Turnbull to challenge Abbott LIVE!

From the AFR:

Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed he is challenging Prime Minister Tony Abbott for the leadership of the Liberal party.

“I met with the Prime Minister and advised him that I would be challenging him for the leadership of the Liberal Party”

“And we need a different style of leadership…A style of leadership that respects the people’s intelligence”.

“If we continue with Mr Abbott as Prime Minister, it is clear enough what will happen. He will cease to be Prime Minister and he’ll be succeeded by Mr Shorten,” Mr Turnbull says.

Here it is:

And live coverage of the 9.15 spill:


    • This would be a two for one deal too I reckon. Bariatric Joe wouldnt have much credibility with his Malcolmness. i dont think it changes the economic dynamic much from here though. The economy is rooted, and the political/policy backdrop is mired in mediocrity.

      I notice that Malcolm is full on vis the China trade agreement too.

      Pascoemeter has come for Stappleguts as well…..

      Liberal leadership: Vale Joe Hockey, cue business confidence bounce as Malcolm Turnbull takes on Tony Abbott


    • Tony Abbott is good at attacking but not good at defending. He was useful for the LNP when they were in opposition. No longer.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Yes. What sent Tones mad was OL Bill never rising to the bait. Tones only had walls to punch.

        A good strategy by Shorten if there wasn’t so much at stake. They waved through too many things that should never have been considered.

      • I just saw the Shorten press conference.

        He is the next dead man walking because it was wooden, vacuous and calibrated through a committee of spin doctors and guaranteed to look fake to the people of Australia.

        If Abbott can hold on I am still not sure Shorten could beat him – it was that bad.

      • Gun – I am starting to agree, I don’t think Shorten can win…

        I don’t know why Turnbull challenging though? I can’t see any real popular support?

        If Turnbull gets in, Shorten will win IMHO

      • “I just saw the Shorten press conference.”

        Bill and his advisors are f*ckwits. Why on earth would he get out there (and make an arse of himself) when the Liberals are self-destructing? Just STFU Bill.

      • FiftiesFibroShack

        After seeing Bling’s press conference I wouldn’t be surprised if he knifes himself and installs a head of lettuce as leader of the ALP. Did he hire some dropouts from Nimbin tafe’s horticultural department as press advisors?

      • Tory politics is becoming genuinely surreal this evening.

        Jeff Kennett (yes Jeffrey) has come out and accused Malcolm of being an Egomaniac……….in comparison to TestosterTone?

        Liberal challenge: Jeff Kennett calls Malcolm Turnbull ‘selfish’ and ‘egomaniac’


        I am just hoping Amanda Vanstone can whip up a piece for the Fairfax press exhorting Christopher Pyne as the more plausible, and leaner, alternative……

      • It gets better, I just saw the Truss (NP) Presser.

        I reckon it was code for ‘we aint got no agreement with Malcolm!’

        We could have complete Tory meltdown this evening …………..

      • Tones is terrified, he’s trotting out his Ministry to speak for him – even old Truss! Malcolm must mostly have the backbench behind him, probably more than a few promises of cabinet positions would have been doled out. If the numbers really are already in place, I wouldn’t be surprised to see ScoMo the opportunist keep a cabinet spot either.

      • Malcolm Turnbull stands for everything the Nationals don’t.

        Malcolm Turnbull in in there for Malcolm Turnbull. No one else

      • Perhaps it is time for the Libs to split in urban Libs and rural Libs and for the rural Libs to join the Nats?

      • A realistic possibility. Mind you, chatting to long time Labour supporters, they want a conservative DLP back, with a left leaning socialist bent.

        The great irony of all this is we are all looking for a messiah that simply doesn’t exist. Australia is about to be hit economically really, really hard. Nothing can prevent what is about to happen. No leader can transform us in time – if at all… Turnbull may have a bounce (I don’t think very high nor very long) – heck Labour may ditch Shorten ASAP (before Christmas at least) – but nothing politically changes.

        Its all a bit pointless really. Could I vote Liberal with Turnbull as PM – I doubt it. But we will see. Could I vote for Bowen – maybe? I just don’t know anymore. It seems there isn’t a Party that represents us in the middle anymore.

  1. #GoodbyeBill #DoubleSpill

    The Divine Ms B met with Abbott prior to QT and requested he stand aside. MT has the numbers.

  2. Here we go again. Years of this from Labor. Now years of speculation and we will get years again with this mob.

    That’s it I’m outta here …

      • If only Hillary had gotten the nomination for 2008.

