France’s National Front surges

From the FT, a decent backgrounder on France’s surging National Front:

The stronger this party gets the weaker the euro and stronger the US dollar. It’s another factor to exacerbate the mining GFC.

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  1. This article has miniscule relevance to our mining situation. It’s a shame you don’t publish the good stuff, which directly affects us, like this:

    Climate skeptics in Paris branded as “criminals” – wanted posters go up in the city
    ‘Wanted’ campaign targets Climate Criminals at Paris summit

    The seven most insidious fossil fuel lobbyists in Paris to weaken attempts to agree a global climate deal have been named and shamed as ‘climate criminals’ in a dossier published by the global citizens movement Avaaz.

    The group, which spearheaded last weekend’s climate marches which saw 785,000 people take to the streets globally, posted over a thousand ‘Wanted’ posters outside 5-star hotels in the French capital on Monday morning. The poster highlighting the seven most notorious dirty energy lobbyists unearthed from the list of more than 50,000 delegates at summit.

    On Monday morning, Avaaz ‘Climate Cops’ will hand out flyers outside key Metro stations leading to the Le Bourget with photos of the lobbyists, who are expected to ramp up their efforts to derail a deal when ministers arrive this week to negotiate the deal.

    Emma Ruby-Sachs, Acting Executive-Director of Avaaz says: “These lobbyists have come to Paris to sabotage a global deal for ambitious climate action, despite over 3.6 million citizens around the world calling for 100% clean energy. Ministers must listen to their people, not polluters, and refuse meetings with climate criminals who want to derail a deal the whole world wants.”

    Each of the seven named lobbyists is renowned for their backroom dealings to to stop the transition to clean energy and push the interests of dirty fossil fuels. Some have resorted to harassing climate scientists and even calling for them to be ‘publicly flogged’.

    The lobbyists include:

    ► Benjamin Sporton, head of the World Coal Association
    Fiona Wild, representative of mining-giant BHP Billiton
    ► Marc Morano, whose trademark activity is to publish the email addresses of climate scientists to expose them to hate mail.
    ► Myron Ebell, director of US think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute known for receiving money from ExxonMobil
    ► Chris Horner, funded by the coal industry and known for “harassing” climate scientists in order to access to their email
    ► Bjorn Lomborg, previously backed by funders with links to the Koch brothers, he’s most known as the ‘delayer in chief’ when it comes to climate
    ► James Taylor, senior fellow at climate denial lobby group Heartland Institute

    Examples of lobbyists’ far-reaching influence within climate meetings include The World Coal Association setting up shop next to the COP19 summit in Warsaw in 2013 to convince negotiators to embrace coal as a solution to climate change.

    This resulted in the Warsaw Communiqué promoting clean coal, which has been deemed as “a myth” by National Geographic. At the COP17 in Durban in 2011, the Carbon Capture and Storage Association (comprised of major fossil fuel and power companies) successfully lobbied for carbon credits for new coal plants.

    With global warming a clear scientific reality, the world has become increasingly intolerant of the fossil fuel industry’s attempts to undermine climate science and climate legislation. The campaign comes off the back of recent cases cracking down on “climate criminals,” including the investigation into Exxon for allegedly lying to the public about the risk of climate change.

    The dossier is published as part of Avaaz’s 100% Clean campaign, which has been backed by more than 3.6 million people.

    From the New York Times:

    Environmental activists pasted more than 1,000 “Wanted” posters outside luxury hotels here overnight, calling seven people who have ties to the fossil fuel industry or are skeptics of climate change “criminals.” The activists also distributed flyers with photographs of the seven.

    “These lobbyists have come to Paris to sabotage a global deal for ambitious climate action,” said Emma Ruby-Sachs, acting executive director of Avaaz, the activist group that organized the stunt. “Ministers must listen to their people, not polluters, and refuse meetings with climate criminals who want to derail a deal the whole world wants,” she added.

    • Don’t you just love democracy? Even the “bad guys” get to voice thier opinion too! Let the best ideas win hey…

      • Whether the bad guys gets a say is irrelevant. The important thing is whether the public speeches are truth or lies, and the quantity. Lies should not be tolerated regardless who says it.

    • The video describes why her party has grown in popularity to the extent that is stating to gain regional power.
      The conditions described, sans Daesh event on Australian soil, could be happening here soon.
      If the populace of Australia react the same way, by going hard to the right, then we could see a new One Nation pop up.
      Also, in today’s world, a major event in Europe can lead to consequences within Australia.

      So, if you think that this article is only of minuscule relevance perhaps you’re suffering from tunnel vision at the moment.

  2. The longer major parties push high immigration rates and ignore the social impact on existing residents, the more popular and mainstream these parties are going to become.

    • “…ignore the social impact on existing residents…”

      That is more important than anything else.

      • Funny how those advocating high immigration, like @TheIPA or @CIS on the right, or the Labour party and Greens to the left, see the right for free movement as a fundamental right for everyone, yet in their next breath will be prepared to fight to the death to ensure no piece of Govt legislation will infringe on their rights as; property holders, tax payers, etc, etc.

        The right to citizenship IS a valuable right. The social capital that I inherit by being born in a Australia, the access to good Govt (supposedly), high education, the rule of law, etc is no less valuable to me than any physical capital that I may eventually inherit from my parents.

        In fact for a great many Australians, Australian citizenship is probably THE MOST VALUABLE thing they will ever own – yet there is a great swath of moralising, latte sipping, anal excavators who are quite happy to give something away, just because it has no meaning or is of little value to them, in relation to their high paying jobs, their nice house in the inner west and their o/seas holidays to Indian yoga retreats.

        If you continue to ignore the concerns of existing residents, who DO value their rights as citizens, then however unappealing, the popularity of the parties of the far right will continue to grow, and with it tolerance and eventual acceptance of many of their other far less tolerable policies, as a price to pay in order to stand up to exploitatively high immigration rates.