MB primer: The future of energy

Over the coming weeks weeks, MB will roll out a series of primer presentations on various key topics, which are aimed at getting newer readers up to speed, as well as providing an easy-to-digest reference point.

Today’s presentation covers Australia’s future of energy – a key theme that has been thrashed-out on MB over recent years.

I trust you will find this presentation (and those that follow) interesting. In due course, we will create a landing page where all of MB’s primers can be accessed.


  1. Australian electricity retail averages.
    $aud 0.29c kWh to probably over $aud 0.35c kWh..
    Extortionist cartel pricing & service/supply overcharging (see report) – top 5 in OECD.

    Other countries ~ with similar coal & gas resources $aud 0.08c – 0.15c kWh.

    Comparison Report – Oct 2017


    Australian electricity : 3 or even 4 times the price it should be.

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