Trump to lose sway in Congress

The threat to Donald Trump’s presidency is not necessarily just a legal or literary one (Fire and Fury: great book, tremendous page turner, you gotta believe me). This year could see the rug taken out from under him as he suffers the same legislative malaise and roadblocks that his predecessor had to endure for eight years.

From The Guardian:

The announcement by Congressman Darrell Issa on Wednesday that he is retiring brings to 31 the number of open seats held by Republicans in the 2018 midterm elections.

Democrats need to win 25 seats to take control of the House of Representatives.

The unprecedented number of Republican retirements, which includes the sitting chairmen of eight different congressional committees, is a bad omen for the speaker, Paul Ryan, as he seeks to keep control of the lower chamber.

So far, five Republicans representing districts where Hillary Clinton won in 2016 are not seeking re-election this year.

Issa’s retirement is a major blow to House Republicans in a district that analysts had considered a toss-up. Not only was Issa a nine-term incumbent but as one of the richest members of Congress, he was able to self-fund his campaign.

His decision not to seek another term makes him the second swing-district California Republican to retire in the past week. On Monday, Ed Royce, the chairman of the House foreign relations committee, announced he too would retire. Royce, a 13-term incumbent, represents a district where Clinton won by nearly 10 points in 2016.

Both California Republicans are victims of the changing political demographics of the state. They both represent parts of Orange County, the once deep-red bastion of suburban conservatism that has undergone a transformation in recent years. In 2016, Clinton became the first Democrat to win there since Franklin Roosevelt in 1936.

The media and voters alike need to be reminded that while the President does indeed hold the steering wheel on USS America, his rudder is very small and the ship is bloated from bow to stern.

Its in Congress that power flows and the 2018 mid-terms are shaping up to be more and more a show-stopper for the Showman-in-Chief.

Even after the passing of the GOP tax bill, the traditional big business base for the Republicans who intend on buying seats in Congress from both sides of the aisle to pass even more middle-class destructive regulation.

From Bloomberg:

The head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said Wednesday his organization will deeply involve itself in this year’s midterm congressional elections — including Republican primaries — as he called both Steve Bannon and Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren extremists.

“If we’re only sending ideological purists and strict partisans to Washington, we’re stopping progress before it even starts,” Thomas Donohue, the chamber’s president, said in his annual address on American business in Washington.

“We need to rebuild the middle in the Congress,” Donohue said. “Pro-growth, pro-business candidates can come from both sides and we want more from both sides.”

The chamber will most likely spend more than the $29.1 million it expended on the 2016 election cycle, Donohue later told reporters. In his speech, he said the group will challenge candidates in Republican primaries when it thinks an individual is too extreme to be successful in a general election.

Donohue made clear that the chamber wants Republicans to remain in control in Washington, even as he offered outreach to Democrats. “We will attempt to hold both houses of the Congress as it is, while at the same time becoming much more public and engaged in working with Democrats,” he told reporters.

As a non-profit trade association, the chamber can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money — including on political races — without having to disclose its donors. Some corporate contributors become known because they voluntarily disclose their donations, but the chamber has become a discreet way for corporate America to try to influence elections without publicly picking a side that might alienate customers.

The Don may have to double down on his Russian financial backers to help fund the Republican’s 2018 Great American Tradition of buying elections, especially when even Big Business are ready for more Democrat faces.


    • Yes, Fitzroy. The democratic leadership are as corrupt as Hillary Clinton. Obama, Hillary and the Democratic leadership were/are all corporatists. Hence failed projects such as Obamacare that was not like Medicare when Labor created it, but was a sop to powerful corporate interests such as the insurance industry. Democrats leadership was so corrupt that they undermined Bernie Sanders, who would have won the presidency, to support big business Hillary, corporate democrat and Clinton Foundation ‘friendly’ gift receiver among other sins.

      • Be interesting to see if USA raises the minimum salary on the H1B visa (what the 457 visa is called in USA) to U$100k.

        Both sides of American politics are talking about doing that. Obama was too stupid to do it. Even Michael Moore said Obama did not achieve anything.

        Hillary Clinton was reportedly going to take UBI to the 2016 presidential election but decided not to – and lost the election.

        Maybe the Congress can put one in after the midterm elections.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      As long as a “Professional class”, who deeply believe in “Meritocracy” and use it to rationalise inequality, continue to rule the political parties of the “West”, no chance of REAL representation of the masses exists.
      Trump is Clinton and the DNCs fault!

  1. There will be a big scare campaign on both sides during the midterms.

    Don has a great chance with the apathetic though. The millions who didn’t vote.

    They just got a tax cut. For many, that might be enough to motivate them to vote.

    Worked great for Howard.

    • Trump doesn’t even know what day it is. Comparing him to Howard in machiavellianism is a real laugh.

      • Trump’s opposition underestimated him into the white house, and the trend continues He’s not a fool, he is a very bright and cunning and ruthless operator, and it seems to me he’s actually achieving many of the things he said he would prior to being elected despite massive oposition.

        You might not like him or what he’s doing, but he’s likely to continue getting his way as long as people keep thinking he’s a lucky idiot, rather than comprehending reality.

      • reusachtigeMEMBER

        ^^ What this guy just said. Donald is a ledgend and knows exactly what he is doing and that is making America Great Again!

  2. matthew hoodMEMBER

    A long time ago on MB Rusty Penny said that the Don will use the midterms to complete his takeover of the GOP…..the main fight will be which red side wins.

  3. ‘Fire and Fury’ is a page turner but it’s shallow in terms of analysis though you learn that Bannon’s favourite paper is The Guardian. Much better books by Thomas Frank suggest that the Democrats are a lost party and will be for years. They still have no idea. They might retrieve something in the midterms but they have bled seats. It’s movement Republicanism and DJT helms that and the key thing which Frank shows again and again is that movement Republicanism is faith based in all senses.

  4. “The head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said Wednesday his organization will deeply involve itself in this year’s midterm congressional elections”

    Cough…. the Chamber of Commerce is a BSD C-Corp front group, got nothing to do with Main St businesses.

    “as he called both Steve Bannon and Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren extremists.”

    Bannon still thinks he’s living in the 1700 – 1800s w/ a side of narcissistic self importance, Warren on the other hand is an authority on contracts, like protecting citizens from mercenary and predatory behavior by those with the upper hand.

    disheveled…. Myron Brilliant is a music man for neoliberalism….

  5. I know very little about US party politics but I do find it interesting how antiquated their electoral systems are. For instance elections are still held on a Tuesday as Tuesday was market day when all the farmers would come to town. When California became a state in practical terms the nearest major city to San Francisco was Sydney: much of equipment and stores (and criminals) that was sent there in the early part of gold rush came from Sydney as the east coast of the US was even more distant from SF than Sydney.

    In the same vein it seems dumb for sitting congressmen to have declare their lame duck status so far out from the election. Back in the 18th century it probably was logistics that required such long processes (long as in I read that for one of the states, if you are not on the electoral roll by now you are not able to vote next November). But these days the whole process looks moribound, and in need of a major overhaul.

  6. reusachtigeMEMBER

    I abso love Mr Donald and hope he gains more power and never loses any! I’d never read such a rubbish propaganda #fakenews book, only freaks would!!

  7. His predecessor was an inept, corrupt fool, who squandered a pivotal opportunity to reset the framework in 2008. Truly after Jackson the worst token of a leader ever seen.
    Most Americans in between the polarising coasts of variations in ethnicity, background and status agree with key tenets in the message.

  8. – Based on my information we could see the amount of moderate Republicans decline and the amount of RADICAL (right wing) Republicans increase in the mid term elections this year.