RBA drunk on the job

Via News:

TAXPAYERS have been slugged a $166,000 booze bill over the last three years racked up by bankers at the Reserve Bank of Australia — the organisation in charge of the country’s fiscal responsibility.

They quaffed two dozen bottles of 2012 Penfolds Bin 389 cabernet shiraz — valued at $75 each — and bought 157 cartons of James Squire Pale Ale in one hit.

RBA staff also bought 2952 bottles of Coopers Ale and 3336 bottles of James Boag Premium Lager — costing the taxpayer $11,600.

The information was discovered through a Freedom of Information request by the Daily Telegraph which revealed bankers had drunk $47,000 of booze on the taxpayer’s dime in the last 12 months.

The RBA said it was commonplace for workers to crack a wine after “finishing a big project” or when entertaining guests.

The bank — which is in charge of the country’s monitory policies — also hosts “functions” where alcohol is “procured” for staff to drink.

That explains a lot.


  1. sydboy007MEMBER

    Except for the expensive wine I don’t see a problem. My company has end of the moth drinks and pizza. It’s a good way to get everyone interacting and talking outside your usual team.

    This is a bit like the opposition commissioning about the cost of coffee at nbn

      • And even if it doesn’t – it’s not taxpayer money… unless it is…. Shit man – I don’t know anymore these days, with all this rent-seeking everywhere – who’s money is it after all?

      • Between seignorage and its usually well timed actions in AUD market the RBA nearly always makes money and delivers a dividend to the Treasury every year. The alcohol cost given the number of staff is not unreasonable especially since they earn it and have high calibre staff that they want and need to retain. This story is a beat up and more disappointing clickbait from MB.

      • Actually, most public servants will be outraged by this too. Most government departments are pressed for cash and rightfully would never allow public funds to be used for alcohol. Even Xmas lunches are paid for by each employee.

    • The RBA would be a pretty small body. What they do is important, but also looks like the sort of thing an algorithm could do (take inputs about wages, inflation etc, determine direction of interest rate). So no, $166k over 3 years is ridiculous

      • The RBA isn’t exactly a small body – it has 1,255 employees. At least do a modicum of research before making claims.

      • Hi Jason, I did. Check my other post. 1255 is small. I made my post at 9:37am, you made yours at 12:22pm. At least do a modicum of research before telling other people to do a modicum of research.

  2. You can do whatever you want with your money not with mine. Especially when you are fucking my children’s future.

  3. proofreadersMEMBER

    “That explains a lot.”

    At the same, they are celebrating their rape of savers? Presumably, they quaffed a few bottles of red when that inconvenient truth (the homeless camp) was moved on recently.

    • Yeah how many Aldi tents can you buy with $166,000?Ask for further discount for large purchase and pay cash from all the bucks laundered through their mates at CBA.
      RBA drink bill could house a generation of the useless youth (those without rich folk) unemployed & homeless.There’s plenty of room out bush to pitch a tent, throw in a charity water bore, (that will put an end to the bullshit CEO charity sleepout.) The cheaper land not yet sold to a SEO / CCP is mostly scrub and will require residents to actively search for firewood for natural heating. They can also boil the billy. A work for the dole scheme except it is literally a piece of fabric over your head, no more gas & electricity subsides and plenty of energy left over for the immigrants and rich in actual houses to stay warm and hot watered. Home Work for Water and Warmth! I just know there is a great acronym in the to sell it. Govt could pay their fave design team a million bucks to find it.
      Some charity minded rich wife with plenty of time on her hands could create a charity with her hipster son and daughter collecting food scrap or leftover animal feed to throw out to the tent city after visiting their new rich Chinese friends at their fertile food and wine producing estate. All round feel good. The hipster son could hand out loyalty cards for a much needed beard trim. Can I get a job in government. Mistress of housing??

  4. One is only guessing but Captain Glenn’s Baptist beliefs would probably mean that a mere tincture or two would be his limit. Does that mean the large consumption figures are concentrated amongst even fewer takers?

  5. How many staff do they employ and how’s it look per person? Two Fra’s of fk all l think.
    Bigger issue would be what do the top 4 spend on lunches etc for these guys, gaining privileged info etc, at our expense?

    • 1255 staff. Assuming they are all equal drinkers, ~$45 p.a on alcohol. But we all damned well know that you never get anywhere near 50% staff participation in ‘happy hour’ stuff.

      • must be a sht load of non drinkers?
        $45/40 weeks in the yr, = 1 beer every 3 weeks,
        plus the 400 beers the top 4 banks feed each of them annualy for info,
        Put the sign up boys, NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH

  6. Agree with above comments! Maybe if they were actually doing a good job and weren’t fucking us in the backside.

    • Yep. And even then, you get a good drop of Penfolds for a helluva lot less than $75 a pop. Greedy bastards.

      • Nothing but the best for me, bitches! Can’t tell shit from clay, but sure as hell a $75 bottle of wine is better than the same bottle retailing for $35… isn’t it?

  7. RUI – Regulating Under the Influence… If the Chaser would be what it once has been (before it turned SJW) they’d dress up as police, show up on RBA’s steps and ask the fuckers entering the building to blow – RBT style.

    And while they’re there – why not get them to spit in a drug pouch… see how many get high…

  8. The grog consumed by the RBA is not the problem.

    What is a problem that despite generous consumption of truth serum we still hear very very little about differences of opinion within the organisation.

    While recruitment of obedient minions is likely the HR strategy at least a few independent thinkers will slip through the net and surely after a beer or two they express a view or two that is inconsistent with the dribble that has passes for routine RBA Communications and speeches.

    Rather than maintain some idiotic single line consistent with a highly specific and increasingly discredited view of the role of private banks in the monetary system it is time the public paying the bills are provided with the full range of research and debate within the RBA.

    And no providing it on the hush hush to Treasury and our bought and sold political class is NOT good enough.

    Release it to the public right now.

    Of course if there is nothing to be released because group think, brain dead consensus or reflecting back to the boss what the boss just said is all the RBA is good for then we should shut the place down right now and hand its responsibilities back to Treasury.

    I will drink to that.

  9. Like pigs at the trough… just shows you how out of touch these grubs are! If the only criteria is completing the project that you are already being paid to complete, then sign me up to this junket.

  10. Compared to $122m for non binding optional postal vote to ask if we think we should treat everyone equal???
    Also still less than Bronnies choppers yes?
    Pass me a bottle…

  11. 1,255 employees. That’s $44 (roughly a carton) per employee per year. Not exactly ‘drunk on the job’, unless you have the constitution of a fairy.

  12. The sooner money creation is taken away from the current criminals in charge, the better. The end game for fiat currency is upon us, it’s a matter of time. When it collapses there is already a nice alternative which is outside their control.