        Then it would have been Bush Clinton Bush Clinton, by which time surely there would have been some young Bush lad to marry Chelsea, making it Bush Clinton Bush Clinton Bush-Clinton.

  3. I wish Turnbull had been PM during the GFC instead of Rudd. He correctly stated at the time that, although some stimulus was neede, Rudd was wasting too much stimulus money unnecessarily.

    • Could’ve got Australia the crash it needed to rebuild from there. Now the problem is bigger and the crash will be harder this time.

  4. Hockey should go as well, although I am not convinced that Malcolm that much much good. He should start off his new leadership by apologising to the Australian people for the absolute moron that Abbott is. He should even use those words.

    A corruption probe would be in order too as I cannot fathom how Abbott could have wanted to do, and did all the things he did that was without doubt designed to benefit the wealthy.

    But most likely, we’ll get a few idiotic policies off the table, but not address the big issues like NG or Super.

    • Hockey will be relegated to the backbench (unless he’s begged Mal for a cabinet position in exchange for a vote).

      Turnbull gave it to Abbott with both barrels in his presser. As good an apology as you’re going to get from a pollie.

    • My money is on hockey getting dropped kicked out of there. Morrison as treasurer. Bishop as deputy. Expect to see all budgetry legislation pulled from the senate, and a new mini budget introduced asap with morrison negotiation transition with the greens

    • Wooooo Hooooo to that too.

      One of the things that pisses me off so intensely – is that we haven’t had the satisfaction of an an opposition leader making a hilarious arse of a man who will become known as the worst PM in history.

      Shorten is an halfwit and the Labor party hasn’t reformed.

      What has happened to the great Labor leaders – why no post modern Hawke or Keating?

  5. mine-otour in a china shop

    This should be settled via an old fashioned duel at 10 paces with loaded guns.

    Anyone can challenge anyone, and hopefully a few lobbyists and banking economists will put their hands up to join in the fun – available only on Foxtel HD.

  6. Abbott gone? Great, but I still don’t trust Turnbull.

    Edit: And doesn’t 3d make you want to puke. You show the same level of honour and principle as a Yellow-Bellied snake!

    I guess Abbott’s supporters are all like 3d; rats and a sinking ship!

    2nd edit: And what a bitch JB has shown herself to be (not that that wasn’t known). What a real pro, as in prostitute. Sold herself to remain DPM, she’ll never make it as PM.

    • Dennis mate! don’t do that hate stuff please, this is MB not the fuc#ing Telegraph of Bolt or a shock Jock station. Lift your game please.

      • you ought to talk. Mod-ing part time?

        Oh, and if your complaint is about “bitch and pro” she is. She couldn’t sell herself fast enough. How many PMs has she been DPM to and she’s gone with every successful challenge.

      • Dennis you are attributing a very nasty statement to me that I didn’t make, never make such comments. Please check the source and correct the record.

    • Whoa, dude. Settle down. The Divine Ms B is beyond reproach.

      For the record, I said Abbott and Hockey had to go, last year. I said my Abbott farewell in another post elsewhere on this blog. Politics can be a cruel master.

      • 3d,

        Beyond reproach my arse. She has supported whom ever has held either the Leader of the Opp or the PM’s position, right up to the point they cannot win, then she and her support group change camps. And thus she remains DPM.

        Turnball is smart enough to realise he cannot ever have her loyalty.

      • And you, 3d, have the same mentality. I wouldn’t trust you as far as I could throw you. You have gleefully thown Abbott under the bus, and you’ll do the same with Bishop if required without any hesitation. You have no moral compass.

    • I actually think 3d is kept locked under the floorboards of the divine Ms Bishop’s WA HQ, dressed in a gimp suit with nothing but a laptop to hammer out his daily dirge on. Occasionally when in town she lets him out and stamps on his hands a few times with her stiletto heels squealing “crawl back into the shadows you filth”

  7. Rudd v Gillard ad nauseaum …Abbott v Turnbull. Developing economies always have problems with political stability.
    An invasion by Samoa and Fiji would really top it.

  8. “Time doesn’t mean anything when you’re about to be, you know, have water lapping at your front door,”
    Pete’s metaphoric ‘kiss of death’.

  9. ErmingtonPlumbingMEMBER

    “And we need a different style of leadership…A style of leadership that respects the people’s intelligence”.

    Ouch! The gloves are off now. Anyone got a video link of Mal saying that.

    • “And we need a different style of leadership—A style of leadership that respects the people’s intelligence”.
      Yes & was said in a vain manner suggesting that the people will be intelligent enough to listen to my pompous cultured wisdom – “I have the key to success for this Country” Puke!

