NZ election boilover builds as housing and immigration turn tables

From Interest:

The Labour Party’s rise and the Green Party’s fall from grace has been reflected in the second major poll since Jacinda Ardern and Metiria Turei’s diverging fortunes caught political attention in recent weeks.

The latest 1 News Colmar Brunton poll alarmingly shows the Greens at 4.3% – below the 5% threshold needed to enter Parliament with no electorate seats. That’s an 11 point fall from three weeks ago.

Labour was up 13 points to 37%, with National down three at 44% and New Zealand First down one at 10%. The Opportunities Party remained on 2% and the Maori Party was up a point, also at 2%.

Just as the latest Three Reid Research poll indicated, Winston Peters’ New Zealand First remained in the Kingmaker position. 1 News reported the ‘undecided’ category was down seven points to 13%.

Meanwhile, Ardern and Prime Minister Bill English polled evenly at 30% in the preferred Prime Minister stakes.

The poll was of 1,007 and conducted between August 12 and 16. These polls typically have a margin of error of just over 3% – so the Green Party’s fortunes might not be as bad as the headline suggests.


With recent opinion polls suggesting Winston Peters will be king or queen maker after the September 23 election, the NZ First leader has announced that his party wants to increase the minimum wage to $20 an hour.

This would be done over three years, Peters said in a speech in Tauranga, and NZ First would also introduce a tax package for employers and businesses to negate their increased costs.

Interestingly Peters’ speech refers to his party’s confidence and supply agreement with the last Labour government between 2005 and 2008 that saw the minimum wage increased by $3 an hour.

“We insisted that the minimum wage go from $9 per hour to $12 progressively by 2008. That is the biggest rise ever in the shortest time ever in this country’s history,” Peters said.

Does this suggest that Peters may be leaning towards backing a Labour Party reinvigorated under new leader Jacinda Ardern? On the surface his minimum wage policy may sound more palatable to Labour than National. But Peters will no doubt keep us guessing up to, and probably beyond September 23.

Labour has an excellent housing platform that addresses both supply and demand with negative gearing reform, removal of urban growth boundaries plus bond financing for infrastructure. It is also intent on reducing immigration by around a third.

Winston Peters is clearly more oriented towards Labour given he backs both.

Canberra take note!


  1. Greens are getting shit canned because they won’t address immigration, just virtue signal like they do over here. Fools. Can’t see the forest for the trees. Which is why I won’t vote for them here (or given them a preferential vote anyway). It’s a shame because I would like to vote for them on many of their principals but just can’t bring myself to do it when immigration is killing our quality of life in the big cities.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Ha,..I was going to join the Greens back in the Early 2000s, but when reading through their policies on their website (NSW) was horrified to find that they proposed a moratorium on the development of ALL land within 1or 2 km of the Coast in NSW!
      I hadn’t purchased my Ermo house at the time (I rented it for 5 years first) and didn’t think Sydney was going to be an option for me,…but was cool with that as I wanted to live near the Surf and Coast anyway.
      This Greens policy was clearly going to make that a more expensive dream.
      But more Outrageously to me at the time, was the policy to ban all “Recreational Vehicles” from all National parks and beaches along the NSW coast!!!
      At that time Several mates and I had been spending years Surfing uncrowded waves between Hawks Nest and Seal Rocks, either going along all of the 50km+ of beaches or going part way through the Mayall lakes National park (old rutile miners track) to some of the more remote further up locations.
      I had been going to this area since my teens and my parents had moved up there in my 20s, during the half decade I owned this old 60 series LandCruiser, I had never felt more connected to a Place, the Aboriginals go on about,..I took great pride driving “first timers” into this area,..people were amazed, such a large tract of wilderness existed only several hours out of Sydney,…I felt like an environmentalist!
      But those fucken Green prick wanted to stop me, I never entertained the idea of supporting the greens again,…in fact I voted for Fishers and shooters party the next election and I don’t do either!
      The Greens are an insulated group of virtue signalling, inner city totalitarians, they can never be reformed and will always embrace a high degree of fuchwittery.

      As things turned out, parks and wildlife started to gate off and ban access to the old rutile miners track, but we would just go by beach, with a very hairy decent over the headland just north of Big Gibber onto Submarine beach then on to Yeagan and Seal Rocks.
      We got pulled over several times by rangers but only got fined once,..we would always be asked if we had seen the signage on the seal rocks side of entry, we always said no as we came along the beach from Hawks nest, but they stopped that to by putting in what I can only describe as tank traps, made out of vertically driven into the ground railway tracks, with horizontal lengths weilded on top, we had finnaly been shut out.
      When Complaining about this to a Ranger who had caught us , getting angry at these “Green pricks” he pulled me up and said it’s not “just” them,… its also an insurance company driven, duty of care thing, by minimising access, we minimise our potential liabilities. He gave some example of a 2 wheel drive vehicle getting stuck on the rutile miners track, during a bushfire.
      So even though the Greens aren’t fully to blame,…their constant, ban shit I don’t do and fuck everybody who doesn’t agree with me, Mentality,…is.

  2. “NZ First would also introduce a tax package for employers and businesses to negate their increased costs.”

    What increased costs? The belief that the unemployment rate going down slightly will cause hyperinflation is an absolute myth. Japan has 2.8% unemployment and deflation!

    I wonder what the New Zealand First policy on immigration was till 2008. Granted, I was not against immigration in 2008 because the unemployment rate steadily came down from 2001 till 2008.

    But now there are so many unemployed Aussies that NZ First should shut their open border with the 3rd world and import staff from AUS instead.


    Jacinda Ardern is the effective messenger and credible leader Labour needs to win. Generally the major issues (such as housing) have been in place for a very long time …

    Barry Soper: Jacinda Ardern eating Greens’ lunch – NZ Herald

    Labour has a lot to thank Metiria Turei for, going by the adulation the party faithful fawned on Jacinda Ardern at her campaign launch in Auckland.

    If Turei didn’t make the biggest miscalculation of her political life last month, Labour would have been turning out yesterday to hear Andrew Little kick off their campaign. … read more via gyperlink above …

    WATCH …

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    ‘Someone to love
    Somewhere to live
    Something to do
    Something to hope for’
    Jacinda Ardern … NZ Labour Leader

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  4. Where is the credible and independent research / analysis ? …

    Labour pledges to build a ‘golden triangle’ rapid rail network | The National Business Review

    Labour has promised to create a “golden triangle” rapid rail network to cater for the growing population in the Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga region.

    To support the first stage of its plan, Labour is committing $10 million of capital funding, with an additional $10 million of operational funding to be allocated over five years.

    A second and third stage of the plan could be on the cards too if it is justified by demand. If so, Labour leader Jacinda Ardern says the party would deliver passenger and freight services travelling up to 160km/h throughout the regions and south to Rotorua. … read more via hyperlink above …