Parko’s revenge

By Leith van Onselen

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has given former Treasury Secretary, Dr Martin Parkinson, a new lease on public life, appointing him head of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, according to The AFR.

This is great news. Dr Parkinson has an excellent understanding of tax reform and is well placed to guide Prime Minister Turnbull through the Tax White Paper process, currently underway via the Australian Treasury.

Dr Parkinson is also an expert on environmental economics, having formerly been secretary to the Department of Climate Change.

We wish him well in his new role and look forward to many important contributions on the economic policy front.

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Leith van Onselen
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    • MT will last until a week after the next election.

      At which point the Coalition will reinstall Abbott for two years.

      At which point they will wheel Malcolm out again for the subsequent election.

      Rinse and repeat.

      • Ihope your wrong emess, but I fear you are right, the forces of Chaos & neo-con nut jobbery are lurking.
        They will take Labor’s kingslaying to new heights of bastardry.
        Watch your back Mal.

  1. Only one blot on the CV! Not too bad, I guess this appointment discussed over the infamous evening meal. Hypothetically, of course.

  2. Australia is in dire need of a strong intelligent, & fearless Public Service, very good to have him back

  3. We don’t need an environmental nutter economist alarmist in any role.
    I hope Turnbull realises the only reason the liberals were elected is because Australia grew up and rejected all the pseudo climate change mumbo lies that the Rudd Gillard Rudd ‘greatest moral dilemma’ fabrication and nonsense foisted on us.
    People didn’t vote for Abbott – they voted against the Eco nutters.
    Malcolm needs to remember that.

      • Oh yes. Look we all know on MB here that you have a lot difficultly with even one thought not fitting into your half a brain so dont attempt to digest them, but get help and someone can explain them to you.

    • So much wrongness in one post. By the way, did you enjoy the windfall you got back when the carbon tax was repealed? Thought not.

      • haroldus I think the correct metrics for measurement here are middies and legs of lamb. But if you can convert that into football fields or olympic swimming pools I’d be greatful. (My calculator only does schoolbus and olympic swimming pool)

  4. “On the topic of tax reform, Dr Parkinson called for a more open discussion and believed interest groups and political parties were too quick to rule things out. Dr Parkinson has previously supported abolishing negative gearing”
    John Daley, Martin Parkinson, Saul Eslake etc inside the tent? Has Saul indicated any increased optimism re NG reform?

  5. Jesus…..the climate tragics are gonna have a priapism when they hear a climate tragic is joining the guv’ment!

    • Don’t be a hyperventilating zealot Jaybone – it ruins your credibility. You need to stick to facts.

      Parkinson is not a climate tragic anything. He is an economist. He was appointed as the bureaucratic head of the Climate Change Department which was set up to give advice to government on the costs of different forms of addressing climate change BECAUSE he is an economist, and because he is not some form of hyperventilating zealot (from either side of politics).