What is a disgraced former PM to do?

From The Australian:

Tony Abbott has decided to stay on in federal politics beyond the next election, announcing last night he had renominated for his northern Sydney seat of ­Warringah.

I am shocked, shocked!

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. What else would he do? He is completely unqualified to do anything else (not that he has demonstrated any capabilities as a politician either of course).

    I doubt the UN are calling with job offers, nor any businesses or lobby groups. Charities won’t go anywhere near him.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see him doing TV commercials.

    • Yep. He has a lot of debt and therefore needs his job and his personality dictates he’d only ever otherwise be employed as a novelty item.

    • He is a drain on the public purse…just like Bronnie. We need a crowbar to prise these two leeches off the public tit. But really, you can’t script this stuff: two hard-right Ayn Rand morons who couldn’t run a hotdog stand at the footy. Both failed SPECTACULARLY, yet both wan’t another go. Un-fucking-believable.

      We can only hope the good people of Warringah exercise their democratic rights to the full and send him the ultimate message….”Give up Abbott…YOU FAILED!!”. Dick Smith should run against Abbott, not Bronnie…(she will lose all by herself I think).

      • “He is a drain on the public purse…just like Bronnie. We need a crowbar to prise these two leeches off the public tit.”

        Problem is that we’re paying their very generous super for life even if we someone get them out of Parliament.

    • Wait…didn’t he once work for a Murdock rag as a journalist? With 3 word slogans he was made for that job. He could outdo Bolt by a mile. Perhaps he could host his own show on sky news?

      on another note:
      “David Frum, a former Bush speechwriter, best captured the political influence Fox News has come to wield on the right of American politics: “Republicans originally thought that Fox worked for us. Now we’re discovering that we work for Fox.””

      • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

        “Perhaps he could host his own show on sky news?”

        Yes, he could join that circle jerk that Jones and Richo did/ do? regularly (havent actually watched fox since leaving Cloudbreak)

    • What could he do ? Ponder – — –

      He could become a real Monk & devote his life to – – – ?

  2. The only person happier than Abetz this morning would be Shorten – finally a glimmer of hope

      • Fair point. I imagine he’ll stick his head up some time today before vanishing again. Taking the small target strategy to the extreme – so small that even his own party can’t find him to stick the knife in

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Well, in OL Bill’s defence, it’s not his fault that the press gallery refuses to report anything he says. Apart from the occasional zinger of course.

  3. rob barrattMEMBER

    It can only be explained as a consequence of severe Tin Ear Syndrome. He just doesn’t understand the phrase “[email protected]@k Off”. By the way, is he still being taken to the toilet and dressed for school by what’s-her-name?

  4. Ask Gillard. She’s had practical experience.

    Of course she’s fortunate enough to get the full PM pension for life so can happily flit around the world, guest appearances on yesterday’s causes, just enough to give the rusted ons a little frission of pleasure…

  5. I am shocked, shocked!

    If a politician says “Yes” that means “maybe”
    If a politician says “Maybe” that means “no”
    If a politician says “No” then he is not really a politician

    Name a politician that keeps his promise?
    Or one with a spine.

    • Politicians could well be in the front line for the coming robot job annihilation.
      Give me a well programmed robot over a party politician any day.

  6. TailorTrashMEMBER

    And if Bronnie tries again for her Palm beach seat .( could the fed Libs be so stupid to support that ) ….Old Dick Smith is going to spoil her party …..I’d like to see Dick in Parliment …….he is not everyone’s cup of tea …..but he has some good thoughts on the ponzi ……….

    • Got any links that describe his thoughts on the Ponzi? I’m curious what 1 of our better entrepreneurs thinks about it.

      • He made a documentary call Population Puzzle saying that the Australian immigration policy is a giant Ponzi scheme.

      • He has a very MB view on things, concerned about future generations and the path to ruin this housing/immigration ponzi is taking us.

      • I used to have a lot of respect for Dick Smith as patron of the Sceptics promoting clear thinking and analysis aka the enlightenment, but in recent years as an ‘environmentalists’ he has acted like a neo con dismissing science by some of his utterances e.g. ‘infinite exponential growth’, what is that?

        One is supposed to pay attention to his message, while like recently he described Australians as ‘idiots’ for not answering skewed and biased survey questions about population, a bit elitist and top down?

        For an expert explanation of population the statistician, human development expert and medical doctor Prof. Hans Rosling is a far more credible source https://www.ted.com/talks/hans_rosling_on_global_population_growth?language=en

        Further, who would you want your children, younger generations and politicians etc. listening to?

  7. None so blind as those who cannot see as the saying goes. Abbott must have a hide thicker than an elephant and an ego which defies the laws of physics. Does he read the polls? I wonder whether it is his minder Credlin (have I spelt that correctly?) that has put him up to this or is yet another one of his “captain calls”?

    • I think it’s less about having a thick skin and more about his total and absolute lack of self awareness and judgement.

    • Ha ha, you just reminded me of a typo I saw on Morgan yesterday where they called her “Crudlin” – I read this morning closely to see if there was a retraction/apology, but couldn’t see one. A genuine foxes paw methinks – appealed to my juvenile sense of humour!

  8. Abbott is a wrecker, even though he claims to want the opposite.

    If Turnbull had some guts, he would disendorse Abbott and set someone else up for pre-selection in Warringah. However, it would be a big move and I don’t think Turnbull has the goolies to do it.

  9. Best news for the ALP in the last couple of months I reckon. As long as the Bot and his cronies are in the LNP they will shed votes.

    • Tony is a gift to Labor from God, but don’t underestimate their ability to fuck it up.
      Zinger Bill’s days are numbered. Only warm bodies get a hospital bed. Cold ones go to the morgue.

  10. All it means is that whilst he’s got a knife long enough to reach Malcolm from the backbench, it’s not going to reach all the way from the public gallery! Choice made right there!

  11. I would have thought there was a job on a board or two for some fossil fuel company waiting for him out there. What other reason is there to be so anti renewable energy?