NZ’s unprecedented immigration explosion

By Leith van Onselen

Statistics New Zealand has released its population estimates for the June quarter of 2016, which recorded an unprecedented population increase of 100,400 (2.1%) in the year to June, driven by a record high 72,300 net migration:

According to Statistics New Zealand:

“Our current net migration rate is high by New Zealand standards, but historically it has fluctuated more than other countries,” population statistics senior manager Peter Dolan said. “At the moment we’re experiencing rates similar to Australia’s in 2009.”

“Most migrants are arriving on short-term work and student visas,” Mr Dolan said. “However, many of them extend their visas, or transition to other visa types including residence visas. It makes sense to count long-term stayers as part of our population, rather than as short-term visitors.”

Separately, Statistics New Zealand also notes that the immigration explosion has increased the proportion of 15-39 year-olds in the population:

“Half of last year’s growth was in the 15–39 age group,” population statistics senior manager Peter Dolan said. “This reflects the contribution of migration to our population growth, with net migration of 50,000 among those aged 15–39 years.”

As a result of recent migration flows, the share of New Zealand’s population aged 15–39 years rose from 33 percent in 2013 to 34 percent in 2017. This is a reversal of the trend that saw the share drop from 41 percent in the mid-1980s.

The temporary demographic improvement is one of the key arguments used by boosters in favour of mass immigration. Of course, basic commonsense tells yo that these migrants will grow old and will add to the pool of ageing Kiwis in 30-years time, thus necessitating an even bigger immigration intake in the future to again ward off population ageing – an unsustainable proposition that amounts to little more than ‘ponzi demography’.

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  1. reusachtigeMEMBER

    It’s great to see that such an empty country like New Zealand is starting to gain a bit of population.

    • It’s great to see that such an empty country like New Zealand is starting to gain a bit of population.
      Their property investors are doing as well as or even better than ours. Perhaps the opportunity for some trans-Tasman seminars tied in with the Bledisloe Cup.

  2. Saint MatthewMEMBER

    “the immigration explosion has increased the proportion of 15-39 year-olds in the population” …. well that will have the local sheep worried.

  3. The conquistador Miguel López de Legazpi founded the Spanish Cebu in 1565, and later established Manila as the capital of the Philippines’ in 1571. And as we all know Don Quixote was Spanish, so could tom tate mayor of the gold coast be related. Maybe still have some of the Don’s genes.?
    Tom is off on an epic journey to China to rustle up some investment to keep the big ponzi which is the gold coast ticking over. I think he is tilting at windmills.
    Being a real estate promoter tt will have no idea of the real world. Growth in the real world is over.
    Deliberate population growth has been used to mask Australia’s economic weakness.
    Per capita income growth has stalled; income going to workers has fallen to record lows,
    Strayan workers are in the worst bargaining position they have been in since the last recession, the wage price index was growing at just 1.9%. pa.
    We’re in a permanent debt deflation. Every recovery since WW II has taken place with a higher level of debt. By 2008, the volume of debt was so high that it was absorbing all the economic growth. That’s was the start of the crisis. It is inevitable.
    The magic of compound interest means that interest grows and the debt accumulates.
    When you add in new money creation, debts grow faster than the economy.
    So the situation that existed in 2008 is worse today:
    Debt in almost every country is equal to the entire GDP, the entire national income.

    Now, if debt is equal to GDP and the interest rate on debt that people have to pay is 4%, then if economies only grow at 1 or 2% (as they are today), then ALL their economic growth has to be devoted to repaying the financial sector in interest payments.
    On interest alone – no repayments of principal. This is the phenomenon of debt deflation
    AND our Reserve Bank says 8 rises in 2 years are forecast
    Punters on the coast are disillusioned because their leaders do not to have the answers.
    Should we outsource the management of the coast to someone who knows what they are doing?

  4. It’s got amusement parks where you are liable to have a gruesome death. Because the employees don’t give a shit about your safety because they’ve been sold down the river by the ponzi.

    • I wonder about that.
      Perhaps by the time the first since the ramp up get citizenship, the trend will revert to normal with the new citizens going to AU. One can only hope!

  5. That’s 280,000 third world migrants stacked up in the NZ transit zone pending NZ residency who will then enter Australia on a special category visa. (SCV).

    Time to shut down the NZ back door Migrant trafficking rackets.
    The SCV is being exploited as a migrant trafficking loophole for Asians & Indians who would never pass the entry criteria for Australia to come in via NZ.
    Winston Peters – well known NZ politican. “New Zealand only sells two things – milk powder to the Chinese and NZ residency stamps to the third world so they can get into Australia”

    And that’s the truth of it.
    Over 80% of these migrants to New Zealand then exit to get into Australia full work rights etc – once they have the NZ residency stamp.

    The Australia/NZ special category visa should be restricted to Australian or NZ born only & over 18.
    It was for genuine free movement and work rights of Australians or New Zealanders – not a loophole tone exploited by the migrant trafficking syndicates.