Inbred tomato heads for the chopping block

It appears to be all but over for the inbred tomato, via The Australian:

Barnaby Joyce’s leadership was in peril last night after he lost critical support within his partyroom, as senior Nationals moved to force his resignation over the love-child scandal.

As the Deputy Prime Minister dug in to defend his leadership, a group of Nationals MPs plotted to remove their leader after his ­repeated failure to explain the ­potential misuse of taxpayer funds in creating jobs for his former ­staffer and now-partner Vikki Campion.

The crisis threatened to spill into a Coalition turf war, with supporters of Mr Joyce expressing anger to The Australian after it was disclosed that Malcolm Turnbull, as Liberal leader, had contacted at least one Nationals MP, despite his office earlier denying he had ­talked to backbenchers.

Nationals MPs, including ­Andrew Broad, Keith Pitt, Luke Hartsuyker and leadership contenders Michael McCormack and Darren Chester, held crisis ­meetings in parliament yesterday as The Australian was told that Mr Joyce had lost the numbers to ring-fence his leadership.

A delegation, believed to ­include Mr Broad, Mr Pitt and Mr Hartsuyker, was last night considering approaching Mr Joyce and urging him to step down.

Mr McCormack denied he had had any conversations to replace Mr Joyce.

A senior government source said the Prime Minister had ­become “increasingly frustrated” that the government’s agenda was being hijacked by Mr Joyce’s personal crisis. Several senior cabinet colleagues of Mr Joyce said last night they did not believe he could ­remain in his position.

“He should step down for the good of the government, his family and his pregnant partner,” one cabinet minister said.

A senior Nationals source confirmed the issue would be resolved one way or another before Friday, claiming that the scandal was “infecting” the government.

Party greybeards are moving, via Domainfax:

Former deputy prime minister Mark Vaile says the Barnaby Joyce scandal is threatening the Turnbull government, and urged Nationals MPs to urgently resolve the deepening personal and political crisis.

Former Nationals leader Warren Truss has also intervened in the saga, saying Mr Joyce’s affair with former staffer Vikki Campion had damaged the Deputy Prime Minister’s ability to lead and the issue needed to be resolved “constructively and quickly”.

Late on Tuesday, some Nationals MPs were discussing whether to form a delegation that would approach the embattled Deputy Prime Minister and call on him to stand aside.

However, many are paralysed with doubt and aren’t ready to move on Mr Joyce. Unlike the Labor and Liberal parties, Nationals MPs have traditionally shied away from cutting down leaders and have only done it once in their history.

Mr Joyce fought back on Tuesday, insisting he could survive the scandal that threatens his career and has derailed the government’s start to the 2018 political year.

But he was hit by fresh questions after Fairfax Media revealed he charged taxpayers to spend 50 nights in Canberra when Parliament was not sitting in 2017 – more than any other cabinet minister.

Mr Vaile, who served as deputy prime minister under John Howard, told Fairfax Media the story was “now getting to the point where it is affecting the government”.

He said Nationals MPs had a responsibility “to the national interest first, the government second and the party’s interests third”.

“They are the junior Coalition partner and part of the government of Australia. They need to deal with this. How they do it is up to them,” Mr Vaile said. “They must resolve this.”

Asked if Mr Joyce could survive, Mr Vaile said: “I don’t know”.

Looks like his goose is cooked. All that needs to be done first is the assignment of a coal industry sinecure. Mind you, he already has one so demotion from the leadership will probably be enough.


  1. The Traveling Wilbur

    Inbred tomato programatic specificity needed. A Boxcar Willie or Big Boy variety?

    At a pinch any old family heirloom varieties would do I guess.

    • ResearchtimeMEMBER

      Moderating me – what the heck? What for?

      UE deletes at least half my posts already – you maybe only 10-15% (more lately granted…)

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Having read your reply – I can only assume it was on the same grounds I use when selecting shiny red tomatoes for my evening meal cooking adventures – good taste.

        And no I have *never* been moderated (except when spam bot embedded a seconding of my advice in one of my comments) so I have no idea what you’re on. About.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Ah.. did you errantly assume the post’s author moderated you? I see. My bad. But very not likely.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        Why did the tomato blush?

