RP Data: Aussie housing values now $6.4 trillion

By Leith van Onselen

Core Logic-RP Data has released its February Housing Market and Economic Update, which contains a bunch of useful charts relating to the housing market.

According to RP Data, the value of Australia’s total dwelling stock hit a record $6.4 trillion in January, and accounts for more than half (52%) of Australia’s household wealth ScreenHunter_11454 Feb. 10 15.48

With Australian GDP running at $1.62 trillion in the year to September 2015, this infers a dwelling price-to-GDP ratio of just under 4 times – an unprecedented level.

Some other key charts of particular note is the collapse in rental growth and yields:

ScreenHunter_11455 Feb. 10 15.51

The lift in property listings over the past year:

ScreenHunter_11456 Feb. 10 15.51

And my favourite, the recent sharp drop in RP Data’s leading mortgage index, which suggests that mortgage demand will drop over coming months:

ScreenHunter_11457 Feb. 10 15.52

Check out the full chart pack for yourself here.

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