Leith van Onselen talks Abbott’s immigration plan on Radio 2GB

Please find above an interview I did this morning with Michael McLaren on Sydney Radio 2GB.

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  1. Jones was talking favourably about pulling back immigration this morning too. And he seemed to be quoting some of Leith’s data (without attribution of course).

  2. We the people want a plebiscite / referendum on immigration including the overall target level of 70,000 people per annum

    • It’s always a telling sign when one side of the debate is desperate to prevent The People having their say.

  3. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    Yes good on ya Leith,….but isn’t the SAP, yet another “Centre Right” political party,…Yawn!,… We’ve got heaps of them!
    For those Lefties who think the ALP and Greens are beyond redemption on this subject, check out the Australian Workers Party.

    If ya want policies that are supportive of “The People”,…ya need a people’s Party!


    Skills and Training
    Australia should be training its own. Master Tradesmen and skilled personnel should be provided with realistic incentives and assistance to ensure future skill deficiencies can be met by training the youth of today, how many decades has Australia complained there are insufficient tradesmen to meet our needs? We should not be permitting 457, 471 or any other worker from overseas while our unemployment climbs and our youth are denied these opportunities. To say Australia needs to import unskilled workers at times when unemployment is rising is simply ridiculous. No employer should be permitted to claim they cannot find unskilled workers in such a climate, nor should the option exist. ”

    “Overseas Workers
    We as people who have actually worked for a living find it ridiculous that anyone in Parliament can claim surprise over illegal workers or those on expired visas, or employers paying what is now being referred to as slave wages. Anybody who has ever picked fruit or worked day labouring jobs will tell you they have had offers of lower cash wages.
    This little scam is primarily designed to save the employer wage costs, dodge superannuation payments, ignore insurance and abuse then discard the workers. The solution is simple, reinstate the inspectors that were sacked many years ago, immigration and workplace investigators once randomly attended businesses to detect these issues. But again successive Governments have cut back these positions until they have all but ceased to exist. We want these positions returned to our Government agencies in every City, and every regional centre across Australia.”

    “Regional Australia”
    “We need to provide substantial tax incentives to businesses willing to relocate to regional & rural areas and who employ a minimum quota of locals.

    Government offices and call centres – where staff don’t deal in face to face contact, should be relocated to regional areas, and all contracts for staffing and offices overseas need to be rescinded and employment for Australian departments and services returned to Australians.

    The rate of immigration needs to be reduced for the next 3-5 years and all 457 visas need to be immediately reassessed, with all visas not subject to reasonable market labour testing, immediately revoked. The intake of 457’s needs to be reduced by a minimum of 90%, and all but the most specialised of positions permanently removed from the visa application lists.
    Companies breaching worker’s rights and visa conditions must face hefty penalties.”