air space for immigration is such a waste of breath. Just waiting till the economy tanks will fix it. They will all go back anyway regardless of the sunshine and beaches.

    • Only the ones with money or high level skills will go. Spain lost over half a million people, but the several million who came from the third world largely stayed, it was the highly skilled, and most talented young and not so young Spaniards who left in droves and many are now settling down for good in places like Germany.

    • To return for better days, particularly if they then qualify for the pension and just in time to get a hip-replacement on Medicare.

  17. NikolaMEMBER

    “More people will now only result in more folks living together under the same roof rather than rising prices given the falling availability of credit.
    Which is only appropriate in the Big Australian Ghetto.”

    I’ve been saying this for over a year on this blog. Only difference is I called the Ghettos – Favelas. It is already happening as I can see more and more double garages being converted into living space for the parents while two younger families living in the same house.

  18. Rational RadicalMEMBER

    Good to hear you guys putting a name to the pro-cyclical nature of population growth with respect to credit-fuelled land bubbles, and the excellent track record of inward migration “fixing itself” as credit availability collapses and the fundamental balance of speculative demand X available credit VS willing and “motivated” sellers inevitably inverts, causing economic and financial trauma and exposing an unprecedented oversupply of physical housing stock which even many rational bears once argued could never exist.

    The dumbest bubble ever, indeed. But by no means different in fundamental nature.

  19. Jumping jack flash

    Excellent article. Agree with everything.

    But there’s just no way they will decrease immigration. There are simply too many benefits for everyone who matters.
    1) extra consumers means extra base level demand.
    2) it hides the debt deflation that would occur after people load up on debt and then can’t consume.
    3) it increases demand for debt. More people means more debt. Either directly or indirectly. This grows the economy.
    4) it boosts productivity for businesses so employers can reap the benefits of lower production costs, pay themselves the difference, which allows them to pay off their personal debt faster, consume more, or simply load up on more debt.
    5) so long as someone’s wages are increasing, there is no problem because when you take the average of the average it all looks great. Steady as she goes, nothing to see here. Without the extra productivity and extra demand that immigration brings, resulting in higher wages/profits for employers, there’d be no higher wages for anyone, and that’d be bad for the statistics.

    So there’s just no way they can can take this away now.

    Can you imagine if we stopped importing fresh, debt-free people, and all we were left with were the ones nursing mountains of debt and eating 2-minute noodles and demanding high wages to service their enormous debt, and the old people who received those debt mountains for their houses and then don’t spend it – at least not in Australia?

    It’d be carnage for everyone. The whole place would stop. Gummed up by debt.

    Lowering immigration is as ludicrous as raising interest rates, and would have pretty much the same effect.

    • God forbid an old style reset. It seems that the narratives now is grow at all costs, even if it means poverty and misery for everyone in the long run. Australia is on a fast track to be an Argentina.2.0. No amount of current evidence of this on fire train heading to the cliff will drive anybody to stop it. Look at the middle east and you can see the future…scary but it is like watching a zombie movie, no matter the survival efforts it ends up every one’s dead.

  20. turncoatMEMBER

    The BCA guys are high-fiving each other at the Melbourne Club, laughing over how easy Sally was. Just feed her the “oppose racism” line and she throws her vulnerable constituency under the bus. Sacrificing millions of working Australians to signal your own virtues no longer cuts it Sally!

  21. Question: Do any senior executives within the union movement have a pecuniary interest in labour hire companies that rely on excessively high levels of incoming migrant labour?

    • Answer (Socratic method): How did Therese Rein make her money, and who exactly paid for Kevin Rudd’s election campaign?

      Bonus Points: How much did Gillard send the Clinton Foundation, and what exactly was the money spent on?

    • SchillersMEMBER

      I guarantee you many executives in the union movement have investment properties and “interests” in property development. The last thing they want to see is a reduction in housing demand due to the immigration tap being turned down. Many of these are union representatives who vote at state and federal ALP conferences. Like the 48th ALP National Conference, this year in Adelaide on July 26-28.

      Self interest, pure and simple.

  22. BeesemMEMBER

    “Now, one in ten workers in Australia is on a temporary visa. Whether it is 7-11, farms, construction sites, meat processing factories or in hospitality, temporary visa workers are being exploited. This has to end.

    There’s two three storey residential builds going up side by side near me. One of them is a quality job, by a local builder using local labour. The workmanship looks good. The finishings of high quality and the site is clean and orderly.

    The other is being built by some cowboy. It’s a shoddy build, with flammable Aluminium cladding being installed (not banned because it below 4 stories), and the site is a pigsty with rubbish everywhere. The cheapskate builder hasn’t even put the power on in the site so the imported Chinese workforce, who are assembling this disaster of a building have to do their carpentry in the gloom.

    Employment prospects for locals, quality and livability will continue to decline in this country if this becomes the norm.

    • And you know what will happen in construction will be the same as has happened in every other sector foreign labour is used. The cheapskates will edge out the locals. Cheap builds and cheap labour will ensure that. .As the experienced local workers retire a local “skills shortage” in the industry will appear and grow because less and less locals are being trained up as the cheapskates expand their operations.The gap will be filled by cheap labour from overseas and the young locals will be left to rot in the margins in ever greater numbers. That’s how we roll in Oz. Joke of a country.