Coalition seeks to flush loon pond

The nut-jobs that have occupied the Coalition are under attack, from BS:

A factional brawl within the Liberal Party risks engulfing Malcolm Turnbull in the lead-up to this year’s election, as his emboldened moderate faction prepares to challenge key supporters of Tony Abbott for preselection.

Right-aligned senator Con­cetta Fierravanti-Wells and Craig Kelly, MP for the Sydney seat of Hughes, are almost certain to face challenges from the moderate faction of the party, while fellow ­Abbott supporter and conser­vative rising star Angus Taylor is also at “serious risk” of losing his seat if moderate convert Russell Matheson launches a challenge.

The factional posturing is also expected to see challenges against Bronwyn Bishop in Mackellar, Philip Ruddock in Berowra and Ann Sudmalis in Gilmore, while veteran senator Bill Heffernan is under pressure to retire and make way for the party’s country vice-president, Hollie Hughes.

With at least half a dozen sitting members facing preselection challenges when nominations open next week, Liberal sources have told The Australian the Prime Minister may need to intervene to prevent a factional blow-up in his home state of NSW.

…Party sources also expect Mr Abbott to recontest his seat of Warringah, and he is unlikely to face a preselection challenge.

Malcolm Turnbull need not fear this at all. The latest polling still has the Coalition dominant and, perhaps even more importantly, at multi-year highs for government credibility under the moderates:


In early January L-NP support fell slightly to 56% (down 1.5%) cf. ALP 44% (up 1.5%) on a two-party preferred basis. However, if a Federal Election were held now the L-NP would win easily.

Primary support for the L-NP was 47% (down 1%) and up 2% for the ALP to 29%. Support for the Greens was down 1.5% to 13%, Katter’s Australian Party is 1.5% (unchanged), Palmer United Party is 1% (unchanged) and Independents/ Others are at 8.5% (up 0.5%).


Roy Morgan Government Confidence Rating

Despite less support for the Government the Roy Morgan Government Confidence Rating was up slightly (1.5pts) this week to 116.5 with 48.5% (unchanged) of Australians saying Australia is ‘heading in the right direction’ and 32% (down 1.5%) saying Australia is ‘heading in the wrong direction’.

The loon pond occupying one third of the LNP needs a good flush and the sooner it is done the more popular the Coalition will become.

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  1. Oh no not Craig Kelly. Such a towering intellect. I hope he keeps his page on Facebook going, it was a one stop shop for gauging what the uber ignorant are thinking

  2. how long before highly leveraged property investors (ex factory workers) find out that Malcolm is not working for them but for rich who will not so much into future claim their possession not only on their homes but themself and their children

    • Even if they do come to that realisation, Labor getting in won’t be of much assistance to them.

      • no question there, labor or Abbott are not better – the difference comes from legitimacy – with this much support Malcolm has a mandate to screw people (penalty rates, Medicare, welfare, …)

      • Or Dr X, he could fool us all by getting Australians back to work and paying taxes by stopping 457 rorts, stopping negative gearing, converting ex auto plants into electric vehicle manufacturers as Evan Thorley tried to do some years ago….or he could use the coming econochaos to continue loon pond tactics of smashing unions, removing penalty rates, and blaming the elderly, ill and unemployed for their foolhardiness in not becoming politicians and contributing sufficiently to the lucky country.
        I don’t think we will be fooled though.

    • The difference between Abbott & Turnbull. People hated being screwed by Abbott; but they sure as butter love being screwed by MT!

  3. sydboy007MEMBER

    I’s it the loon pond trying to let the retail super fund get more ticket clipping access? The moderates seem to have their own ideological crosses they like to brandish.

  4. How can we trust Malcolm is flushing the loon pond when he is still assaulting Medicare by cutting back benefits? What he is doing might just be marginalizing political opponents to secure his own position.

  5. Malcom’s roughly right, that’s all we need,….roughly right.
    And being an X banker, he’s likely f ked over enough people to now how the game works, re vested interest groups etc, although many chasing favours now, likely live next door..

  6. Interesting commentary coming from a Greens-aligned website.

    All the shameless ass-kissing and flattery when Di Natale took over the real loon pond was hilarious to behold.

    These guys believe in Marx’s labour theory of value and the abolition of private property. Somehow they are considered mainstream in this place.

    • Total BULLSHIT once again. You have confused Marxism and Anarchism with the Australian Greens.

      Let’s take a look at what actual Marxists have to say about the Australian Greens shall we?

      Hardly friendly is it? The Australian Greens are slightly left, nowhere near left enough to be called Marxist, and have a sizeable component (although a minority) of conservative, right-wing members. When it comes to matters economic, they are slightly right-leaning.

      Provide your evidence that the Australian Greens (and Macrobusiness by implication) advocate the abolition of all private property.

      Provide your evidence that the Australian Greens (and Macrobusiness by implication) believe that Marx’s labor theory of value is correct.

      In fact, I find that Australian Greens members, with an interest in economics, are the most likely to have read Steve Keen’s Debunking Economics ( ) in which he destroys Marx’s labor theory of value for the silly thing that it is (Chapter 17).

      Your mind is contaminated by propaganda.

    • Interesting commentary coming from a Greens-aligned website.

      HnH is a card carrying Liberal and the intention of MB is to provide independent analysis. I’ve seen few places happy to criticize and praise political parties with their level of objectivity.

      Try harder, or elsewhere. Maybe comment in The Daily Telegraph?

      • Perhaps fairer to say Greens-leaning? Generally, politically to the Left. Economics, greater emphasis on the revenue raise than the expenditure tame?

      • No, not fair to say at all. As usual…

        Its only because you view the world through an extreme right missile tip heat seeker that anything anyone suggests that happens to be on the flap, or the aerilon or hell, even in right hand row within the fuselage is “LEFTIE! THEYRE FUCKING LEFTIE PINKO COMMIES!”

        MB is neither left or right, its pro-business and pro-individual rights, in the juncture of small l liberal beliefs applied to a realpolitik world.

        I for one have an extreme distaste for politics (comes from the Greek poly meaning many, and Latin ‘tics’, meaning parasites) and Ive never voted for Greens, or ALP or any “leftie” party. I voted for Liberals once, one of many foolish mistakes made as a youngster.

        You have to remember there are several contributors here with different views – Im the most libertarian, believe it or not….

  7. That Article in the Australian is bullshit sensationalism.
    There has been a redistribution which will see a Lib seat disappear at the next election.
    Therefore there will be jockeying for preselection in a bunch of adjoining seats.

    It ISNT about factionalism. The Australian is just trying to create problems for the government to help their mate Tony try and come back. Scumbag journalism, nothing more.

    Take ANYTHING written in the Australian on such matters with a lot of salt.

  8. Yes, it is well and truly time for B. Bishop, Ruddock, Heffernan, Abbott and a few others. Same could be said for Conroy, Carr, Cameron and Shorten.
    We need a nation-wide eject button for a quantum of poor performers on both sides, regardless of local electoral results.

  9. FiftiesFibroShack

    It’s hard to believe Bronwyn Bishop would run again. She would have to have utter contempt for the people of her electorate and/or pathological narcissism.

  10. Let the right form a separate party. Libs and Nats would still get their preferences but Libs/Nats would gain first preferences from Labor/Greens. Government outcomes would probably not shift that much. Libs/Nats would win power but be beholden to the far right for preferences.

  11. Good. The sooner Conservative politics, like Communism, is consigned to the pages of history the better.