Sustainable Australia seeks NSW registration, Upper House seat

Sustainable Australia (SA) is an independent federally registered party. Over one million Australians voted for SA in their top six Senate choices in the 2016 federal election. SA are now using this momentum to launch a State party in NSW.

If SA reaches 750 NSW members within the next six weeks, President William Bourke is confident they can win a seat in the Upper House (Legislative Council) in the next State Election.

The normal quota for an Upper House seat is 4.5%. However, the final ‘last candidate standing’ seat (quota) can go for as little as 2-2.5% of vote (primary vote plus preferences). In the North Sydney by-election the party secured a 2.9% primary and 6.5% after preferences.

The party campaigns on secure jobs, affordable housing, better planning and a sustainable environment – and as part of this agenda, is the only sensible, centrist party calling for lower annual immigration of 70,000 per annum.

For a short time the party is offering a free membership option in NSW.

More information is available here:

If you live in NSW, please consider signing-up.

The party will also crank up its efforts to register for next year’s Victorian election in coming months.

Disclosure: Leith van Onselen and Cameron Murray are SA members.


  1. macrofishMEMBER

    Disclosure: Leith van Onselen and Cameron Murray are SA members.

    What about everyone else.

    • Yes, I joined (am in Victoria) as they’re the only party that had a range of sensible policies (at least for me). With regard to population, they’re the opposite of those global socialist, open borders Greens (re comment below). A high profile candidate like Dick Smith might garner more publicity, but even without that hopefully their policies will see an increase in support anyway. Great to hear of people trying to fix the ALP, but it seems they’re a bunch of sellouts to the Keating New Labour myths and spend too much effort on SJW issues (fine once the standard of living issues are sorted), and a return to traditional values (to quote the Coodabeens) just won’t happen.

  2. I’m still thinking about joining the Liberal Party so I can help de-preselect my local Member, Tony Abbott.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Don’t do it Jay!,…the Libs will always be owned by, up their own arseholes, private school Nob jockies, like Abbott,….cut him down and another will just grow in his place.
      A radically reformed Labor party is the Only Possible Solution for the salvation of our political system!!!,…IMHO.

      Of course,…I am only a dumb sh#t plumber and I acknowledge I could be completely wrong!

      So, if you think I am,.. .then join SAP instead people,…having a little sook on the pages of MB is not enough,…you have to join and Participate!

      I’d join Both if I was allowed,…but your not.
      If ya do join both,… don’t tell anyone about it.

      • don’t understand how SA doesn’t have more appeal to you then Labor – As long as Shorten, Wong and Plibersek are there the party is simply as big a wasteland of wankers as the LNP

      • Labor will always get a lot of votes. SA will be lucky to ever get a seat let alone any real power. If the WA Labor Premier is any reflection on what’s possible Ermington could be on to something. He said to the Federal government that he wants out of the 457 fest. I’m not sure about any details or if that will actually have any results. Could’ve been just dog whistling.

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        On what grounds do you think the rank and file of any party, has, to challenge the direction the leader ship of that party takes Alby?
        Look at the way Hanson talks about “Her Party”, she owns it,…and she kinda does,…she is part of the brand and ownership of that brand,…I suspect SAP is the same.

        All Instutions, including political parties, are susceptible to infiltration and courption by the Ambitious and psychopathic.
        So why do I choose Labor?
        Because there at least exists a History a Tradition and a Duty, to serve Working people with in the ALP,…and when the leadership fails to do so,…I like the fact, a Rank and file member can call them out for it and say, What the fu#k do you think, you are doing!
        You are not following the ethos of the Party!

        Of cource it is all a Numbers game,…in all the Parties,…so don’t get the shits that those few who actually do turn up,..end up setting the agenda of “Your party”,…sooking on the pages of MB and Facebook is not enough.

        Having said all the above, I would like to express a feeling of Solidarity towards the SAP after reading the words of SAP numbers man and future Senator, Leith Van Onselen, on the lucy Turnbull post,

        “This is why it is time for Sydney’s working classes to rise up against the deliberate mass immigration that is adding to competition in the labour market, driving-up housing costs, and lowering overall livability, all for the benefit of the wealthy elite.”

        SAP/ALP Coalition Government?

      • Ironically I think his own changes to the way candidates get pre-selected makes it worth joining (however temporarily).

        I just hope my kids never find out.

  3. Did they really get 1 million votes!

    What is the demography like in North Sydney? I would have thought that areas of high unemployment and overcrowding is their best bet.

    • run to the hillsMEMBER

      I live in North Sydney and voted for SA in the by-election. If not for this blog I would never have even considered voting for them. I’ve always been a Labor voter but like many others are fed up with them.

    • They also had a person handing out leaflets at Milson’s Point station on a number of days – no doubt that raised awareness.

  4. Imagine how many votes they would get if they had a name that didn’t immediately turn half the population off cos people think they are just tree huggers or something!

    I’ll join though as I know they are not just tree lovers!

  5. I’ll keep voting for them but how are they going to lift their profile? Also do most people think they are an environmental party (which thanks to the greens means big Australia)?

  6. Lenny Hayes for PMMEMBER

    Leith can you fix up my subscription please. I paid for a membership on the 25th but still locked out.

    Emails to the generic address have gone unanswered to date.

  7. SA should have a crack at the SA Upper House (election next year). You don’t even need 4.5%- one party (Dignity for Disabily) got in for an 8 year term with less than 2% and the candidate was already dead!

      • Ok, I clicked on “education” and the word visa is missing. But on the side is a live feed from Twitter saying a sensible thing about how the minimum wage on the 457 visa is shockingly low:

        That indicates the SAP would either put a $100k tax on each 457 visa and thereby raise the salary floor or SAP would ask bosses to pay 457 visa staff a $130k salary – A request that many bosses will not comply with.

        The 2 measures are not mutually exclusive – as the $100k fee can be offset by any income tax that the “skilled” worker pays.

        The party seems great – I voted for them on 2 July 2016. They might want to change their slogan from “not bigger” to “cut immigration”.

  8. reusachtigeMEMBER

    They need to rename themselves The Australian Nationalist Front so as to get more votes!

    • Yes!

      Instead of Sus Stains Australia.

      William Bourke may have got sus stains on his clothes while attending a relations party – but that does not mean he should name his political party that! Geez.

  9. I already joined the Affordable Housing Party… these 2 parties should join together… Sustainability and affordability. 🙂 Reusa would hate it.

  10. I never knew you could give out free membership for one to establish a political party, that opens possibilities….thinking about one right now.
    Personally I think Mr Bourke comes across like Mr Peter Dutton. Stir no excitement in the electorate. Who?
    But the very best of luck on your endeavors.