China’s silent invasion of Australia exposed

A nice podcast here from The Jolly Swagmen on Chinese Communist Party influence Downunder:

James Leibold is a deep expert in Chinese history and society. Educated in the US, he is now an Associate Professor at La Trobe University. He is well known for speaking out against the Chinese Communist Party’s covert influence on Australian politics and culture.

In this episode, we ask: Precisely how far does the CCP’s influence extend into Australia? What are its aims? And which, if any, practical steps can Australia take to ensure we set our own course for the future?

She’ll be right.


  1. I noticed that Malcolm was back in Beijing yesterday, I can’t understand why John Alexander was with him, thought he’d be campaigning in Bennelong

    • Is it more important to pay attention to the voters or others? Just kidding. That is a profoundly ridiculous question to ask.

    • Ah the irony, Alexander was expelled for being British, but his future will be decided by the Chinese in Epping and Eastwood, and his Labor oponent was born in the USA and is in the pay of CCP-linked Chinese developers.

      You couldn’t make this sh*t up.

    • ErmingtonPlumbing

      “I can’t understand why John Alexander was with him,”

      Maybe if John sells his soul to the right CCP officials, then they will order all those Chinese in Eastwood and Epping to Vote for him.

      • Nope, they are in bag for Labor.
        Australia’s foreign policy under this government is not to Beijing’s liking.
        South China Sea, The Quad (japan, Australia, India, US) are areas where Oz has pissed Beijing off.

        Labor will reverse all of these stances in power and sign up to One Belt One Road + other China friendly arrangements under its ‘FutureAsia’ policy. Beijing is salivating about a Labor government and will help Keneally in Bennelong deliver one.

    • No surprises here. The Chinese of CCP era know Australian politics well. They will blame refugees for all issues whenever they have a chance to air their grievances, diverting the attention away from them – who really are the causes of some of the issues facing Australia today. Watch do-nothing will raise refugee issue as the by-election in Bennelong intensifies.

  2. Lol invasion is what Anglos did to China during the opium wars, it’s what Anglos did the native population of Australia, the Americas and New Zealand.

    I wouldn’t call this an invasion, more like elite political establishment selling Australia out. I really doubt this so called James character is an expert in China. The first qualifier is a fail where he tries to separate Chinese Government from Chinese people. Total fail. Try again.

  3. Australia took a series of DELIBERATE decisions decades ago, and ongoing, to abandon sovereignty in EVERY way. The hysterics over Chinese influence is some sort of xenophobic sideshow so that nobody looks at the real issues.

    • Exactly, and still doing so.
      eg. Why would Chinese interests be willing to bankroll Adanis’ Carmichael venture when no banks would touch a dud coal mine?
      I would suggest it has little to do with coal, but gives unlimited water supplies to Darling Downs property for 60 years, ably abetted by ex ALP insider Cameron M.

  4. The Horrible Scott Morrison MP

    I continue to make foreign investment decisions without any undue influence. Now, as its nearly lunchtime, I’m off to grab some Kung Pow Chicken and a Yingyangkuaixian.

  5. Anyone who is a member of the Chinese Communist Party, or any Chinese Communist Party Party institution in Australia should be required to register as a foreign agent. Australia should not allow dual citizenship for Chinese nationals.

  6. Well with open border policies, foreign donations are rather moot. Chinese are busy recolonising this soil – they know it, I am on a forum where Chinese nationalists even talk about, we should stop pretending otherwise.