Population ponzi overruns thin blue line

Via the Herald Sun:

SOME of the state’s most senior police officers are warning of a looming crime crisis as NSW now has the lowest number of police officers compared to population of any major state in Australia.

It can today be revealed there are just 215 cops for every 100,000 people across the state. In Victoria, there are 222 cops and in South Australia there are 275.

Frontline policing across all six NSW regions has fallen by more than 1000 officers since 2011-12. And the Police Association says the state needs at least extra 247 cops every year just to keep up with population growth.

“We have the lowest number of cops, relatively, in the country and are constantly being asked to do more with less,” association president Scott Weber said. “We need more cops so we can go forward — not backward.”

Senior police told The Daily Telegraph more than 600 officers had simply “vanished’’ from “walking the beat” in recent years.

“Where they have gone I honestly have no idea, but they are not on the streets,’’ one senior cop said.

Senior police also told The Daily Telegraph that resources are taken up “babysitting’’ juveniles because of a lack of Family and Community Services department workers. FACS doesn’t have case workers who can be called out after 5pm unless it’s considered an emergency.

“We are picking up the slack of a lot of other government agencies,” a top cop said.

The Victorian Police Association warned NSW is heading down the same path its state did — leading to a spike in street crime. The increase in crime prompted the Victorian government to boost police numbers by 2022 and give it the biggest force in the country.

“We’ve seen what happens in Victoria when police numbers stagnate. It provides fertile soil for crime to flourish,” Police Association of Victoria secretary Wayne Gatt said.

Just import more police!

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  1. Uranium GeoMEMBER

    457 visas for police, yes please! /SARC

    Seriously though this is what the submarine squadron was doing before I left for Royal Navy members. The problem was they were all verging on retirement age just doing their time to get citizenship and not wanting to go to sea.

    • Never heard of a more rookie suggestion.
      1. Privatise the Police force and sell the suckerciting greater efficiency.
      1a. Use the proceeds to pay for cutting the business tax.
      2. Allow the privatised police force greater autonomy, at some point to make their own rules up.
      3. Allow said privatised police force to utilise 457 visas.
      4. Pass laws to make it illegal to be a renter.

  2. adelaide_economist

    Just import more police!

    How do you think SA got so many police per capita? Plenty of english bobbies patrolling the streets of Adelaide up until recently although I think the attrition rate was/is massive. Maybe they don’t like carrying guns. I have heard many of them end up changing jobs fairly quickly so I guess in the end it’s just another migration scam albeit a slightly less ridiculous one than most of the others.

      • Couldn’t agree more. They just kill the bad guys, or anyone suspected of being such. No questions asked.

        Just think of the savings in judicial proceedings, jail costs etc. Splendid idea!

      • Assuming we keep importing vibrants to make lakemba more diverse, our only option may be to import police from the Philippines. You know, cause they have the right skill-set.

  3. Maybe we could have some religious police to help.

    That would also help curb morally poor behavior.

    I think in addition to guns, they should be equipped with canes. And they could be sourced from the local communities, to build trust with the youth at risk of hanging out with the wrong people.

    • Lol lifestyle police! More Tony clones?

      Do they adopt the spray and prey style when they use their firearms?

  4. Josh MoorreesMEMBER

    Could decriminalise drugs and cut away what is probably their biggest use of man power and funding, not to mention closing a few prisons around the place filled with non violent drug users. But can’t have that.

    • No of course not, drugs are bad mmmmkaayyyyy.. Actually some are and some are less so… but where to draw the line?

    • Crikey do that and you’re looking at reducing police numbers, even before you consider how much of the property crime out there is a secondary effect of keeping drugs illegal.
      Completely against what the Police Associations want.

    • lol… the police will start dropping like flies if you decrim drugs. You understand why drugs are a criminal issue right?

      Obviously some drugs are good, some are bad, and exciting things happen if you don’t take care. Drugs like coffee, nicotine and alcohol are legal. So, the question is, why are some illegal and others not. Keeping drugs illegal has relatively little to do with how good/bad they are. Sure some folks think drugs are illegal case they are bad for people with addictive personalities, but lets assume these people are idiots and ignore them.

      It has to do with the people who get into the drug trade. That is, the drug trade attracts people with low time preference (low IQ?) who may not have had the best family life growing up. Specifically, this means poorer racial subcultures with a family/community history of violence. But cause we are no longer racist, we can’t hang them, and we need solutions to help these communities.

