China crushes Crown

Abandon hope all you who rely too much on China, even if you’re James Packer:


And why?


Oh dear.


  1. ResearchtimeMEMBER

    China killing the Australian chicken, to give notice to the national monkey?

    IMHO, I think its obvious – and much more to come…

  2. “Australian resorts” … GTFO. how many PR companies were required to come up with that phrase

  3. I love the term “high rollers”
    Sounds very professional and law abiding.
    ……..Likely losing it’s shine a bit now, like Obeid.

  4. Definition of naive: Foreign companies hoping to make a ‘killing’ in China.

    Same result, every time.

    • adelaide_economist

      It’s part of the narrative. Everytime the government talks about signing up to some dodgy agreement with China we get the starry eyed “1.3 billion consumers!” and “a middle class bigger than x”. The reality of how China works (it is still a communist state, contrary to the spruikers dreaming) seems to never get a look in.

      • Communist state…. chortle… try – capitalist – “state” …

        Disehvled… special interests [ideologues, corporatists, breathers, et al] run most so called democratic countries now… whats the difference… oh yeah… colour propaganda…

      • China’s is not really a communist state any more. The workers do not own the means to production. China is a one-party crony capitalist mercantile state.

        It’s a hybrid of modern Russia and a pre-industrial European trade republic.

    • Packer’s horrible anus…Jesus…I wish there was a good brain bleach product on the market so I could remove that image from my brain completely.

      Anyway…that shitrain of personal and professional failure? Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

    • proofreadersMEMBER

      Maybe Jamie should “cash in his chips” by selling Crown to the Chinese? Andrew Robb may be the right guy to broker a deal?

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      “Make no mistake, Crown’s boring old Australian business is now the main game.”…………

      ….now that’s funny given that much of that “boring old Australian business ” might also be a tad Chinese dependant ……afterall the punters in straya sure as shit aren’t flush with many readies after they pay their grossly inflated mortgages ( which of course China has had no influence on what so ever either ) …………… good luck to young James ……..and such a nice Cranbrook boy too …………..wonder what colourful language old Kerry the Goanna might have used to describe all this ………

      • Total number of Stralian 6 star high rollers to fill his 1000 room Bangaroo ‘resort’ everyday? 2/5’s of some number between 1-10. Expect Crown and the governement that gifted Packer our land will make out like bandits on $10 capachinos and $20 beers to the ave SYDNEY Saturday nite punter.

  5. A Crown IPO in the planning — ha ha ha — that would be a great investment to get in on the ground floor.
    I’d love to see Packer lose his shirt — well one of them anyway.