Suddenly Brexit is favourite

From the Tele:




A few brave analysts calling a marginal BREXIT victory.

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    • Voting intent polls are now really push polling.

      Pro tip: They’re wrong, vastly wrong about Donald Trump too.

      • It will be unbelievably funny if Hillary loses with almost the entire Republican and Democratic establishment, Wall Street, the MIC and media behind her.

    • The issue always was about job loss to immigrants. Trump opened their eyes.
      Sooner we get more eye opening poilticians the better.

  1. reusachtigeMEMBER

    If it’s marginal either way it will bring doubt to everyone about its validity.

    • It’s the sad reality of the situation.

      No matter the result, there will still be a greatly divided country.

      Brexit will be worse, because it’s mainly those of privilege wantign to remain… corporate insiders and lefties. Both known for not accepting any result they don’t like, and behaving in an obstructions manner in the future.

      A Brexit is going to need a very strong leader to have it work.

    • My understanding is that it isn’t legally binding anyway. Nothing changes for two years even if the decision is made. The remaining European members are also making laughable threats they are in no position to make.

  2. What’s with the Scots voting, Remain?!
    If they want another independence referendum, then surely, voting Leave, and then going for another vote on their own identity is the way to go….

    • Scots have always been pro-EU. When you think about it, they should have waited for this referendum before their independence vote. If Brexit occurs I think it is a certainty that Scotland will vote on independence again in the near future.

    • GunnamattaMEMBER

      Ive just spoken with a mate who works at the BBC (who is pro Brexit)

      What he told me is that the lay of the land at the moment is. It was expected that remain would get up on the basis of being able to clean sweep London and the larger EU exposed cities and hold the line in the other smaller cities and regions. He is saying that at the moment in the Beeb at least there is a sense that the Remain camp is not holding on in the regions the way they would want and they need big results in the more pro Remain areas to offset this.

      16.8 million is the number of votes expected to win the referendum (to give some context to the total vote scores on the BBC site)

  3. If government had of looked after people instead of turning on the cheap immigration tap then the uk wouldn’t be going through this. What sucks is nz and oz don’t have a opt out with this immigration problem. Uk is lucky in this respect. But even if the uk stays in all the anti immigration fans now know half the country doesn’t want immigrants, and immigrants will know it to. The country will be for ever devided because the wealthy and powerful fucked people over and never listened.

    • If the Brits didn’t abandon the commonwealth, they’d now have a culture alliance of “round the clock” business.

      They abandoned it for Europe in the 60’s for easy gains, which their elite pretty much collected all of the gains, and the poor had to tolerate the competition for scarce resources, petty crime, gang violence and racially motivated grooming/child rape.

      • and how exactly is this due to the EU ?

        “petty crime, gang violence and racially motivated grooming/child rape.”

      • It’s about the country they decided to become, and what decisions their rulers make

  4. From the Telegraph —

    The party’s over in Brussels. The Funky Monkey, an Irish pub next to the European Commission HQ, had been packed when polls shut at 10pm, and officials were in high spirits as Gibraltar declared at 96 per cent for in.

    But as Remain were dealt two heavy blows in Sunderland and Newcastle, the mood suddenly turned sour. “F—!” shouted one official. Others had tears in their eyes and headed for the door. At half past one local time, the TVs were turned off, and staff trudged home. Over the road, lights were burning all over the Berlaymont HQ. At 10.30am Donald Tusk, Jean-Claude Juncker and Mark Rutte will meet to digest what it all means for Europe.

  5. This is how you get civil wars and fascism. The mind boggling stupidity of even raising this as a question that got to a referendum tells you the right wing of the tory party have officially left the reservation and are now free to promote outright racism and violence.

    • As I understand it, the UK is forced to accept a citizen of any other EU country that wants to migrate… meanwhile most EU borders are open to many.
      It’s not racist in any way (that is, they’re not targeting any specific race(s)) – just not happy with migration policy… as well as other policies

      • I can understand not being happy, I can’t understand the desire of the UK elite for taking advantage of the worst instincts of people by the increasingly shrill dog whistle support for this movement. The Murdoch papers over their have been absolutely criminal for their part in it. There are some rocks that just don’t need to be turned over.

      • EU borders are not open to anyone … and you certainly can’t become a resident with rights in other member countries …

    • Not allowing unfettered and unchecked immigration is not racist. You will find that the biggest supporters of not allowing it are established migrants from the past. It is the same in Australia.

    • notsofastMEMBER

      I think the opposite. Holding credible referendums on a fundamental question is how you prevent civil wars and fascism.