Experts slam Australia’s mass immigration ‘Big Australia’ policy

By Leith van Onselen

In the wake of last week’s population data from the ABS, which showed immigration into NSW and VIC hitting an all-time high 185,500 (combined) in the year to June:

And confirmed that Australia’s population is growing faster than almost every other developed nation:

Several experts (including yours truly) have lambasted Australia’s mass immigration ‘Big Australia’ policy for the destructive impact it is having on living standards in the major cities. From’s Frank Chung:

ENTREPRENEUR Dick Smith says it is “not accidental” that immigration skyrocketed by 27 per cent last year, accusing Australian politicians of cooking the books to keep economic growth figures artificially high…

“It’s just an absolute disaster for our children and grandchildren,” said Mr Smith… “It will destroy Australia as we know it today….

While mass immigration boosts the overall GDP figure and makes politicians “look as if they are doing well”, we “don’t have growth per capita”. “There’s no doubt, it’s not accidental,” Mr Smith said.

“We’re in complete control of our immigration rate. With an economic system that requires perpetual growth, this is the way of getting it. The only other way is hard work, getting better productivity”…

Mr Smith said while the Liberals were scared of property developers like Meriton’s Harry Triguboff, Labor refused to discuss immigration for fear of offending the ethnic community.

“That’s ridiculous,” he said. “The ethnic people who come here don’t want Australia destroyed…

Leith van Onselen, chief economist with Macrobusiness, said successive governments were running mass immigration programs to keep growth artificially high and as “defacto housing support” to keep the housing bubbles in NSW and Victoria alive.

“Sydney and Melbourne combined added just over 185,000 migrants in one year,” he said. “Three-quarters of Australia’s immigration intake going into two biggest, most overcrowded and unaffordable cities is not a good thing.”

Sydney in particular is facing a “bizarre situation” where residents were being displaced by new migrants. “Residents are leaving at quite a fast rate and the birthrate has actually fallen quite significantly,” Mr Onselen said.

“NSW added almost 100,000 migrants, but 14,000 residents left in the year and also the natural increase has fallen quite sharply. All these extra people are forcing people out and making it more expensive to have kids.

“It’s a pretty socially regressive situation where young people are forced to move from where they grew up and where all their family and friends are, just because the government wants to run a Big Australia policy.”

Dr Jane O’Sullivan, honorary senior research fellow at the University of Queensland’s School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, said Australia was effectively “running to stand still” to keep pace with the infrastructure needed to accommodate new arrivals.

“It costs more than $100,000 in public money per person that we add to our population,” she said…

“So if we’re growing at 1.6 per cent, we’re spending more than 10 per cent of GDP just running in order to stand still, not improving the level of service we’re able to provide people, simply keeping up with the number of hospital beds and school classes to keep things at a level standard.

“To a large extent we are not keeping pace, we’re actually falling behind, so the quality of life people are enjoying is going backwards.”

Dr O’Sullivan said the “usual rejoinder” was that governments had failed to spend adequately on infrastructure, but the numbers didn’t bear that out.

“They have more than increased their spending in proportion to population growth, it’s just becoming increasingly expensive as our megacities cities become bigger and denser,” she said.

“The cost of every extra person becomes more expensive because suddenly you have to build road tunnels, high-rises, refit increased sewerage capacity.

“People think Australia has a small population, but out cities are huge by developed country standards. They’re way past economies of scale, to [arguably] diseconomies of scale.”

Well written Frank Chung – one of the few journalists willing to confront head-on this vitally important issue.

It’s a crying shame our delinquent Lib/Lab/Greens politicians won’t do likewise. Complete fakes, the lot of them.

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Unconventional Economist


    • The Horrible Scott Morrison MP

      You’re backing the wrong horse. None of these so-called experts have the slightest grasp of the Scottenomics of Population Growth. Why don’t you saddle up and ride with the winning team?

    • As they should be. It’s Greens and Labor voters that will be hurt the most, and the idiots watch Greens and Labor push Big Australia.

      This will go down as the biggest betrayal of voters in global history.

  1. “Labor refused to discuss immigration for fear of offending the ethnic community….“That’s ridiculous,” he said. “The ethnic people who come here don’t want Australia destroyed”

    The absence of an Australian population debate is 100% Labor and Green’s fault. With them both being big Australia too, it just can’t happen.

