Conflicted Xenoponzi’s slum lord past catches up to him

The Australian does a pretty good hatchet job on Nick Xenophon today:

Nick Xenophon has failed to declare his directorship of a company run by his father that once owed $2.5 million to the Australian Taxation Office in unpaid company taxes and developed an apartment tower that housed international students who later turned some units into illegal slums.

The South Australian independent, who stands to win the balance of power in the Senate, initially denied any involvement with Adelaide Tower Pty Ltd but after checking admitted he had failed to declare the directorship in his parliamentary register of interests in an “embarrassing oversight”.

Senator Xenophon personally owns two units and Adelaide Tower owns two or three others in the King William Street block, where students created bedrooms in kitchens and living rooms using partitions made from shower curtains and wardrobes.

…He said he was aware of overcrowding issues caused by sub­letting in the Tower Apartments complex, mostly involving students from China, and the by-laws had since been changed.

…Senator Xenophon has cultivated a public image of being a thrifty battler, wearing a cheap Target suit and Lowes shoes in a GQ magazine shoot recently, and driving a 2006 Toyota Yaris. He has said he was forced to mortgage his house for $250,000 to pay for the NXT campaign.

Records show Senator Xenophon has a mortgage on only one of his investment apartments.

I don’t think that that will do the good senator much harm given it’s the Murdoch press but it will hopefully prompt him to take stock of his repeated calls to ramp up the population ponzi and to unleash first home buyer superannuation on the market.

Conflict of interest, much?


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  1. “he had failed to declare the directorship in his parliamentary register of interests in an “embarrassing oversight”.
    Let any of us try using the “embarrassing oversight” line with the ATO for any reason and see what they say….

    • Its one set rules for you and no rules for them…………… now move along there’s nothing to see here

    • +1 if “oops” is the acceptable defense & worst case scenario, why do these guys declare anything!? Suggest 5 figure penalties per offense might be a good start…

  2. Yes, no wonder nobody is interested in the election. Di Natale is another of the same stripe. Christine Milne was lacklustre but trustworthy. All the young men in the third parties are way too hungry to trust.

    Ther are no Don Chipps out there. Policy differences are small really so everyone has switched off. Phony War time.

    • Chipp was a former minister who attempted to break free of his party. Can you see any current minister doing that?

      Also Don Chipp was Don Bradman’s last batting partner (in the 1964 PM XI’s match). Can’t see any pollie playing in that match again either.

  3. Xenoponzi. Has a special ring to it. I have no ambitions to be a politicians (I couldn’t think of anything worse) nor do I want to be a slum landlord. The combination of both doesn’t really create a disposition of respect for Xenoponzi, even though I’m sure he has much to offer.

  4. For that level of dishonesty, he should be removed from office. However, I doubt that the SA electorate voting for him want to give up their man of influence in Canberra. If only democracies worked like they were supposed to…

    • sydboy007MEMBER

      Rightly or wrongly the smaller states get just as loud a voice in the parliament as the east coast.

      Means a lot of military pork has been used to keep them happy over the years, or the odd cadbury tour style investment.

      Suppose if the smaller states didn’t have the ability to block legislation in the senate the commonwealth wouldn’t have been formed, or it it had somehow gotten through negotiations I doubt it would have survived for long.

      The senate is a gerrymander, but I can’t think of any other way that would stop Australia breaking apart. We’re a smaller version of the EU

  5. peterbruceMEMBER

    I don’t give a stuff what his father did or his tenants did.

    I do know that Nick Xenophon is a GOOD (in the very best sense of the word) man.

  6. Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

    NXT could win 3 Senate seats and maybe 1-2 lower house seats in South Australia. The majors are worried as he could hold the BoP.

  7. Xenophon the Xychopath.
    Thinks he can fool all of the people all of the time.
    Another detestable self serving steaming turd.

  8. Terror Australis

    For those who have forgotten, Nick Xenophon also raised the suggestion of allowing first home buyers to raid their Super nest-eggs to get a deposit.Not sure if he still holds onto that dangerous position.

  9. So Nick wants to flood South AUS with cheap 3rd world labour!

    Because the unemployment rate in South AUS is not high enough.

  10. Xenephon is a confected little sham spiv.

    A criminal slum landlord who knows exactly the impact of 2.4 million foreign migrant guestworkers all here on fake or pretext visas.

    How much cash in hand was he getting thru the sham subletting scam that the criminal landlords like him use to hide their activities and income ?