MB population ponzi primer presentation

Over the coming weeks weeks, MB will roll out a series of primer presentations on various key topics, which are aimed at getting newer readers up to speed, as well as providing an easy-to-digest reference point.

Today’s presentation covers Australia’s population ponzi – a key theme that has been thrashed-out on MB over recent years. Watch as the MB Fund’s Tim Fuller and yours truly discuss why relentlessly raising the population of the nation without a proper plan spells disaster for the Australian way of life.

I trust you will find this presentation (and those that follow) interesting. In due course, we will create a landing page where all of MB’s primers can be accessed.


  1. stagmal has got his wish! Or whoever suggested creating a page to explain why this website is against mass-low wage immigration.

    Of late, your pages said “refugees are sacrificed in offshore detention gulags in order to continue flooding Australia with immigrants”. You need to explain the red herring. I totally understand it but readers abroad do not. The gulags exist so that the ALP/LNP can pretend they are against mass immigration. Even the foreign media thought Tony Abbott is against mass immigration: https://youtu.be/c3IaKVmkXuk

    • i think it was me actually, cant remember but i kind of doubt it was my suggestion that triggered the idea.

    • HadronCollision

      MB needs landing pages for this, Neg Gearing etc etc

      Serves a useful single landing page purpose and also gets google juice

  2. i really like the glossary page, but maybe some more additions? since there’s a lot of snark terminology that gets traded round at this place that wasnt included in it, maybe additions for; ‘pop ponzi’ (though maybe not since its getting its own section), ‘mcgrathmcgeddon’ ‘shrinkflation’ and ‘domainfax’.

  3. Whoa chill out MB, Andrews’ level crossings plan will solve everything. He’s told me so at least 400 times on social media.

  4. A great idea – nice to see someone still cares.

    Hopefully you can get the message across more effectively than Dick Smith or Pauline. Also watch out for being labelled “racist”.

  5. =>MB – Leith :
    Good idea on an intro to our largest industry in Australia : the migrant & guestworker visa rackets.

    7 slides can cover it 🙂

    Here are some salient primer points – with references or links to help in the awareness campaign.

    Slide 1.
    Citizen / PR grants.
    1.8 million new migrants in the last decade plus birth rate & family reunion – 2 million.
    87% in Sydney (1.1 million) Melb (0.7 million), 230k elsewhere. 78% unskilled. 11-15% below national income averages. Highly welfare & health care / social impact needs dependent. Despite the high PR intake including from international students.. less than 3.9% actually achieve a high income professional vocation, showing the education is sham.
    (That’s been well covered on MB and all the data and ABS / Productivity Commission etc reports cover that).

    What isn’t so clear in the public mind is the sheer scale of the migrant guestworker visa rackets & impact.

    Slide 2.
    We have 135% of the full decade or last 10 year intake of migrants in ADDITION to this.
    We have 2.7 million on various TR, visitor or tourist visas with 1.9 million working illegally.
    Over 85% are on totally unskilled visa categories and a 92% concentration in Sydney (1.3 million), Melbourne (1.15 million) & 250k elsewhere.
    There’s your key impact..

    Slide 3.
    The Migrant Guestworkers.
    3 major pathways into Australia to work illegally.

    Temporary Visa, Visitor Visa & Tourist Visa.

    This 2.7 million, are mostly third world origin, mostly unskilled & mostly illegally working migrants onshore – and a conservative estimate.

    ABF Dec 2016 TR statistics 2.1 million.
Growing at 5%+ YTY so 2.165 million at least. 1.5 million have restricted work rights.
 The 457 category is minuscule btw. Bit like the boats or Manus – an intended distraction.


    Visitor visa program Dec 2016 550-600k onshore – many working. Over 150-230k are working illegally.

    8.7 million tourists 2017
. Exploding numbers China, India, South east Asia : a major pathway for illegal workers. An estimated 5.5% (ABF) or 480,000 work illegally. Use the filter to select by country.
Tourism Statistics: International Visitor Arrivals – Tourism Australia

    64k Illegal overstayers – senate.
    More than 64,000 people overstaying visas in Australia.

    2010 illegal workers study
 – Different pathways including as a visitor & tourist estimate of up to 6% are working illegally.

    Slide 4.
    The economics & social impact.

    2.7 million – is 1 in every 9 people.
    1 in 5 in Sydney or Melbourne.
    Twice the number of migrant guestworkers that Gaddafi had at his peak. But economically negative.
    They only bring in $4.5 billion at best in declared funds – often faked. Work illegally. False ID, cash in hand, widespread blackmarket migrant labor rackets.
    They form a $106 billion underground & black market economy. (2.7m x $49k gross equivalent even if no tax paid).
    Little or no economic ‘net’ contribution given most are poor, unskilled, with agent procurer debt & only here to work, repay that debt & try & secure a PR as an anchor to bring the rest in.