    • Try being ethnic and saying this… not just are you ‘badthink’, cause you’know, leftists; but you are also racist against your own people, hence its like double plus badthink.

      Obviously nothing to do with a genuine regret at having to stand by and watch the Australian commons be slowly decimated by virtue signalling moral totalitarians

      • Nelson Cruikshank


        Speak to a Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, Greek etc and they are the most anti-immigration out of anyone – they absolutely loathe the over crowding.

        Honestly – just go find one and have a chat – they are the most vocal.

        The BIGGEST issue is PR and marketing companies having the ear of the pollies. These guys are FING IDIOTS – I know heaps of them and they sprout the most vacuous crap.

        But you point out how deluded they are they immediately claim they have done market research and can’t be disputed.

        The pollies are enraptured with these types along with market and social media pollsters Isentia.

        The reality is that the do focus groups with their mates, with their mates mates – they can just pay people they know to tell them their thoughts – the drag in and ring up people from their circles – and when they need to some ethnic diversity etc they ask their ethnic mates.

        They get agencies to supply them with people – who are the same people supplied for every focus group.

        It really is so absurd. They all are TOTALLY captured by Lobbyists and then by PR companies.

        If the absolute DISASTER of Apple at Federation Square doesn’t make it clear how out of touch they are then nothing will.

        They genuinely thought the young Hipsters of Fitzroy and Richmond would love an Apple store instead of a public space – COOL AND HIP and that it would bring in (NO KIDDING) 2 million tourists a year to Melbourne.

        Just – mind blowing. Totally off with the (paid for) pixies.


  2. Australia via its Big Australia policy, has put its children under a train and walked away. While the FIRE sector (the Harvey Norman’s, the building industry, property developers et al) rub their hands together in glee, our poor kids struggle finding full time work competing against 100s courtesy of overpopulating our cities. We have the skills here..the population ponzi is a con and only serves the FIRE sector.

    Parents of children …. wake up. It is time to advocate for your kids politically. If you love your kids and want them to have opportunities, then STOP voting ALP, STOP voting LNP. These rotten Cretans are selling our children out.

    These rotten parties REFUSE by design to discuss immigration numbers. They need the stamp duty. They have deals and vested interests with foreign influences.

    Australia wake up. We are being run not by our own people, but by people who have been bought out at a price.

    Kick the lot of them out and get people in politics who truly care about the prosperity of our children instead of continually turning a blind eye to their current and future needs.

    It is way past time to get angry.

    • It’s happening. For the third time in history over 30% don’t want either party. The other two times led to the end of parties.

      It needs to get organised and make sure preferences don’t flow to them.

      That’s the job of people like Dick Smith, MacroBusiness and anyone else with a profile able to push this.

    • I’m voting with my feet and will leave the country for good in due course.
      Even as a young high income earner, I don’t see much of a future for me or my children here.

      • I hope some seriously wealthy people with political influence take note Michael.
        Your story is one of many.
        High skilled Aussies leaving a growingly backward country for better things abroad.
        Good luck to you and I hope things here can change.
        I only think it will when we have true Australians in politics who cannot be bought and put Australian children first .
        The brain drain in Australia will continue especially now that the US has dropped its tax rates.
        My wife and I with our kids will vote with our feet too once my wife’s baby boomer parents are 6 feet under. It’s the only reason we are staying.

      • Thinking NZ (not Auckland) at this stage.
        Although it suffers from some of the same problems as Australia, seems the current government and their MMP system should hopefully keep things in check. I certainly expect a lot of recent migrants to NZ to use the backdoor to Australia, further increasing quality of life in NZ.
        If NZ doesn’t work out, Switzerland where my niche field is in big demand appeals due to their direct democracy system, although I’m probably too old (35) to learn another language (not to mention culture).
        If I decided to stay in Australia I would probably move to SA or TAS longer term.

    • Here here Steernorth! Unfortunately this is all working to plan as part of the globalist agenda. It’s time we all vote by not voting!