      • Well I have been watching a moron masquerading as a Prime Minister for the last 2 years and I am sick of it.
        Better a pompous prat with obvious intelligence than a pedestrian fool with a gait disorder.

  10. TailorTrashMEMBER

    I hope that if MT gets the gig ( awful hipster language ) ……then we will still be ” open for business ” ……………but only if it benefits AUSTRALIANS!!

  11. Hoo-Fucking-Ray at long last!!! Hopefully Abbott will resign from Parliament, and that wooden, shallow, imbecilic, manipulative hollow-man Shorten will also have his opportunity to be PM torpedoed. He must be shitting bricks as much as Abbott.

    I dream of the day when I don’t have to hear Abbott croaking his lying, stupid bullshit on the TV or radio. The man is the worst PM I’ve seen in over 3 decades of following politics in this country. He is a disgrace to the party and the country, and the sooner he is gone, the better off we’ll all be.

    I’ll be cooling the champagne tonight in anticipation of the vote.

      • @Andrew
        “Better a pompous prat with obvious intelligence than a pedestrian fool with a gait disorder”
        Well judging by your annoyance & other post you voted for the pedestrian fool with a gait disorder.

      • No idea how you came up with that inference AU Rules. It was obvious Abbott’s magic pudding of agreeing to every expenditure, no tax rises and doing what he promised was unachievable.
        So no no vote from me.
        My hostility is born of the barefaced dishonesty I have witnessed over the last two years. I found it staggering and am still amazed 44 of his colleagues endorse it.

  12. Time for Tone and Joe to go back to what they are meant to be doing, that is real estate for Joe and … wait.. what’s Tone good at?

      • Evil Unca Rupe puts the boot in. Lead article in The Australian:

        The woman whom Tony Abbott allegedly intimidated by punching a wall at Sydney University in 1977 has released an affidavit sworn by a purported eyewitness to the incident, and has challenged the Prime Minister to provide his own legally binding account of the incident.

        The allegation by Barbara Ramjan, which the Prime Minister has denied, was first publicised in 2012 and resurfaced today following the publication of a new memoir by The Australian’s foreign editor Greg Sheridan.

        Sheridan’s memoir, When We Were Young and Foolish, concludes it “was inconceivable that Tony would have attempted to physically intimidate a woman” and there was “no witness to (the incident) beyond the person making the allegation”.

        However Ms Ramjan, a former rival of Mr Abbott in student politics, maintains the future prime minister “came up to her, within an inch of her nose, and punched the wall on either side of her head”.

        Ms Ramjan today released the redacted affidavit of a purported eyewitness.

        It recounts how Mr Abbott led an “extremely loud and aggressive” mob of four or five men who grabbed him around the shoulders and threw him against the wall, screaming “poofter” or “commie” into his face on that day in 1977.

        “I saw Tony Abbott raise his elbow and, with fist clenched, drive a punch downwards at Barbara Ramjan towards the end of the corridor where it opened into a bigger room, which had a table in the middle,” the affidavit reads.

        “I saw Barbara Ramjan leaning against the wall, arising from a lower position (up from a kneeling position), obviously extremely shocked. I did not see the punch connect, only the sight of Tony Abbott punching down at her.

        “I assumed he had hit her, and her visible shock afterward only served to reinforce my impression.”

        Barbara Ramjan statement

        The redacted affidavit

        The incident allegedly occurred at the university’s Student Representative Council offices on 28 July 1977, after Ms Ramjan defeated Mr Abbott in the race for the SRC’s presidency.

        The witness swears he had “no relevant political affiliations to any formal party, either then or now” and did not know Ms Ramjan or her university campaign manager, lawyer David Patch.

        He believes Mr Abbott’s denial of the incident is an “appalling lie”, according to the affidavit.

        Although the witness, now a professor, has previously been quoted in the media, the affidavit has not previously been published.

    • So some nameless dude reckons he saw a man hit a women, did nothing about it, stood idly by, never mentioned it even when the issue became a public vendetta. Sure…..

      • 3d1k, I just finished reading David Marr’s essay-come-book and the same eyewitness account was in it (published originally a couple of years ago). The witness was not named then either but it reads the same.

      • Whats with all the dude stuff 3d1k? Bit out of character

        We’ve had a lower class of minebot for a couple of months now.

      • You tell us. News Ltd chose to print it now :).. Good, at least now you admit that News Ltd is so far behind the times that whatever news they print is outdated and the rest is tabloid garbage.

