Australian jobs boomlet continues

ABS jobs for September are out and the boomlet continues:

  • Employment increased 19,800 to 12,290,200. Full-time employment increased 6,100 to 8,398,200 and part-time employment increased 13,700 to 3,892,000.
  • Unemployment decreased 11,800 to 711,500. The number of unemployed persons looking for full-time work decreased 10,600 to 487,100 and the number of unemployed persons only looking for part-time work decreased 1,200 to 224,400.
  • Unemployment rate decreased 0.1 pts to 5.5%.
  • Participation remained steady at 65.2%.
  • Monthly hours worked in all jobs increased 11.2 million hours (0.7%) to 1,718.2 million hours.

Nothing wrong with that.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. not many people with disposable cash around at the moment.
    Zero chance of wage negotiation in private enterprise, zero chance of government positions (excluding the use of knee pads and harvey weinstein-esq line managers.
    Where are all these jobs appearing?

    • Fuj
      There’s 2500 people per week coming to melb
      There’s no slow down in Melb. property is still very strong and there remains very high confidence here in MEXICO

      • yep it seems to be having the desired effect – underemployment and avg hours worked are not growing but they aren’t falling anymore

    • Yeah, there’s a bit of a disconnect with other stats released by Anglicare today:
      * For every entry-level job, there are 4.8 applicants.
      * Job-seekers report going months without getting interviews
      * 1.1 million people are underemployed, an increase of 66,000 from last year

      The ABS has lost a bit of credibility after their census screw-up. Anglicare probably wants to make the problem sound worse than it is – not sure which side to believe.

      • +1 … this is what I can’t understand.
        – Young people are finding it hard to get jobs
        – Immigration is going ballistic
        – the car industry is going

        YET our unemployment is defying all that and more …. WTF

        Comment on Twitter: Perhaps don’t get too used to Australia’s 3.1% y/y jobs growth – it equates to US non-farm payrolls surging 379k each month, 4.5mn y/y

  2. This is all good but Australia is very reliant on China and if they slow next year it won’t be hard to reverse 6,000 full time jobs especially as HH debt continues to deleverage
    We need to have a look at the numbers in October next year

    Bloxo just said on sky news that this number says there is now zero chance of any further RBA cuts…….

    • YOu cant trust the numbers they just pull em outa the sky.
      my call is this is a hoax by the banks to make the joint appear to be doing well to raise teh rates
      I can tell you it aint doing well at all,
      Read the article on pensioners gassed

  3. The ABS figures are not credible. Then do a daily search on employment sites and the volume isn’t there.