Nine recoils as GetUp nails TPP

Goodness me, blood sucking global corporations appear to be circling the TPP wagons, from GetUp:

UPDATE: We just received word that Channel 9 has banned our new TV ad from airing during the evening news — and they refuse to say why. The ad simply shows, in irreverent fashion, what the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement will mean for Australian families. The Abbott government is trying to keep this deal secret from Australians, and now Channel 9 is joining in.

But we won’t give up. We’re scrambling right now for ad spots during the news on other networks, before next Saturday’s critical Canning by-election (Channel 10 says they’ll air it!).

And the ad that Nine has banned:

I’m not a big fan of the GetUp point of view on many occasions but that is more or less right. The TPP gives away a lot more than it brings.

David Llewellyn-Smith


  1. Of course, the BS anti mining tax ads were fine… This should be major front page news IMO. A trade deal slammed by every independent economist can’t even be mentioned thanks to Murdoch. Conspiracy theorists deserve an apology…

    • Perhaps I should be clearer alex – the pattern re the FTAs and TPP is pretty damn clear. National interest is subverted by sectional interests. We are being run by a cabal.

  2. Nine also reported that Australian ministers are walking away from the TPP (more likely trying to take credit for something unpopular that fell apart on its own). I reckon the TPP is done for the moment.

    • Reminds me of when Deutsche walked away from the Abbott Point/Carmichael cancer factory because of “concerns” about the Great Barrier Reef – and not because the whole thing is a horrific boondoggle.

  3. It needed a new pitch for media to understand, something like, My Hegemony Rules, a new reality show where people lose rights and pay more to foreign corporations.

    • It was only on for one season, but “my big fat, obnoxious boss” was satirical of corporate sociopathy. Perhaps expand on that, the Libs can run a reality show, where the contestants can be the next prime ministerial chief of staff, assesses on scaling their dark triad traits.

  4. Is this unconstitutional?

    Given the only right to free speech that is constitutionally protected in Australia is that of political free speech, the prohibition on airing of this ad at certain times could breach this right Australians supposedly have.

  5. Wow. Can this really be the same Channel 9 that happily aired hate-filled ads attacking gay marriage? What a pack of hypocrites.

  6. FiftiesFibroShack

    Well if they didn’t want the ad seen rejecting it probably isnt the best course of action. How much free publicity will GetUp! get now? Likely more than they could have paid for.

  7. This is easily remedied…everyone could tweet this video and tag Abbott Hockey and Anyone prominent. If enough people did this it could have a ripple.