  13. Dear me, our collective ability to enact real reform just took another step backwards today.
    I am not a supporter of TA at all, however an unstable govt now seems to be the norm and therefore the hard decisions will not get done and it is our children and their children who will pay the price for this 24 hour cycle of politics.

    • Exactly, any MB reader that thinks this will result in a reduction of boomer rent seeking and sensible policies is deluded.
      At best MT will sell the existing turds in slightly more attractive wrapping while wobbling his head in self satisfaction whilst bathing in the adulation from his leftist lovies, who will still vote for any hack the Labor party puts up.

      • This is only one half of the equation, will be interesting to see Labour’s reply, if any, and the resulting change in dynamic.
        Good night Tones.
        Good night Bill!

  14. Well at least Turnbull might approach the job with some degree of competence.

    One of the things that cam out of the Rudd/ Gillard fiasco was that, whatever you thought of Gillard, she was competent and ran a good office (I was mixed about Gillard’s policies and obviously she was mediocre at selling them to the public, hostile press notwithstanding). Rudd and Abbott ended up having a surprising amount in common.

    So Turnbull (probably) won’t be incompetent. Unlike Rudd and Abbott, he is probably too smart to let his narcissism ruin his basic administrative capabilities. However it’s not clear that the country will be much better off. Maybe MB might like to draw up a hit list: on the various issues that MB has drawn attention to over the years where does Turnbull stand? (Super reform, negative gearing, land taxes, population policy etc)

    • TailorTrashMEMBER

      “Super reform, negative gearing, land taxes, population policy etc) ….add the real benefits of foreign investment …….and I would say these are indeed the questions that he needs to address and provide answers to nd that is the question ……………we need to keep the focus on him for answers ……if none come forth ……..then the LNP will self destruct in time for the next election !!……….then what do we get ……….O dear !!

      • Given that he came out championing ChAFTA as part of his challenge speech, I hold very low expectations in that regard. At least the PTA has been killed by outside factors so hopefully nothing Robb and Turnbull could do would revive it.

        But ChAFTA, what can you say. Yeah what Australia needs is a huge influx of geriatric Traditional Medicine practitioners.

  15. As I posted earlier today in the latest Abbotalypse thread the individual PM’s are not the problem. It runs much deeper than that.

    This is an exercise in replacing the Captain of a rust-riddled ship equipped with out-of-date engines, obsolete navigation gear, an ill-disciplined/low competency crew and full of passengers demanding a free lunch. It makes entertaining theatre for a while but ultimately the outcome will be much the same when the cyclone arrives.

    Fair bet many will be back here in 18 months or so bemoaning Turnbull as the ‘nations worst prime minister’…

  16. What I will say is…. most of you need to stop looking for a messiah, especially as an individual, 40ish years of neoliberalism is not going to go poof because someone looks at it funny….

    Skippy…. its a system problem…

    • Messiah? You’re right! There isn’t one on the horizon….anywhere. So the answer will be “40ish years of neoliberalism is not going to go poof…”

      • It is its own problem Janet, increasing amounts of people. in developed countries, are not only learning but questioning tired old truisms.

        Skippy…. the environment on the other hand is non-responsive to truisms…

  17. Capitalising on chaos. Like a boss. I don’t trust him, but he’s got to be better than the brain dead scum of the loon pond.

  18. Could this be the turning point in Australia’s lowest point of politics ever?? I’m not hopeful, that way I can only be apathetic, at worst

    • Turning point for a deeper decline. I can’t see the electorate voting for yet another government that turfs out a first term prime minister.
      How is he going to bribe the electorate the kitty is bare?

      • My hope is MT calls an early election, the polls swing and Labor chucks out Shorten, then we can at least move on fully from the nightmarish last two years we’ve had.

      • a quote from a movie …
        in the absence of genuine leadership, they’ll listen to anyone who steps up to the microphone. They want leadership. They’re so thirsty for it they’ll crawl through the desert toward a mirage, and when they discover there’s no water, they’ll drink the sand.

    • Even better…
      “Hi I’m Malcolm. You’d remember me from Whitlam Turnbull & Co Ltd,” the investment bank he established in partnership with Neville Wran (a former Labor Premier of New South Wales) and the former State Bank of New South Wales chief executive, Nicholas Whitlam (son of Gough Whitlam, a former Labor Prime Minister of Australia).

  19. Holy cow this says the vote is tonight.
    TONY Abbott will contest a Liberal leadership challenge from Malcolm Turnbull in a vote to be held on Monday night.