      We also cannot say what is happening. Example: say muslims are more likely to be involved in the drug trade (per capita basis or whatever metric). But we cannot establish public policy on this inconvenient fact? So we pretend. We call the problem to be drugs and send more police to (insert-poor-racial-subgroup-here) neighborhoods. This is also why there are more drug squad folks in Sydney’s west as opposed to the east or north shore.

      Thought experiment: If we made cocaine legal, and coffee illegal, would we still have a drug problem? Absolutely. Think about it this way. Bad people gravitate towards illegal activities, including drugs. When said ‘bad-people’ hang out in poor neighborhoods, talking to local kids, moms and community folks want them arrested and moved away from kids. We need a reason to bust them, hence drug laws.

      • Thought experiment: If we made cocaine legal, and coffee illegal, would we still have a drug problem?

        Thought experiment: if brussels sprouts were made an illegal drug, would there be a widespread thriving and violent black market for brussels sprouts ?

        Portugal’s resounding (and unsurprising) success demonstrates why decriminalisation is the best path for harm minimisation.

      • thought experiment: if stupidity were a crime, could we have drsmithy arrested?

        Drugs laws have limited relationship with the harm they cause. Why would you think that our drug laws are motivated by something like harm minimization? Obviously making drugs legal will reduce the harm drugs cause, because the drugs available will be of better quality etc etc.

        What I am saying is that drug laws have bugger all to do with the specific harm that drugs cause/don’t cause.

        edit: obviously, we should decrim drugs for the most part (community expectations can help set regulatory standards). Props to portugal for having common sense on this issue.

  5. Are graffiti vandals jailed for even one month?

    Singapore literally canes them.

    I went in a MEL train recently and the windows now have an anti vandal coating. 🙄 Not to mention, a lot of bus stops now provide no shelter from the rain – they used to be made of glass but vandals kept smashing them. 😠 Just give graffiti vandals a massive HECS debt and put them in jail for at least 1 month.

    Have more police on the beat but also punish vandals.

    • Have their parents take responsibility (maybe if only one needed to work to pay the bills, the other could do some parenting instead of some 18 yo foreign girl at a childcare centre), bring the strap back in school, offer them some hope on a career in their own country where we build stuff again, the chance to afford some shelter some day. You could write a book on where we went wrong.

      • Parents???

        What is the rate of single parent headed families in neighborhoods where one is more likely to find police concerns. Obviously, I’m an asshole, so we all know I’m talking about single moms. But they are brave, so brave, so clearly they cannot be the problem. We should help them.

        Now, lets enact three strikes laws, clearly the problem is that the damn kids think drugs are cool. Damn kids.

  6. sydboy007MEMBER

    keep an eye on the 457 visa categories. wouldn’t suprise me if the enterprising liberals worked out a way to bring in police that pay for the privilige. sort of like how becoming a police office works in much of asia. a plumb job in a high “crime” area should be worth in the 6 figures depending on what level of crime is deemed acceptable. can see on the spot “fines” becoming a booming business.

    • rob barrattMEMBER

      Fines have great potential. We need to import some Mexican police on 457s. In Mexico, when you get stopped and asked to pay a fine (or face court if it’s not fair and pay thousands – sound familiar?) the practice is called “La Mordida” – the bite. You accept the bite if you know what’s good for you. It’s quite irrelevant if you haven’t actually done anything.

      457s should be a breeze as they have already been used to demolish the IT industry here. Why pay an Australian when you can get an Indian at half the price. Same thing for McDonalds workers – Oh, but hang on, that was Bill Shorten’s Liberals…

  7. The next person to be carjacked, raped or murdered, can take solace in the fact that we are have a postal survey on same sex marriage.

  8. I’m thinking the next move is gated communities?
    Government doesn’t seem to give a sht.
    Place is becoming more like Bali everyday.

    • Land it too expensive. You don’t live in a security apartment? My bad, I thought I saw you at one of Reusa’s relations parties.

  9. innocent bystander

    I haven’t seen any stats, nor gone looking em, but Perth must be showing the way? all you need over there is a bit of west coast financial stress disease and crime will get a run on.
    locally petty crime – break-ins etc has gone a bit rampant.
    cops haven’t been able to slow it down.
    locals are trying to use social media to keep it at bay – reporting suspicious behaviour etc; but I suspect the local riff raff are also using social media and gargle maps etc to organise their jobs. there has been a few instances where it looked like drones were used to case some places.