Stunningly inept Dr Nahan up for promotion?

The WA deputy premier has resigned:

Kim Hames has told colleagues he will resign his deputy’s position at the first Liberal Party Room meeting of the new year.

The announcement will spark immediate jockeying and number counting by Liberal MPs as they seek to identify a replacement.

Police Minister Liza Harvey and Treasurer Mike Nahan are considered the most likely candidates but others may emerge, including Corrective Services Minister Joe Francis.

Could it possibly be after his butchering of the WA Budget?

David Llewellyn-Smith
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  1. Nahan’s good to deal with. Very direct, almost to the point of un-PC. Hope it’s him over the others mentioned.

  2. Kim Hames is resigning because of all the crap he is taking because of the total cluster f**k he has made of commissioning and running the new 2 billion dollar Fiona Stanley Hospital. You wouldn’t read about it, one thing after another with this supposed state of the art hospital, underfunded, under staffed, screw ups with every part of it from IT and SERCO services where operating instruments are returned with pieces of flesh attached after being “cleaned and sterilized”. Patients being put in gymnasiums because of over crowding, becasue administrators wont open new wards becasue they need to be manned with minimum staff numbers, patients being given a hand bell to ring, becasue there are no working buzzers near the beds…

    List goes on and on.

    • That’s what you get when you get “managers” running the asylum. Sure, they say they talk to the docs, but they take stuff-all notice of their considered advice. They can’t, because Head Office won’t let them. Haven’t you noticed – “leadership” is the “managers” favourite buzzword, but when they are all beholden to the whims of Head Office that mantra does not cut it. And the docs know it. Try to tell the senior “managers” that KPI’s just don’t work sometimes and they freeze. And why don’t KPI’s always work in an acute public hospital environment? It’s because some of the inmates (aka patients) don’t always perform the way the layer upon layer of brainwashed “managers” think they should. And because the docs are now pressured to perform according to unachievable arcane and irrelevant directives from a Head Office that is a few time warps away from the action, the whole show goes pear-shaped.

  3. Saw some of WA Question time on APAC TV. I really like the Speaker’s style there. Booming sonorous voice, a tired jaded regard for proceedings – overall he seems in control. I was impressed.

  4. Can someone (his mate 3d1k?) explain the tortuous track for Nahan from the USA through the IPA to state treasurer then to be possible leader of WA Opposition?

    It certainly makes the road to Gundagai look straight.

  5. Dr Nahan is OK. I don’t believe anybody could have done better with the shit sandwich he took on. He deserves credit for having a go.

    Troy bailed, Christian Porter bailed. Besides Colin, there’s not a lot of talent left.