Essential demolishes Do-nothing poll bounce

This is more like what I  thought we’d see in Newspoll yesterday given woeful government performance:

erwgw 43 1

That’s pretty bloody bad.


  1. reusachtigeMEMBER

    It’s hilarious that no matter how rotten the libs are people think Labor aren’t that much better. To be honest, I can’t even remember who the Labor leader is, like most proper thinking Aussies I’d say.

      • thefatgeneralMEMBER

        My preference would be a tiered system whereby non members can only make comment in response to the article (i.e they can’t read comments – just make a response/reasoned reflection on the original article) with viewing of comments/ability to debate and argue being restricted to members. In my view the ability to read comments is essentially extra ‘content’ that is then a bonus for having membership – including extra material generated by non-members. This option would still allow those with insight (or humorous comments such as reusa’s) to write in their response.

      • Not a great idea, the comments are half the value of this site. Take them away from non-paying members and you’ll lose a lot of valuable commentary. Sure there is a lot of shit kickers but it comes with the territory.

      • boomengineeringMEMBER

        Sometimes Good idea’s come from the weirdest sources the greater the pool the more idea’s although more time consuming filtering out the rubbish.
        Don’t ban non members.

      • Most non-paying commentors add nothing, and just jam up the place with shilling. They certainly shouldn’t have little pictures next to their names.

      • Keep reus, so far he is the most accurate property forecaster on the site.
        If you wanted to hop along and ban a different non-member that could be a different story.

      • Do you not get advertising revenue from non members?

        Whenever I visit this website, there is an ad for Victoria’s Secret underwear on the right hand side.

        I have never purchased female undies, so I am not sure what possessed that mob to try and sell me Victoria’s Secret underwear for the last 4-8 weeks!

      • Dude i was a paying member here then my comments stopped showing up after trying to contact you lot several times over several months i thought f$ck it you lot dont deserve my money and cancelled my subscription, now you are going to stop non members posting now who will be left to post when the system goes tits up again and you cant work out how to fix it for six months?

      • Banning Reusachtige seems an inappropriate way to say thank you to your most popular contributor. Buy him a new car or introduce him to some young renters, as a reward for his HUGE contribution.

      • You should ban the non members. It takes a lot of time to admin what is said on the blog, and that is easier if only members can comment. And when you get industry reps trying to spread disinformation then at least you are getting paid by them.

      • Please keep the comments open to all. Reusachtige’s comments are pure gold… should be paying him.

      • blacktwin997MEMBER

        I reckon: Let all comment irrespective of paying membership status – otherwise we’re creating a micro version of a cashed up big business lobby group where unless you pay, you don’t have your comments read and appreciated or ridiculed as appropriate. And surely nobody wants that?

      • alterbrainMEMBER

        1. If you want to build the site build engagement. You can always ban the lunatic non payment fringe.
        2. There are people like me that paid but your system has said I cancelled and I’ve been trying to restore full access since October.
        3. I really found MB valuable and want to keep it in business, but it seems sometimes you have a death wish.

      • No, I like the way it is now. Ban non-members and you run the risk of becoming more of an echo chamber which is bad.
        Being able to identify members and non members is powerful in itself r.e. the trolls.
        There are some good non-member posts.

      • Terror Australis

        Seems like most of the nutbags on this site have memberships so i don’t think it would do much to return the quality of discourse to what it once was.

        Either way won’t make a difference to me since I usually just skim the MB headlines these days.

      • adelaide_economistMEMBER

        I think there are heaps of non-members who provide some really great comments so I would be sad to see them go and perhaps more pertinently it might also make MB less attractive to new viewers (and potential subscribers). On the other hand whether I eat or pay the bills doesn’t depend on those subscriptions so…

        One thing I do want to say though is that I’m surprised by people who have been long-term commenters claiming they won’t subscribe because they don’t see value in it. There’s no way you’d be coming back over and over again, and commenting, on a site that wasn’t providing you with something. Even if it’s just for entertainment value, it’s still providing a service.

        Finally, I also note the humour in seeing some of those who were demanding full-on censorship of others comments in recent times are themselves not members.

