Big Iron roars on

Dalian is up again today but looking a little tired as parcel limits kick in:

Big Iron ore still roaring:

Big Gas is outdoing oil:

Big Gold looks strong:

Terror Bank continues to under-perform:

And Big Liar to ignore reality, though MEA has faded (or that might be an uber-bullish “cup and handle” formation:

Finally, ASX looks a little better on the crap tracks:

When that symmetrical triangle breaks it’ll run one way or the other.

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  1. Got bored for 5 mins.

    16 flat aug, downup sept
    15 down aug, flat sept
    14 bitup aug, down sept
    13 bitup aug, bitup sept
    12 bitup aug, bitup sept
    11 bitdown aug, bitdown sept
    10 bitdown aug, bitup sept
    09 bitup aug, bitup sept
    08 flat aug, flat sept
    07 downup aug, up sept

    Subjective, but Sept looks to be, on average, an up month.