The Mooch is gone as Trump deadlocks the Swamp

by Chris Becker

Is the civil war in the White House – bigger than the first one back in 1860 according to Trump – over with the dumping of freshly minted mini-me Anthony Scaramucchi? Was The Mooch sacrificed for the greater good by incoming Chief of Staff John Kelly? Does anyone want to work at Trump Hotel, DC?

I swear this stuff is as entertaining as Game of Thrones, but thankfully without the nudity.

More importantly, it puts even bigger roadblocks, that of distraction and lack of focus – and possible impeachment (wait until November 2018 for that card) – in front of key domestic fiscal and international policy. With an economy that requires desperate infrastructure investment and hotspots around the world that need leadership and calm diplomacy, the end of the “Survivor: White House” edition is needed quick smart.

By the way, two down already on that front cover!

Its not just the White House that can’t do anything but fight among itself, the Republican controlled Congress has been unable to pass its own healthcare package spending countless (actually nearly 400) hours debating itself into a corner. The bright side to this front stabbing of Obamacare is at least its encouraging some bipartisanship efforts to get the legislative roadblocks moving. From CNN:

A group of around 40 House Republicans and Democrats known as the Problem Solvers Caucus has endorsed an outline of ideas aimed at making urgent fixes to Obamacare. While there is no legislative text yet, members in the caucus are moving quickly to seize the defeat of a Senate bill last Friday to garner broader support for their proposals — and force the GOP to ditch its quest to gut the current health care law once and for all.

This is important news for Australian watchers because markets are not enjoying this continued chaos. The US dollar remains under pressure falling against Euro and other majors again last night marking the fifth straight month of decline.

About the same trajectory as Trump’s approval ratings…


  1. (a) it might be sooner than next year – the August eclipse looks very nasty for Don. (b) surely Mike Pence is the ultimate insurance policy? (c) neither matters, it won’t make any difference.

  2. “but thankfully without the nudity”

    President Trump nude? No thanks. His wife, on the other hand, is a whole different proposition.

  3. Ronin8317MEMBER

    John Kelly doesn’t know what he’s getting into. I don’t expect him to last long.

    The ‘Obamacare’ repeal act in the US House and Senate have defunding Planned Parenthood attached to it, which is why it’ll only be passed on party lines at best. No bi-partisianship possible as long as that clause is included.

  4. Jake GittesMEMBER

    There was an article a few days ago about TV writers on late night chat shows being disgruntled with Trump: he’s so dominant and so ridiculous that it’s hard to satirize the president, the White House, the administration. He’s making them redundant or maybe its another sign of automation taking over.

  5. casewithscience

    I quite like our american cousins, but I have only really met the ones from the north eastern areas. They are the most cultural, sophisticated and intelligent people (as a group) that I have met. The rest of the country must be a complete mess to balance them out.

      • The South will rise again! Yeeee-haw!

        You can’t really paint large groups of people with a broad brush, but there is a definite areas that have stigma and stereotype associated with them, i.e. inner city vs. suburbia, north vs. south, east vs west, and definitely, Texas vs. everywhere else.

        It was such a magnificent country, and has gone to the toilet, in my opinion, in the last 10 years or so.

    • The Traveling Wilbur

      You must have entered Canadia without realising! Got it.

  6. I haven’t watched the latest House of Cards.

    Between and I am in danger of popcorn starvation (like Rabbit starvation).

    Both sides of the greatest political drama in our lifetimes. NOMNOMNOM

    • While the key to satire is an element of believability, there is a line which “too believable to be funny”. This one crosses that line IMO.

      • Yeah… You gotta wonder though – these guys are so dysfunctional that they no longer see the world for what it is, but for what their own warped reality tells them it is…

        It’s actually incredibly hard to feel sorry for any of these empty shells, these human shipwrecks

  7. ChristopherMEMBER

    Technically The Mooch wasn’t even in the job yet, scheduled to start officially next week.

    The cynic in me thinks he was specifically bought in to shake things up and get Reince out without tainting his replacement?

    • Well – he can go into making condoms now… Because he has the experience of one: used and discarded

    • I feel sorry for the Mooch. Divorced the same day his wife had a newborn, and now he’s out of a job.

      Still, rocking that great hair and with $58million in the bank, plus a book deal probably or a reality show somewhere in the works…

      • Jake GittesMEMBER

        And a certain screen test when/if Scorsese does Goodfellas 2, or The Sopranos come back in a prequel, “The White House Days”.