      • Let non-members read comments and comment. Otherwise they will never see a major chunk of the site’s value and will be less inclined to stick around (we want them to stick around, and hopefully pay up eventually).

        Identifying non-members and members (in the current way) is enough to minimise the impact of trolls.

      • Speaking of death spirals, banning non paying members from commenting would be one sure way to ensure a death spiral. Non paying members are already banned from commenting on the subscriber only articles, and comments on those stories already resembles a Chinese ghost city.

        Also, free articles are usually just repost of other articles, so it wouldn’t cost MB much other than bandwidth cost.

        Finally, you are worried about the quality of non paying members commenting, yet you refuse to put in an up vote and down vote button… Comments should be judged on the quality, not whether someone has paid.

      • It’s your site and your business. It’s difficult to make money in the online publication business (see: reddit). It’s worth considering whether it will mean membership becomes a higher net value proposition in sum (for both existing members and non-members). It might, it might not. However, there are a few untapped and less risky moves you could make to increase membership value:

        – Increase the frequency of fully paywalled articles
        – Overhaul the commenting system. Despite it’s currently awful state, it still accounts for about half the site’s value. And the value comes more from reading comments than writing them.

        Suggestions on the commenting system:

        – Allow comment nesting past the third level. Conversations become incoherent and are hard to sustain once you hit max depth level.
        – Have a page in the user accounts area that allows users to see links to their old comment histories, and notifications if there are any new replies. Go look at reddit for a good example of how to do it.
        – Again, similar to reddit, implement up and down voting. This will reduce the time you have to spend moderating the comments section, as the usual industry shills will be downvoted into oblivion. You could even tie certain features to membership: only members can ‘downvote’, member comments are always above non-member comments (regardless of net vote), automatically ‘hide’ comments below a certain net vote threshold (i.e. despite prioritising member comments, there’s still a community-driven quality filter in place).

        I used to subscribe. Personally, I got sick of paying to be told how much of a racist I am because of my views on 18C. But mine would be an edge-case…

    • Exactly. Labor should have won but Australians weren’t ready to trust them again and unless they get back to their core of looking after the future of existing Australians particularly working Australians we’re going to continue to have political chaos in Australia.

      Blaming LNP for being LNP is achieving nothing. This is Labor’s fault.

      • Stormy WatersMEMBER

        Let everyone comment…The non subscribers add a lot to discussion and removing a swath of input seems like a loss

  2. Looks even worse for the Nationals – compared to the 2016 election, they’ve lost about the same number of potential voters as the Libs but from a much lower starting point (i.e. if this poll was translated into primary votes cast, the Liberals would receive about 10% fewer votes, but the Nationals would receive about 30% fewer votes)

  3. It used to said that Labor couldn’t win with a primary vote below 40% but the LNP has zero chance with a primary vote below 40%. The Green votes come home to the ALP in the end but One Nation voters split right down the middle. In the WA election, it looks like One Nation voters referenced the LNP only 56% of the time despite the How to Vote cards telling voters to do so.

    • “In the WA election, it looks like One Nation voters referenced the LNP only 56% of the time despite the How to Vote cards telling voters to do so.”

      Could that have been due to anger at the sitting gov, that happened to be the Liberal Party, moreso than actual political beliefs?

      Also, what is your view on where Howard’s Battlers are going? I think that many will move back to Labor as when times get hard they’ll need to call on the social safety net. You’re far more politically astute than I am so I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.

      • The outcome was similar in a lot of Queensland seats at last years federal election. A little over a half went to the LNP so I could put it down to a few things. One is the voters were annoyed with the sitting government. Another is they really don’t care where their preferences go; maybe believing that the One Candidate will win (and last year they did come second in one seat where their preferences weren’t counted). Or they might not understand the system (I know that some people struggle with the system…. even people who should know better).

        As for Howard’s battlers, they were basically a myth. The trades people who were running small businesses where never exclusively Labor voters in the first place; it was the tradies in large industry who were the backbone of the labour movement and the closure or reduction of many heavy industries was the true reason for the appearance of the decline in ALP support from the working class.