    Sending out or xfer of $36 billion back to their foreign agent procurers & families offshore. -2% GDP impact.
    (World Bank 2016 migrant money flows).
    The largest and most stupid foreign aid contribution by Australia of any OECD country with absolutely nothing to show for it.

    92% concentration in Sydney (1.35 million) & Melbourne (1.13 million) of which 90% plus living in ‘private shared accommodation’, (DHIA 2016) code for sub let cash in hand bunk share – occupying some 380,000 Ex Australian dwellings.

    There’s a key nutrient feeding the housing bubble & total destruction of lower & medium income affordable housing.

    And falling wages & unemployment.
    And education falling 10 places globally.
    And congestion & cost increases.
    And misaligned public infrastructure spending & decline in living standards.

    Slide 5.
    We can’t do much about the last 10 years of mistakes in the Citizen & PR grants. Even if we shut down that intake to zero, the TR & visitor/ Tourist rackets & intake now dwarfs it in low quality & concentrated impacts to locations, jobs and lack of social or economic contribution.
    So deal with the TR/Visitor/Tourist larger impact first And adjust the Citizen/PR intake for a longer term benefit.

    Slide 6.
    Goal setting & action needed.
    The goal would be a TR pop of about 400,000 at most including the NZ SCV (200,000 within that).
    A visitor & tourist intake who bring in money and spend it, not here to work illegally.
    And a PR/citizen grant of about 70k.

    1). Shut down the international student program to only post grad fully funded and NO work rights – 35,000 TR international students would be our OECD level in students to population ratio.

    2). Remove vice & similar activities as a valid income source for international students, backpackers land other visa categories.

    3). Workplace checks & employer fines massively increased. Private contractors hired to assist, paid for by the fines and convictions they generate.

    4). No Visa stay appeal rights for visa holders in breach and working at below minimum rates or cash in hand – these are not victims / they were not exploited- they came in to steal & work illegally / they knew exactly.

    5). Proof of identity cards redone as widely frauded. This extends to Opal/concession cards, drivers licences, Medicare & other identity fraud where the TR migrant guestworkers carry multiple sets of identities in widespread transport, healthcare & workplace fraud.

    6). No ABN or other rackets for Temp visa & certainly not visitor or Tourists.

    7). No property purchase if not a citzen or PR. Fines & confiscation of the property for any PR or Citizen proxy or other falsification.

    8). Reduce pathway to PR (from 80% from TR to 10%) and have to apply from offshore with a 2 year offshore gap – no bridging visa or onshore extension with work rights.

    9). Restrict the NZ SCV to only NZ born & the 170,000 plus who came in via the NZ backdoor either go in the PR applicant queue or return to NZ.
    That leaves say 380,000 actual NZ born in Australia or reducing to an eventual 5 year cap of 200,000 max as genuine NZ return & the NZ back door third world intake via the NZ residency scam is stopped.

    10). Shut down the spousal & family reunion rackets in chain migration sponsorship frauds / no remarriage or sponsorship for 10 years once sponsored in. Full proof of funds & full cost – no welfare or healthcare benefits for 10 years.

    11). Location controls on all intake with location tracking ESP of every temporary or long stay tourist by ABF – including dwelling address, rent or paid & who got paid that rent (subletting) in ATO owner crackdown & backpayment.

    12). Massive fines for the labor syndicates & employees plus the farmers & other all getting the ‘cash back’ in illegal visa fraud.

    13). 457/458 etc list – only jobs agreed by an ‘advocate’ for Australian workers, and over $85k with public web disclosure on the need for 6 months and then proof that no Australian candidate was available.

    Slide 7.
    Summary. Is this all fair ?
    Country comparisms on the previous actions.
    (Try China, India, USA, Europe, UK, Japan)

    On any comparison this is a generous and fair migrant & temporary visa intake compared to almost every other country.

    The effect of some commonsense controls is to :

    A: Gently exit out 1.5 million people out of Australia & particularly out of Sydney & Melbourne who should not have been allowed in.

    B. In conjunction, reduce the PR/Citizen grants to about 70k, from offshore only, half or 35k as highly skilled over $85k income & reducing the student 10k, family reunion 15k & spousal intake 10k.
    Add a preference in location settlement outside of Sydney or Melbourne for the first 10 years.

    That is a fair and balanced (OECD) Permanent/Citizen & Temporary visa migrant intake program.
    It recovers our economic & community standard of living.
    It saves tens of billions in decongesting Sydney & Melbourne, and fixes many of the current social & economic impacts caused by the out of control migrant intake & visa racketeering,

    Lights on.

    Hope you enjoyed the slide show.

    We will now pass the hat around to buy ads on the ABC & SBS and Social Media in whipping up the public debate frenzy to get the political action required.