Orwellian headline of the day


If it’s delivered all of this “public good” then it’s not a political stunt, right?

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  1. Lol. Love the AFR. It’s like paying for a corporate to give you a press release:

    Inquiry into rent seeking unions – not a stunt.
    Inquiry into rent seeking banks – stunt.

    • What a crack up……….

      I guess Rupert is still on his honey moon? Hence not much Kids paper action………….

    • I wonder how much revenue for the AFR comes via the big 4. Metric sh!t tons would be my guess.

      Its funny, if they didn’t have anything to hide then a Royal Commission would be of no consequence. The fact they are whining like stuck pigs pretty much illustrates what the state of the Financial industry in this country. Perhaps the entire commission should watch ‘The Big Short’ prior to conducting the inquest.

    • Wait until a once in a century depression ‘incentivises’ people to actually vote for their interests, and not the interests of what they aspire to be. Only then, wiill things change.

      And it’s coming, sooner than you think!

      • You might not know it lordud but your carrying water for the status quo… self interest meme….

      • bolstroodMEMBER

        Does your lordship expect that the good ole USA will be exempt from a “once in a century depression”?
        Are you sure you made the right move ?

      • bolstrood: yes. The USA has a brutally efficient economy that is very good at allocating capital. It has already had its property correction; aside from NY, SF, Boston, and a few other cities, land in the US is very cheap. The US has a very diverse economy, ranging from low-end manufacturing, to jet engines/aircraft, to utterly dominating the tech sector, to agribusiness, to oil/gas/mining services. Australia has red dirt and overpriced houses.

        The Australian depression will be unique to Australia and other over-concentrated overpriced commodity economies. Enjoy the decline!

      • Sorry Lordud….

        Nothing could be more contrary… the GFC makes your statements nil and void… just the fact that the Fed had with assistance from the politic side pony up with over 25Tish makes your argument moot…

        Skippy… as the consumer of last resort… I would be watching my back kid…

  2. Lol. It’s generally accepted that none of the policies for either party are ever implemented…..

    We just vote for trending thoughts and ideas…….

    Never thought I’d say this, but Tony Abbott tried his best to keep his election mandate at all costs, so he was a deliverer…….. if only it was the right delivery items………..

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      Eh? You talking about his mandate to not cut funding for health, education, Aunty etc?

      Because he pretty much lied about everything.

    • “Tony Abbott tried his best to keep his election mandate at all costs…”

      You’re joking, right?

      “No cuts to education, no cuts to health, no changes to pensions, no change to the GST, and no cuts to the ABC or SBS” –Tony Abbott on the eve of the election.

      • @AB, you got it 😉 Boats………. if there is one word you’ll ever recall from that government…. and they stopped them (well reporting them as national security secret lol).

    • Abbott delivered broken promises by means of the most unfair bidget in living history.
      He was the worst Prime Minister in the last 20 years.
      Thank god he’s back in opposition.
      Hopefully the whole party that went along with his [email protected]@@ crisis and the broken promises will also soon be back in opposition.
      If the AFR is concerned about political stunts, the ABCC or whatever it’s called with a double dissolution is surely one of the biggest.
      Turnbull better outline his proposals for public education, national disability, ABC, SBS and a Federal ICAC very carefully and deliver.
      Why does Turnbull think that there is no corruption worthy of an ICAC in the Federal sphere?
      Every state with an ICAC has uncovered corruption of public officials/politicians.
      We need a Federal ICAC and I’ll be choosing that as my number one deal breaker this year.

    • drsmithyMEMBER

      Tony had no mandate. He was just lucky that fewer voters abandoned the Coalition for independents compared to Labor.

      The Stephen Bradbury of PMs.

    • @ Kurt
      –F$%#0 Boats never were a problem — those people escaping hell (which Australia contributed to) were brave & resourceful. They were locked out of applying on a list -not available. We should have welcomed most of them after vetting.

      The real ass lickers & criminals/terrorists whatever come by plane every day – and just disappear – or come legally bid up our house prices & then F O leaving them empty. I know who I’d sooner have.

      • Don’t disagree…..

        Meanwhile “Trailer-Stralya” types are in their vans watching “Oh my balls” direct from Idocracy TV.

    • Re ICAC.
      I reckon Joe Public looks at Choppergate and Sinodinos and a lot of other rorts and thinks these p222s will be on the take or doing corrupt favours for one another and I’m sick of them looking after themsleves. Let’s have some real scrutiny by someone with real power and the guts to prosecute.
      I’m even thinking of crowd funding a reward for evidence leading to a successful prosecution of a sitting member.

  3. Know IdeaMEMBER

    I thought they would have gone for “A cunning stunt …”. Perhaps that would have been a little too far. For the AFR at least.

    You will have to forgive me, I have been reading a book by Russell Brand and may have become a little desensitized to the use of colourful language and imagery.

  4. Kurt, I reckon Joe Public wants federal politicians and public servants subject to some real scrutiny by someone gutsy and independent with real power. After Sinodinos, Bishop’s Choppergate and all the other rorts people want to see a couple of them get hung out to dry. I’m even thinking of crowd funding a reward for evidence that leads to a successful prosecution! I’ll call the organisation the Institute Campaigning Against Corruption And Crooks Too. ICAC ACT for short!!

  5. If I recall it was after Turnbull warning the banks that shorten countered with a royal commission. It was political since it was a way of turning Turnbull’s appearance on the banks which could of given him some political gain (no one was talking about it) against him. Incredibly political and smart by Labor here as its turned what could of been a positive into a huge negative for Turmbull. I’m sure if he never gave that speech this wouldn’t of happened either.

  6. The AFR is just Rupe Poop. Anyone who gives money to News Corp is funding a demonstrably criminal organisation. Why anyone does it is beyond me, given that their content is no better than a set of spun press releases and bizarre opinion pieces written by their sycophant of the month.