        It saw the salad dressing!

        Why did the tomato resign?

        Because it was an enormous hypocrite that no one respected any more and no one ever wanted to see as PM of this country again! And, it also probably misused influence to get someone he was having sex with (who of course wasn’t his partner) a job.

      • Most of my posts are moderated. I assumed it was a semi-automatic process. Otherwise you can brigade comments and cause a mess before the human moderators have a chance to respond.

      • The Traveling Wilbur

        That applies to *all* posts. But that is the spam filter. To be spam botted after your post has appeared (moderated) requires having been an especially naughty boy (in someone’s opinion).

      • And no I have *never* been moderated (except when spam bot embedded a seconding of my advice in one of my comments) so I have no idea what you’re on. About.

        Some people assume when they trigger an automatic keyword-based system that The Man is actively censoring their subversive views.

      • ResearchtimeMEMBER

        Granted you have a loyal cadre of followers – but you crack down on any views that contradict your own. there have been a number of great posters whom you have blocked, for seemingly nebulous reasons.

        That was an entirely innocuous comment – and you still saw it a valid move to block???

        For all the faults of the extreme Right – its the Lefts intolerance to alternate views and slavish group think, that your displaying here.

  2. Peta Credlin winking at Tony Abbott in the back of a limo:

    (at one min),-labels/7227914

    TONY ABBOTT AND PETA CREDLIN have allegedly set up a sleeper cell,8497

    rumours that Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin had an affair

    Peta hand-feeding Tony in a public restaurant, and of laying her head on his shoulder; he was said to have slapped her on the bum.

    The circumstantial evidence of their intimacy was overwhelming. The pair went everywhere together, both Australia and overseas, whether Margie was part of the entourage or not.

    it was rare or exceptional for Credlin and Margie to be in the same room or at the same event together

  3. mild colonialMEMBER

    Hah. Now he can live his traditional family values. Find time for church..
    He’ll be like Ray Liotta at the end of Goodfellas. Normal life is boring.
    (Except it’s not, once your ego deflates).

    • Being a tomato, Joyce is going to make a really good ragù, with onions, garlic, celery, bay leaves.
      The unfortunate Henry could only get ketchup.

  4. Paul-Henri Spaak

    All I know is that the Pesticides and Veterinary medicines can be relocated back to Canberra – a final F*@K you to Barnaby and his pork barreling corrupt ways.

    • Philly SlimMEMBER

      Hell no. Only decent thing he did. Canberra gets way too much pork and if we are ever going to decentralise away from cities in this most urban of countries it will be by seeding the regions with some govt departments.

      This is a start, there should be a rolling plan to move more agencies out. Bring on a decade of decentralisation!

      • You think like a politician. “Its just pork”. Maybe. But there are added costs to decentralisation. Costs that don’t come out of the public servant’s hide (other than as a taxpayer).

        Centralisation is natural. You see it with banks (Main street), car yards, manufacturing (Silicon Valley, Detroit, and other hubs), investment (Wall St anyone?) and so on. There are very wealthy companies that made their dollar on the back of centralisation (e.g. Westfield).

        There is no need to piss taxpayer money away to stimulate a regional economy. Something more targeted would be far more valuable than setting up false departments whose only purpose is to stimulate.

        I notice when driving through regional towns that the council’s building is always the newest and nicest by far. That is ‘regional stimulation’ for you- it does jack shit for the locals.

      • If he goes any redder and his blood pressure goes any higher he will erupt in an outbreak of pork-crackling that will eventually consume his entire body, bit like that greyscale disease thingy in Game of Thrones that turns your skin to stone.

  5. Is amazin’ really, how surprised BJ is at the coming dawn hanging. A lifetime’s successful use of the ‘larrikin’ defense finally meets averted eyes and shaking heads. No nation tolerates moronic behaviour w/ pollies more than Straya but we do have our standards. A mighty fine line between forgiveness and the red card.