    “THE prime ministership of this country is not a prize or a plaything to be demanded,” Mr Abbott told reporters at Parliament House on Monday evening, two hours after Mr Turnbull advised him of the challenge and his decision to quit cabinet

  20. Best news if Tony loses tonight? He doesn’t get a PM pension until he’s served two years. Which would be this coming Friday. Please oh please…

  21. You would have to be pretty dumb to prefer one party or one personality over another in this two party broken system

  22. I Love it
    The communist
    The Buffoon
    etc etc etc
    For God’s sake, Coco the Clown, Alfred E Neuman…….
    The problem is NOT your leaders.
    The problem is:
    Australians feel that they are ENTITLED to something better than everyone else.

  23. The current political troubles go far deeper than the current leadership debacles.
    Reality is Australia faces shrinking income and needs to live within it’s means. No side of politics has the courage to reign in the rent seeking and other obvious budget rorts for genuine savings that can better be redirected to genuine social expenditures, whilst at the same time resisting the temptation to go for easy option GST increases etc.
    Abbott’s underlying characteristic of loyalty to colleagues means he hasn’t put Sloppy Joe (the declarer of the end of the age of entitlement with the most ridiculous I-rent-from-my-wife entitlement) out to pasture. Irony of ironies is an Abbott/Turnbull probably would have worked.

    • Too many pollies are in a government just for the sake of being in a government. K Rudd was one of the worst in this regard.

      If Abbott/Turnbull would have worked, Abbott has only himself to blame for not having appointed Turnbull.

  24. Speculative question,

    If Turnbull wins, let’s say he gets a bump in the polls.

    Obviously he could go for an early election, but if he wins he still has the same problem Abbott has- a shitty senate.

    COuld we imagine a situation where he goes for a double dissolution to try and clear the decks in both houses?

    Just a thought.

    • The earliest date for the Reps is 6 August 2016. A dd would be disastrous in the Senate for both majors.

    • A DD would be disastrous for both parties – disenchantment with them is pretty pervasive at the moment.

      I am not sure MT is going to be able to turn around disenchantment with Australian politics, but think that he is about as plausible as anyone in parliament gets at the moment. Though I do like some of the more coherent noises coming out of the Greens post Milne.

    • politics = the art of the possible ..so the senate will be as shitty for him in an adequate and accurate measure of his political acumen….. fk him he deserves no favours …he’s getting paid just like the preceding costellos

  25. Interesting time to become prime minister with what is about to happen to Australia over the coming 2 years (mining capex cliff, auto manufacturing closure etc) – what will MT do to avert the crisis ? and will he have enough time.

    • You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to be PM but you do have to have experience in running a successful business, managing finances to a profit and definitely be a people management ‘specialist’ to succeed imo. i.e. as PM you should not only delegate most jobs but have working experience of these delegated jobs …..then you can micro-manage all your ‘boys and girls’ successfully and importantly not look like a galah.

  26. Keating read this correctly many years ago. Abbott is an intellectual nobody with no policy ambition, who owes his position to the Lib’s many right-wing nutters. We are beyond the point of God saving this country from Abbott, thank God someone in the Libs has the balls to take action.

    That said, I think Turnbull is about to have those balls handed back tonight, to be henceforce eviscerated beyond recognition.

    • I must confess that seems to be the backdrop suspicion behind the ABC coverage. It would appear to be close – which means that either Malcolm’s people cant count, or that the Tories are chock full of duplicitous fibbers when telling people who they will vote for (maybe both).

      Just imagine a Malcolm eunuch wheeled out in parliament from time to time to gee up the remaining gibber set as planet TestosterTone takes the nation towards some form of OzPolitics Götterdämmerung as the centrepiece of an sociopolitical/economic implosion the like not seen before.

      I did think the ABC coverage made a valid point not long ago about what the Tories do with Cory Bernardi should Malcolm get up

      • “Tories do with Cory Bernardi should Malcolm get up”

        Give him two ministries, Aboriginal affairs and women. He’d be too busy dodging to play wrecking ball.

      • Malcolm had the numbers. And Sky is the ONLY option if you’re serious about politics.

        @Spleen, your mate Ellis has paid glowing tribute to Abbott in the past.

  27. “The prime ministership of this country is not a prize or a plaything to be demanded. It should be something which is earned by a vote of the Australian people.”

    Spoken like a true republican, Prime Minister. Btw :I find it interesting to hear a politician appeal to God to save his miserable fundament. Better I s’pose than trying to sell it to the highest bidder.