MB Radio: Game of Mates

Upon the release of the new book ‘Game of Mates’ he has co authored with Paul Frijters about grey corruption and insider networks across a range of Australian economic sectors, Gunnamatta spoke with Cameron Murray about corruption, vested interest influence on political decisionmaking and resistance to public accountability and reform.  In a wide ranging discussion of about 45 minutes (in two parts) they cover the the key factors giving rise to a ‘game of mates’ and how they work in effect across a range of sectors – from banking and superannuation to real estate planning, public infrastructure provision, and education – and discuss how legislative and administrative processes become coerced, leading to regulatory capture, and imposing staggering costs on working Australians.

Go to gameofmates.com to get the book.


Part 1


Part 2

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  1. Some of the MB podcasts were quality a few years ago, y’all should get back into it, well enjoyable, even when everyone doesn’t agree.

    Need to work on normalisation though, necessary audio reality.

  2. Also get the feeling everyone will listen to Rumplestatskin once it’s too late.

    It’s very easy to point at shithouse economies and say “hey at least we aren’t them” rather than aiming for best practices.

  3. latenightguruMEMBER

    Had a listen, and there’s unfortunately an echo in Cameron’s voice that’s been captured in the recording, but not with Gunnamatta’s voice.. a valuable topic nonetheless

  4. Bought the book; next on the reading list for me. A great interview; young Cameron has done some sterling work; may he long continue enlightening us. Further interviews with him over time would be worthwhile, Gunna.

    • The left hand channel is stuffed – more obvious with the delay going on with Camerons recording between the left and the right channels. Ended up just listening to the right hand audio channel and is perfectly OK. Both channels is a headcase.

      Edit: content is outstanding/disturbing.

  5. Paddy Finucane

    Really good discussion. Good luck with the book

    As someone in Russia who knows Gunna and knows corruption all too well, its rather depressing. I’ve always had this Australia & New Zealand is a beacon reasonableness in a world gone to seed way of seeing things.

    The sound was OK for me – about what you’d expect off skype or viber unless you want to drape the office with blankets or something..

  6. Thanks Gunnamatta & Cameron, excellent podcast. Production quality neither here nor there for me, content is all that matters.

  7. Mining BoganMEMBER

    I’ve a feeling Rumples could be disappeared by those he offends.

    *waves at openly corrupt Straya*

  8. Government. The nexus for all corruption. The bigger government is, the more opportunities there are for the bent to profit.

  9. Game of mates — played the world over. Yes, it’s a big deal. Well done for raising the issue, however …

    Cam Murray: “… balanced budget myth (end of Part 2) … even when the government runs a deficit the ledger always balances because the government just issues treasury bonds …”

    Ho Lee Fuk — economic illiteracy alert! Living beyond your means is not a big deal because you “just issue treasury bonds”.
    Just … wow. It’s wonder UQ is ranked as high as 60th in the world when they teach garbage like that.

    So much good work ruined by Keynesian witchcraft.

    • Paddy Finucane

      Yeah but the bigger myth is the one about banks taking deposits and lending in relation.

      And what Cameron Murray said was in relation to the myth of money creation and balanced budget supporting the game of mates through creating pressure to outsource and pressure to not question how banks make money. Even if you dont buy the MMT money creation line the point about having ‘balanced budget’ is pernicious

      • Money is indeed ‘lent into existence’ via the magic of the fractional reserve system but your argument appears to be that because the banks deal largely in fake money that it makes it perfectly fine to fund government spending beyond its means? You’re saying then that the government concocts a myth about a balanced budget and uses that as justification to outsource services and privatise public assets?

        I confess I did struggle to follow your argument so correct me if I’m wrong.

  10. Ordered me book weeks ago. How does this not turn around < 3 days? Who do I have to bribe?

      • Ah, that was my mistake. I used fishpond.com.au

        Check this: ~6 weeks before I can complain!

        Tracking Status:
        Order Placed (03/05/2017, 7:50 PM)
        Shipped (09/05/2017, 6:38 PM)
        “Game of Mates” was dispatched on 9th May.

        Expect delivery between 18th May and 29th May. Please allow up to 8 working days before contacting us should your order fail to arrive.

  11. Who cares about sound quality, its pitchfork and flaming brand time!.
    Maybe even dust off the guillotine.