      • I know you love this place, Chris, but here’s an interesting perspective:

        “On NPR yesterday I heard a commentator say that there are no longer any “washington insiders” in the trump team with the departure of flaccid penis. (NPR didn’t say flaccid penis, sadly)
        Mooch served his purpose. He said something differently insane to every staffer who might be leaking, and rancid penis leaked to the press immediately. By looking at what message was leaked, they confirmed the name of the leaker, and fired him.
        Mooch can now only be an impediment to the trump campaign because of the outburst required to find the moles. He will be moving on as always intended.
        This is a very basic mole hunting operation and anyone who watches spy movies should recognize it. This entire administration has a wonderful flair for theatrics that the swamp has simply never seen except in movies…”

        Is it true? Who knows. If it is, it wouldn’t be smart to broadcast. Could it be true? Yes. There is a certain air of plausibility about it.

        Popcorn either way.

      • @ Jack, his acting and look suits some crap 70’s or 80’s tv cop show. The Pooch could star in a remake of Starksy and Pooch; 21 Pooch Street; Miami Pooch; Pooch Street Blues or Hawaii Pooch-O.

  8. Can’t help but notice that the Trump cheerleaders on these boards seem to have gone into hiding now it’s evident he couldn’t organise a stampede at Walmart on Black Friday…

  9. How’s all this talk of the markets being nervous… They are nervous Trump agenda wont get done if anything, the rest is sideshow.
    Those tax cuts, repatriation of offshore funds, investment incentives are massively stimulation to the US economy.. The reason the market has rallied so hard is Trump.

    • alterbrainMEMBER

      Stimulation to the financialised part of the economy, but only that part. The tax cuts depended on a large transfer of wealth from poor and middle class to wealthy with end of ACA. Second order effect is inability to start small business without health care. Jobs have been going. Some in some out. The air conditioning company where Trump did a stand up about saving their jobs has sent some 600 jobs to Mexico since then. It’s all theatre.
      Longer term the collapse of US influence will have interesting trade implications. At least they still have their arms exports for now.

    • And none of that will happen either as he doesn’t have a clue on how to play politics. Expect a October downturn (or even earlier if the poo hits the fan earlier).

  10. Scaramucchi was a ringer brought in to get rid of that pubic guy so trump didn’t look like he was shafting the Republicans. He has done his job and is now gone.

    • It would look like that if it didn’t involve the Trump kiddies backing the Mooch fully. This has damaged them badly and has made the place look like a dogs breakfast.

    • Why could Mr Trump not just fire Reince Priebus without such theatre? It is not as if the GOP will see the departure of Priebus any more positively, if anything it will get their hackles up the way Priebus was humiliated (similar to reports that John Kelly thought of resigning in protest at the way James Comey was shown such disrespect by Trump).

      US media has been reporting for several months that Donald Trump has been wanting to sack Priebus but no-one from outside the administration wanted the gig. That Trump has had to cannibalise his cabinet to come up with a solution smacks of desperation. John Kelly was made for the job of boss of Homeland Security, but is a fish out of water trying to manage Trump and his team, he is a make-do.

      The reporting today is that Anthony Scaramoochi turned up for work on Monday fully expecting to keep his job. When Kelly had words with him that his behavior had not been acceptable, the Mooche fended him off by saying that the Mooche reports to the President not the Chief of Staff. It was at this point that Mr Kelly had Scaramoochi removed from the White House. If the whole Scaramoochi saga was pre-planned then it seems that no-one had told the Mooche about it.

  11. AlbyManglesMEMBER

    parochial view of the US, at least their leaders can serve a full term – we actually make the US look good

  12. Yesterday I was reading about the process of decline, the premise of the author was that both Growth and Decline are processes rather than events. If we accept this then it is hard to see Scaramucchi as anything but another step in the process of Decline.
    A nation that no longer has the capacity to lead the world has elected a leader that exemplifies this and demonstrates with every decision he makes that he is completely incapable of executing the job for which he has been elected. Could one have a clearer example of the process of decline. Layer upon layer of dysfunction is created, dysfunction builds up like a plaque, collecting on the arteries of commerce eventually we have a heart attack and everyone points to the cardiac event as the cause of death. In reality decline like growth is a process, and death much like life is more then just an event.
    I suspect Scaramucchi is just a necessary step in a necessary process.