As Auckland’s population booms, dwelling supply falls

By Leith van Onselen

The New Zealand National Government’s single-minded focus on solving Auckland’s housing crisis by boosting supply continues to take a hammering.

Today, Statistics New Zealand released figures showing that construction momentum has slowed, with trend number of new homes consented decreasing 11% in the six months to January 2017:

According to the figures, there were 30,174 new dwellings consented across New Zealand in the year to February 2017, with just 10,045 consented in Auckland.

Clearly, this level of construction is nowhere near high enough to keep up with New Zealand’s immigration-led population growth, which added nearly 100,000 people in the 2016 calendar year:

ScreenHunter_17805 Mar. 06 15.18

With Auckland the major recipient (44,500 people):

Accordingly, Auckland’s housing crisis continues to worsen, as noted by

In the 12 months to February consents were issued for just 10,045 new homes in Auckland, while it’s estimated that at least 15,000 would have been required to keep pace with population growth, which means Auckland’s housing shortage has worsened by about 5000 homes over the last year.

Thus, the National Government remains under acute pressure for failing to fix the housing mess as it heads to the General Election on 23 September.

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  1. SchillersMEMBER

    So Auckland’s population increases by 44,500 whilst new housing approvals sit at 10,045. And I’d imagine that many of the 10,045 will be of the “dog box in the sky” variety. Great. On top of that many Auckland properties are left untenanted with no vacant property tax or penalty to the IP owner.
    What a farce.

  2. The Auckland bubble is a harbinger of future impact to Australia.
    Zealand and Auckland specifically is a well known back door & staging area for entry of third world migrants to gain nz resident and then enter Australia with full work rights (and nz residency and social welfare as well).
    It’s the back door for whatever type of migrant can not get into Australia.

    The New Zealand special visa third world migrant carry trade now sees over half of the NZ special visa in Austria being non NZ born.

    The actual ‘NZ born’ in Australia appear to be going back or converting to Australian citizenship.

    Auckland like Sydney and Melbourne is replete with Chinese and Indian visa fraud, New Zealand residential housing purchased and converted to room and bunk share cash in hand subletting, an huge underground economy of illegally working ‘students’ and extensive criminal syndicate and black money money laundering, fraud in washing it thru property speculation.
    This is all part of the systemic macro visa fraud that exists in both Australia and New Zealand.
    A $105 billion underground illicit and highly damaging set of rackets that are destroying jobs, wages, housing, education and standards of living in both countries.
    The simple rule that needs to be enforced is that no New Zealander can get a special purpose visa to enter Australia with full work rights or any other special benefit … unless they are NZ born and vice versa for Australians in NZ.

  3. nexus789MEMBER

    It appears that one constant around the world is the stupidity of politicians and their ability to trash the communities they are supposed to represent.

    • bolstroodMEMBER

      That is because they put idealogical greed before pragmatic community leadership