  4. why don’t they ask the same q’s for both parties?

    ban non members, go for it.

    i’m looking for a reason to pay – you haven’t given it to me yet
    banning non member comments will see that i never pay

    (it’s hard work this getting people to pay business, innit)

  5. Libs are ‘too close to big corporates….’ at 71%.
    There’s so much ammo for Labor there. Corporate tax cuts, a banking inquiry….more to come.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      except that Labor are equally close to Big Business, it’s just that the punters don’t see it.
      Labor will not do anything to queer their pitch with BB.

  6. For many sites (eg Zero Hedge, Renew Economy) including this, the comments section proves quite informative, especially when someone who knows what they are talking about adds extra info/puts a different interpretation in response to the blog. And this then brings other good comments in.
    Understand your desire to get more paying members, but restricting comments to members only will IMO be negative in the long run.

    • With you on this 100%.

      I was a frequent visitor until my account got banned from commenting due to a disagreement​ of views. Only just recently found out my account has magically been unbanned and can now comment. Now I’m back…

      I’m concerned that they seem quite vindictive when someone has a different view, that your account can be limited at any time based on personality and lastly, I feel that if anything they should be instead trying provide greater value in membership and incentivising… Rather than being vindictive for not subscribing and lashing out at all chances.

      I’m not quite seeing the value they’re providing and they certainly aren’t being welcoming!

  7. It’s very, very interesting that One Nation, who are a disorganised bunch of ratbags, are individually more popular than any other option outside of the Laberals. Bigger than the Greens, way bigger than the Nationals, bigger than NXT.

    I think it’s similar to why Trump won in the US. He had a good schtick, but Hillary was such an awful choice that lots of people actively voted against her and Trump was the only alternative. Same here…same with me. Both of the major parties can go and choke on a bag of dicks as far as I’m concerned. I’ll actively vote against the bastards, and if Pauline is the only option then I will.

    • One Nation have, through their predominantly conservative policy position, pulled votes from the LNP where as NXT etc have tried to differentiate themselves hence ON being stuck on 10%.

  8. There were additional questions asked in the poll including:
    “It has been said that one of the reasons for increasing gas prices is that Australian gas exports have increased so much it is causing domestic shortages. Would you approve or disapprove of the Government legislating a reservation policy where a percentage of gas is reserved for domestic use?”
    75% approvals. 6% disapproval. Looks like a no-brain vote winner!

  9. After Trump got elected, far right parties in Europe got a bounce. And that lasted till the recent Dutch election when Wilders failed to make the expected gains. I doubt Le Pen will win the upcoming French elections. The movement seems to have run out of puff, at least in Europe – maybe seeing Trump in power has put a few people off?
    Back to Oz and One Nation. They were a complete shambles over here in WA during the recent election – infighting, no clarity on message etc. Hanson mucking up when asked about vaccs and Putin. I don’t think she has the political smarts to be a major third force, and not with James Ashby as her top advisor. We will still be looking for an alternative to LNP and Lab come the next federal elections.

    • Disagree about LePen – France seems like a different story to the Netherlands – but basically agree about ON. Seems like people think they’re a good protest vote choice until they start to see them up close. The worst thing that could happen for their ability to win votes is they win a couple of Reps seats in next federal election. Actually, not the worst – worse still would be they have an opportunity to alter legislation, and people are forced to consider an actual One Nation record of achievement.

      • Lets face up to it. Hanson has some good ideas -like stopping Towel Head Immigration — tick.
        But she basically supports 90% of what the LNP are all about — so that cancels her out for most.
        Stupid cow.

    • Trump won as a Republican. So he really didn’t win from outside as he was a candidate of a major party in a two party system. After he got the nomination of the republican party convention, he was the party leader.
      Also LePen won’t win as she can’t pass about a third of the vote.

      • @Cereal 🙂 — Also LePen won’t win as she can’t pass about a third of the vote.

        What’s against her ( And any Trump like Leaders) is the W /Wide MSM onslaught. They own the major papers & all of the TV Stations. Makes it very hard BUT who knows Le pen just may pull a Trump.
        However Trump got elected & look what’s happening to him & any comments he makes.
        Even our own propaganda machine s — SBS & ABC can’t spew enough BS against Trump & Russia.
        If only we had a new Martin Luther King – – – – – – ( with appropriate protection)