Yeh, but, would Adam Creighton vote for Pauline Le Pen?

From Adam Creighton today:

If I were French I would vote for Marine Le Pen in next week’s presidential election. Not to do so would be to endorse the political and economic elites that have sapped the life out of ­industry, put the Fifth Republic on track for bankruptcy, forced taxpayers to bail out parasitic banks, and left the country exposed to Islamist terrorism.

More of the same? No thanks. France’s global rank on Cato ­Institute’s annual Human Freedom Index, for instance, has dropped from 20th to 31st since 2008 (Australia is sixth).

All but the last allegation could be leveled against Australian elites too and if you’re Pauline Hanson fan you’ll no doubt believe that’s also a risk in Australia.

So, would Adam Creighton vote for Pauline Hanson and, by extension, would many other Australians that have no truck with her policies also do so because elites won’t stop the rent-seeking that has “sapped the life out of ­industry, put the [Aussie] Republic on track for bankruptcy, forced taxpayers to bail out parasitic banks”?


  1. “would many other Australians that have no truck with her policies also do so because elites won’t stop the rent-seeking”

    No they wouldn’t but many would/will vote for her to keep bashing Muslims, remove 18c, cut immigration and restrict it to christian ethos centric immigrants (that means whites). They will vote for her party just on these issues, regardless if ON economics policy belongs to the toilet.
    I know there are many polls that say the above issues are not the primary concerns of the average voter, that they are more concerned about economic matters, but there is a huge voter base that genuinely resents being ignored and labeled as deplorable or racist for caring about the above and that is what will keep her party alive for the foreseeable future.

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      It disturbs me how many People,… Friends, Family, Customers and associates are openly stating their intention to vote for her.

      I can not think of a single Politician,…more of a National embarrassment than her.
      Can anyone here Name One?

      • Just of the top of my head.. Not a complete list, just the first that come to mind.

        Gareth Evens, Christopher pine, Penny Wong, Tanya Pilberisk, Michcala Cash, Alexander downer, Kevin Rudd, Sarah Hanson Young…

      • Who has done more damage to our country – Pauline Hanson or Turnbul.


        She is a media scapegoat for both the left and the right.

        We have just had our national fibre broad band ripped out and replaced with copper in order for one person to profit.

        Man should be in jail – Pauline is a national hero compared to this bloke – and that is why people will vote for her – including Victorians.

        Scary – really, really scary – but that is what it takes.


    • I like her stance on Muslims, why would I want to import folk who belong to a cult which considers me to be a subhuman? Bit like asking black folk to welcome the KKK around for a block party.

  2. “” regardless if ON economics policy belongs to the toilet.””

    She doesn’t have a monopoly on that! (Mind you I admit that I don’t know what her economic policies are – I generally turn off after about 5 seconds of dribble coming out of any of them)

  3. the last allegation is relevant, its only because ASIO etc. have stopped a number of extremists so far that nothing too serious has happened. But sooner or later it will happen and there are plenty of extremists in this country to make it happen.

  4. Jake GittesMEMBER

    Cretin writing in the Australian typifies the Anglo version of France, one which Blyth ridicules.

  5. No. Pauline is for all the neoliberal policies furthered by the Australian elite bar immigration. She’s a Tony Abbott in drag.

    Le Pen had the cojones to condemn the USA missile strike in Syria.

  6. Le Pen’s vote is actually decreasing; She might not even make the second round by the end of the week. Turns out she is a week candidate. Not that Fillion or Hamon aren’t also incredible weak too, which is why the upstart of Macron is looking like he will end up as the consensus candidate of the non-National Front.
    The nightmare for mainstream voters will be Le Pen vs Melenchon, which polling suggest Melenchon will win (Submissive France is his parties name which could lend itself to so many jokes).

  7. Marine Le Pen – Daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, a Breton, and famous politician, her home was bombed as a small child in an attempted political assassination, she graduated as a lawyer with two masters degrees, she was on the Paris Bar, has spent over 20 years in politics in almost ever level of democracy.

    Pauline Hanson – Fish and Chip shop worker from Oxley Queensland.

    Seems like an entirely fair and reasonable comparison – so glad we don’t use the same brush to Tar everyone with and use well considered, nuanced and adult conversation.

    Up next – “Macrobusiness asks the hard questions – Is Pauline Hanson LITERALLY HITLER ?”

    Click here to find out.

  8. sydboy007MEMBER

    I don’t think it’s a particularly valid comparisson for what the French have been going through and what has been happening in Australia.

    You have the Eu actively hiding the fact they want their own army so as to not impact BREXIT.

    You have Germany flooding 2M+ economic migrants looking for life long handouts.

    You have a leader giving the voters a say on if they want to remain in or get out of the failing Euro experiment.

    If I was a living in France I’d be seriously looking at Le Penn. I can’t say I take Hanson nearly as seriously.

    The MSM has really uped the attacks on Le Penn and social media is actively suppressing anything positive about her. Just look at what they do with Trump. No visible positive comments on his twitter feed.

    hard men make good times. good times make weak men. weak men make bad times.

    All Hanson and Le Penn need to do, and I think Le Penn generally is there already, is to not talk about race or where a person is born, but rather just talk about a commonality of ideals and beliefs in how society should be. I’m not particularly interested in allowing people into the country who are not liberal in their outlook, who don’t believe in equality of the sexes, who don’t want to marginalise minorities, who want to bring with them regressive ways of life and impose them on others.

    • SydBoy, you are wrong on all counts and are simply spreading the same “propaganda” that the Downing Boys used during Brexit (only their peeve was against Eastern Europeans, go figure). The root cause is not the “failed EU experiment” or whatever other tin-foil dream you have imbibed from Infowars but a simple consequence of bombing the crap out of the middle East for 20 years plus the ripples of colonialism, and that responsability lies pretty much squarely on the US and it´s bunch of eyes (particularly the Brits). I would even add as well, that the French share at least part of the blame because of their empire building games in Africa and the ME, but lets keep it simple.

      “2 million refugees”, learn to add: about 900K in 2016, 370K in 2016. Acceptance rate is less than half even for Syrians, and those that are economic migrants much lower still. Yes, there was a big pulse, should they have been shot on arrival, or kept in some island prison until they died? Please explain your simple solution.

      “…looking for life long handouts” evidence that the less than 2million are looking for this.

      “…social media is actively suppressing anything positive about her. Just look at what they do with Trump.” There is nothing positive to say about her, period. Trump is more positive since he obviously has no problems with at least other religions (hello Jared) or ethnic groups and his Twitter rants are amusing. On the other hand the Le Pen family are a bunch Catholic-flavoured nutters. Listen to the grandaughter Márion and you get a feel that the “softness” is but a varnish that the mum has carefully crafted.

      “commonality of ideals and beliefs in how society should be.” Very few religions are for equality or have a humanist perspective (Quakers are excepted) and Christians don´t get to hitch their wagon on the Enlightment. There is no “commonality of ideals” between a modern, free, secular society and religion of any flavour, and I don´t intend to trade those achievements for a return to some “glory days”

  9. Pauline still hasn’t mentioned the simple numbers of immigrants nor Chinese buyers. I am far from convinced she is the real deal. If you’re in QLD it’s not really that much of a problem. Yet.