  6. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    “Bronwyn Bishop: When does a series of one night encounters become a relationship? And when does a relationship become a partner? ”

    On Sky “News” Bronwyn eludes to the “Socialist” implications of Vikki intentiinaly impregnating her self with Barnaby sperm,… “Vikki is, clearly looking to “redistribute” the Joyce family fortune.”

    • Philly SlimMEMBER

      Sky News? There’s hope for you yet Ermo.

      Let me know if you want to borrow my copy of Barry Goldwater’s Conscience of a Conservative. It’s a gateway drug. You’ll then find yourself in furious agreement with Thomas Sowell videos.

      • “There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old’s life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs.”

      • Bronnie certainly embodies and promotes core Conservative beliefs. She is a great ambassador for the cause.

    • It will noy only be Vicki after the Joyce wealth .
      Mrs. Joyce will take him for most of it, and quite rightly.
      If / when Barnyard leaves the public payroll he will have to register with Centrelink.
      Oh what a happy thought… I’ve just made my day.

  7. Stock up on popcorn: Sino Sam has labelled Canberra’s Parliament House one of the most unhealthy workplaces, citing the “amount of rooting” “You’ve got 4000 people in this building called Parliament, which is mostly just journos, staffers, politicians, living in this strange world of kind of alcohol and late nights and sitting and everyone is telling each other how important they are all the time
    Asked if there were a lot of people sleeping with each other in Canberra, Mr Dastyari replied: “Of course.”
    “Weirdly enough, more in the kind of conservative side of politics than the Left of politics,” he added.
    “Barnaby’s just lost control … the stories that are coming out.
    The rumours that are out there about Barnaby are so much worse.
    They get way worse than that,” he said.
    “The bloke is done.
    Whether it’s today, next week or the week after. He’s done.”

    • I’m not sure we should let Shanghai Sam back into the national conversation, he’s been weighed, measured and found to be willing to promote the interests of a foreign power. On the face of it he is targetting the conservatives but the notion that Parliament House is just a wall-to-wall orgy is mischievous imo.

  8. Hill Billy 55MEMBER

    The irony of the past life of Barnaby’s mate has been sadly overlooked in this saga. The word around Armidale back in the 70’s was that Maguire was allegedly the operator of a prostitution racket. It seems nothing has changed. He’s still providing rooms for favours!

  9. At least you could have put a pic of Watties Hawkes Bay grown, New Zealand produced tinned tomatoes as the graphic.

  10. FiftiesFibroShack

    No doubt some journo is looking into where young Vikki C was during those 50 extra nights Barnaby billed the taxpayer.

    • ….or who else was occupying the Beetrooters time during those long lonely 50 very well paid and catered for days.

  11. Climate denier scum, the beetrooter. I hope he is destroyed. More likely he’ll go full time onto Gina’s payroll, worse luck

  12. There was a comment from Joyce’s camp that there are no stellar options as replacements.

    Says it all really, the nationals are such a bunch of irrelevant, busted savs, that someone like Barnaby’s got the confidence to glue himself to the throne.

    • Joyce is hardly a stellar performer when it comes to governing (see The Sloan Delusion’s takedown of his poor ministerial performance yesterday).

      The man is a political fighting dog cut from the same cloth as Abbott. Devastating in opposition but useless at delivering in government.

      • I know, he’s an abject failure by anyone’s standards, but just the hubris to hang around. He reminds me of one of those small town corrupt buffoons that keep featuring in the Fargo TV series.

      • Jumping jack flash

        “The man is a political fighting dog cut from the same cloth as Abbott. Devastating in opposition but useless at delivering in government.”

        Certainly anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together can criticise someone else’s ideas.
        But when it comes time to make up ideas yourself, you need a bit more.

        It pretty much summarises the last 10 years of government in this country, and the calibre of those comprising it.

  13. There will be some Libs who will calling for end of the coalition agreement if the Nationals can’t fix this fast. And the only way to fix it is to show Joyce the door.
    If the Liberals ran against the Nationals in every seat they held, probably about half the Nationals number would be gone in NSW as well as all the senators in NSW and Victoria.