Abbott stays on to finish off conservatism

From Paul Kelly:

Turnbull, as Prime Minister, has no plan to bring Abbott back into the cabinet in a senior role either before or after the election.

In their face-to-face encounter two months ago, Turnbull tried to counsel Abbott, given the profound personal trauma involved in losing the prime ministership. While he made no formal offer, Turnbull let Abbott know that the post of high commissioner in London could be available at some point for him.

…The alternative career Abbott considered in recent weeks was heading up a new well-financed think tank where he had the chance to build an institution, be involved in the world of ideas and retain complete freedom in giving speeches and shaping the nation’s political agenda.

Abbott told colleagues his decision to stay in politics was “line ball”. Turnbull would be reluctant to admit it publicly but his political life would be much easier if Abbott had chosen the exit option.

Line ball my butt. This is a creature of Parliament House. Outside of it it will wither and die. And while it might make for pain in the Liberal Party it is a plus for Malcolm Turbull over time. Abbott was the most unpopular first time PM in history. His views are radical and miles outside of acceptable mainstream Australia. He will serve nicely as the head toad in the Liberal loon pond thus weighing down the Party in the polls and ensuring that over time it will drain itself.

Some folks just can’t take a hint.

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Ronin8317MEMBER

    I agree. By staying around,Abbott will split the vote of a more credible challenger to Malcolm Turnbull. As to putting Abbott into the cabinet, it’s just the ‘loon pond’ dreaming.

    • Exactly. I don’t know who the chief credible loon ponder is at present, but right now he/she is cursing.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        It’ll be Morrison. He’s a world class prick but street smart. St Mal was canny though in making him treasurer. The next budget will push back his ambitions for a while.

      • “St Mal was canny though in making him treasurer.”

        Not to mention making it look like he’d well and truly betrayed Abbott (whether true or not). I can’t see him restoring his reputation with the RWNJs.

    • You cannot stop social conservatism in Australia though H’nH’s. How do I know? The declining European population. Maybe 25% of European Australian’s are social conservatives and declining – the writing is indeed on the wall. However, the new immigrants from India, China, Middle East and Africa are by and large socially conservative. The new immigrants love our freedom’s, but will get pretty sick and tired of the increasing welfarism and it will be the new Australian’s leading a more muscular form of social & political conservatism. Mark my words.

  2. proofreadersMEMBER

    Abbott should have gone for the think tank and then he could have staffed it with his “brains trust”.

  3. Mining BoganMEMBER

    If he had disappeared he would receive a pension that is much more than a backbencher’s pay. Ex-our Tony is famously lousy with a dollar. He’s staying to wreck the joint. It’s what he does.

    “Nice place you got here. It would be a pity for something to happen to it.”

    • ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

      Yes he is a [email protected] of a man. I suspect he will hang around for a decade or more as cheif conservative wreacker, always lurking around in the shadows, popping up from time to time to take pot shots at idelogical oponets.
      Though I couldn’t see the public elect him as prime minister again, I could see him snake his way into the leader of the opposition position when the recriminations begin after the enevitable swapping of government occurs.

      How long did Howard hang around before he finally got up? Abbott will be around longer.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Yeah, after the press gallery got him elected it took a while for them to wake up to the fact that he’s certifiably insane. They won’t push his barrow for him again. He’ll just destroy as much good as he can before the men in the white coats come and take him away.

        Tones is going to make the white-anting done by Rudd look like a kinder spat.

  4. “His views are radical and miles outside of acceptable mainstream Australia.”

    No. Not really. But way way outside of the tent of the Press Gallery, associated media hangers on, the vitriolic Left Twitterati, academics and the ABC – you know – the groupthink that runs the show.

      • FFS, that twitter feed (or whatever you call it) is why I hate Australia Day and why I’m learning to hate the flag!
        Morons to the left of me, morons to the right, stuck in the middle with you (MB).

    • Group think that runs what show, 2d? I thought your “adults” ran the show!

      It’s funny, you know, bias and all that. You throw it up all the time, but seem blind to your own.

    • You must be referring to Abbott’s ‘Silent Majority’ who still want The Onion Muncher in charge. You know, those really shouty people that call up talkback radio to bang on about the global warming conspiracy and Muslims. Silent? Not often. Majority? Most definitely not.

    • No 2d, you don’t understand or see your own Far-Right bias, you constantly carp on about bias, but fail to see your own.

    • rob barrattMEMBER

      ”the tent of the Press Gallery, associated media hangers on, the vitriolic Left Twitterati, academics and the ABC – you know – the groupthink that runs the show.” I agree entirely. So trite, so smug, so intellectually jejune . So transparently self serving. I never thought I would end up watching parts of Al Jazeera news to avoid the puerile rubbish coming from the ABC Morning Brain Death. Lots of tweets from Kelly and Lara running across the screen…. Interviews with lines of needy advocates of hugely, absolutely terribly terribly artistic causes. Lattes all round… Just one thing missing – uncensored, unbiased news.
      The trouble with Tony though, is that he just didn’t listen. Not to his cabinet (his Rottwveiller kept them at bay) and not to the people. Knights and Dames announcements showed a complete lack of perception of current public feeling (and anger) regarding politicians and the economy. It capped a string of gaffes from which he could never have recovered. He’s the personification of a man with tin ears.

    • Abbott had the lowest opinion polling as a first time PM and continued his stellar form ever since. You right wing c..ts never got over Abbott being soundly rejected by the people of Australia.

  5. FiftiesFibroShack

    We need to give Tone a break. He’s willing to give a talk to a group that wants homosexuality made a crime, again. I can only assume this is to counsel them against such authoritarian actions; he is a member of the Liberal Party, after all. He wouldn’t tolerate beliefs that are closer to those expressed by Islamic State and the Taliban, than of mainstream Australia, I mean, come on, Tone is not mad.

    • The people he is going to talk at want to bring back 3rd, 4th & 5 th century christianity.
      He is mad.
      It will be the Mad Haters Tea Party

    • Agreed. It’s gonna be interesting to watch, especially if a strong independent such as Dick Smith throws his hat in the ring as he has suggested he will.

  6. Will be facing some very interesting candidates and I would not be surprised if he lost despite it being a very safe seat!