Crypto crash accelerates

When someone asks you about bitcoin at the Saturday soccer you know the bubble has reached some sort of peak:

The long term chart:

And the cause, if such things have causes. Via FT:


  1. Yep, that’s an ugly chart. A good criticism of bitcoin/cryptos is there are so many of them, there could be hundreds of cryptos in which case where’s the value… not sure. Like the concept however.

      • Relevant Stakeholder

        Gold has the issue of GLD, acts as a capital sink without a corresponding increase in price.

        Bitcoin has the issue of duplication.

        Finance wizards always seem to find a way to dilute the value of currency alternatives to fiat.

  2. [email protected]

    The world will never run out of idiots who want to believe there is an “easy” way to riches and you can actually “MINT” millionaires;

      • [email protected]

        You absolutely right Rubi, tulips had value! This is totally contrived worthless cyber nonsense intended to make their creators rich by skimming commissions off the back off total morons of this planet. You will be able to get really stinking rich by shorting this idiotism when its end is near.

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