      • Not voting hands a vote straight to the incumbent. We need to turn up and vote, leaving them dead last below the line

  3. FROM HERE WITH CONSTRUCTION COSTS AT A PEAK, AND WITH CHINA’S CONTINUING CONSTRCTION BOLSTERING THOSE CONSTRUCTION COSTS GOING FORWARD (ie their and Singapore’s CBs leading in liquidity-pump-priming) WE. HAVE. STAGFLATION. FOR THE REST OF US OVER THE MEDIUM TERM. So if China construction is hedging any erstwhile fall in housing costs, why do we need to add more unecessary pain by continuing high immigration (+++ from student visas)? The answer of course is that once a policy is set !!! you never ever ever ever … to the point of absolute benign stupidity … CHANGE.

  4. I’ll be sending my son to a university in another country, hopefully he’ll find employment in the US or Europe. Australia will be 3rd world by then and i’ll be just like all those indian and chinese parents sending their kids here….cannot believe this is happening to Australia

  5. Interesting how Australia has dropped in standard of living in lockstep with a growing population. Who would have known?
    This is all by design people.
    Notice how our infrastructure is crumbling and the government (both ALP and LNP) continue to cram more people into our cities via high immigration. Notice how they conveniently distract us on major issues like overpopulation by consuming the air time with marriage equality and sweet fook all else.
    Put both major parties last when voting and make sure no preferences go to them.
    The ALP and LNP have both signed up for a Big Australia. They both refuse to let the people decide on immigration and population numbers. They do this by design.
    Stop this rot Australia.
    Stop letting them call you racist.
    Stop being dictated to by people who have been bought.
    Think of your children.
    Otherwise Australia will be Third World in our children’s lifetime.
    Do something about it instead of being paralysed by indecision.
    Advocate for your kids.

    • Spot on. If you also make sure to put the incumbent last of all, especially in marginal seats, you can do even more damage to the major parties and encourage their politicians to break ranks.

  6. Stop politicians getting away with this. Over the past 30 years, the level of integrity in our politicians has sunk to new lows, and continues to spiral downwards. It is all about the SELF, and not to SERVE.
    Start understanding political true agendas. Overpopulation is diluting our way of life. This is not racist. This is fact. They shop us having a voice. Do we need to stop them. Throw them out of office and get people who understand that our local people come first. Not last. First. Freeze immigration right now. We need to fix our problems first before any more people come. We have overpriced housing attributed to overpopulation. We have crumbling infrastructure due to overpopulation. We have overpopulated schools due to overpopulation. We have ridiculous waiting lists in hospitals due to overpopulation. We have a huge foreign debt that cannot be fixed via more people. We have a crippling social welfare bill being increasingly burdened by overpopulation. We have youth increasingly feeling disengaged and disconnected due to overpopulation and increasing levels of competition in the workplace. Etc etc etc. Any caring and responsible Australian can see this. Our politicians can see this but REGUSE to act in the interests of us … Australians… they have been bought.
    Get people into politics who cannot be bought but are prepared to fight for our kids.

  7. Nothing changes unless …….
    Those 30% leaning away from the major parties all need to lean the same way, which they aren’t.
    You get a simple structured message out. At the moment there’s too many technical points to it, and differing angles. Three word slogans work …….unfortunately. KISS
    Engage the the uninterested. The number of people uninterested and/or unknowing about politics is significant.
    Get funding. It’ll take money……’s gotta be prime time. Mid morning doesn’t cut through.
    There will be negative economic argument, be prepared for it !
    You don’t have to convince many on this forum about the problem…….

    • True. Start by telling Australian kids they’re being conned, tricked and scammed. That won’t sit well for them and would hopefully make them pay attention. If they start to question the integrity of the lying Greens, it’s all over. Population growth will be debated and addressed.

  8. Anyone else noticed that the bulk of staff working frontline in Woolworths are Indian? Just as the shift managers and store managers are more more likely to be Indian. Indians recruiting their own, putting their own on shifts?

    Surely it’s not just me noticing this?

    • Yes it’s rampant, the whole local trucking industry in Sydney is Indians employing Indians, but that’s not racist

  9. Nuthun’s gonna happen to those prick politicians who are all for up-ending any culture we have left. Nuthin happens till there is proper pitchforking. Just a slow decline in living standards over the next few decades.
    Yoos gotta act eh!