Abbottalypse gone

The great political wanker of his time has bowed out, from the AFR:

A bitterly disappointed Tony Abbott has bowed out, blaming the media and treacherous colleagues for his downfall while vowing to do nothing to destabilise Malcolm Turnbull.

Mr Abbott, who lost Monday night’s leadership ballot by 54 voteds to 44 votes, said he was ousted by “poll-driven panic” and a “febrile media culture that has developed that rewards treachery”.

He accused the media of acting like the “assassin’s knife” for quoting unnamed sources when reporting leadership speculation.

Mr Abbott did not say whether he would quit politics or stay on the backbench but said he would allow Mr Turnbull to govern unimpeded.

“There will be no leaking, no undermining, no sniping,” he said.

A hypocrite and dunce to the end. Nobody is to blame for the demise of Tony Abbott except an inept Tony Abbott who:

  • rose to power via a big lie about carbon pricing;
  • outsourced the Budget repair job to corporations;
  • butchered the Budget as a result by forgetting he was actually elected by people;
  • performed with the aplomb of a trained monkey at the G20;
  • egged on a raging housing bubble when institutions around him cried out for restraint;
  • butchered his second Budget and wrecked the reform agenda in the process via giveaways;
  • humiliated the nation with 19th century honours;
  • introduced Draconian, costly and useless data gathering to monitor your porn sites;
  • ruled out universally endorsed reform for super and property;
  • championed dying coal and killed renewable energy despite a capex cliff;
  • killed off gay marriage and installed brown shirts at every street corner to check your papers, and
  • when everyone could see that his agenda was not much more than a grab-bag of personal chauvinisms, he dragged Australia into the ISIS conflict, making the nation a target for no reason other than to save his own sorry skin.

The Abbott Government should slide into history, quickly forgotten, one of those nasty memories that crop up occasionally and should never be mentioned in polite conversation.


  1. “….. said he was ousted by “poll-driven panic” and a “febrile media culture that has developed that rewards treachery”.

    It’s actually hard to argue with this. He is a total muppet with a dearth of political instinct and nous, but he has a point.

    • DLS summarizes the Abbort era succinctly and accurately. That’s why I come here. I have not seen such a pithy precis of Abbortt anywhere else. 💡

    • A terrible injustice has occurred. A good man, a man of conviction and great love of country has been crucified on the pyre of post existential Warholian nothingness which can only ever reject substance.

      That, and alas, the inability to sell the message. The message no one wants to hear. At the end of the day, I’m a realist. Abbott would never be forgiven, could never win an election. Ironically, Shorten gave the speech of the day, about Abbott!

      Black and white. No. 50 shades.

      • Ha ha ha! You self satirising blabber mouth. You’ve got all the same blind spots Abbott does. You sound like Murdoch, going on about how he was a decent man when in fact he was a pathological liar.

        Never forget that his own party rolled him, including your favourite Julie Biship and Obersturmbahnfuhrer Morrison.

        You’re all over the place, 3D. But at least your grandiloquent self-satire has reached a new peak. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      • I’ve heard he’s a lovely bloke from personal friends of his but he presided over the trashing of the poor and disabled.

        That was unforgivable .

  2. “he dragged Australia into the ISIS conflict, making the nation a target for no reason other than to save his own sorry skin.”

    This is one of the bigger points for me personally. We should be going nowhere near America’s adventures overseas. The reasons to do so do not outweigh the risks to us.

    • Really? I don’t like the manner it’s been done with. But two things
      1) ISIS doesnt care who is or isn’t involved unless you are wearing an explosive vest, and then you’re on their team.
      2) There is little argument against ISIS should being isolated and vaporised. The legalities of this should be well established and followed through on swiftly by who ever/whichever coalition is appropriately geared up for it and entitled to, with support from their respective nations. They’ve failed to do that.

      • And Australia’s contribution of a half dozen planes makes next to no difference whatsoever to the facts on the ground.

        The only way to root out ISIS is with overwhelming land forces … and who has the stomach for that? Nobody with an ounce of common sense.

      • Mining BoganMEMBER

        Land forces eh? Going by some of the quotes from government members it would seem that this is what Tones had in mind.

        Thank Dog he is gone.

      • I’m not proclaiming to know which countries should be involved or what criteria needs to be met. Dot the i’s cross the t’s but there’s a time for talk and a time for action. Pretending that if you don’t get involved or look the other way no harm is being done is beyond ignorant.

        It would, coincidentally, be akin to the boats having stopped because we a) reduced media coverage of the landings while the rest drowned at sea. Headline is good but the substance stinks.

      • Frag, i’m talking more about the fact that the US initially armed and sponsored these loons to oust Assad in order to meet their geopolitical objectives in the region. They have now run wild, as is the case when you arm a bunch of Saudi death row inmates, former state soldiers, mercs and then invite a bunch of Chechen hardliners (the most battle hardened and savage) to the party. The US policy in Syria is downright crazy. They assist in the formation of ISIS to oust a secular leader they once showered with praise, and now support neither ISIS nor Assad, but some magical notion of “moderate” rebels in the region, Al Nusra, who are actually Al Qaeda in Syria, and we are supporting this!?

        You need to look no further than recent developments. Why is the USA and NATO “concerned” about Russia entering the arena more heavily? Not a single Western media outlet can give any good reason as to what is actually concerning about it? They will be supporting Assad to actually destroy ISIS? What about this concerns the USA? Some months back the USA say they want a coalition to fight ISIS, but won’t let Russia be part of the coalition?

        The USA’s actual policy at this point is to let IS take Damascus, oust Assad. Then and only then would they have actually committed. The Russian presence throws a spanner into their plan. The whole thing stinks to high heaven, and the NYT, a rag when it comes to Foreign Policy, has the balls to question our commitment to a refuge crisis that is a DIRECT consequence of a foreign policy they wholeheartedly endorse.

      • There are bad things committed all over the world.
        Take a look no further than half a dozen African countries.
        I don’t recall any incentive for us to send planes to Dafur for instance?

        If the other side being a bunch of [email protected]#ts is the criteria for putting our military into harms way, rather than real national interest, then I am afraid we are going to awfully busy.

  3. So if he didn’t stay in the position long enough to get the PM pension, can we just pretend he was never there ?

      • Josh MoorreesMEMBER

        I gather there is no time limit, just a percentage of years served times final salary. ie 6.5% x 2 years as PM x salary as PM=PM portion of pension. This is done for his time as backbencher, minister and leader of opposition. All comes out to just over 300k a year. Or can take some of it as a lump sum x 10 so 1.5 million pus 150k a year.

  4. He accused the media of acting like the “assassin’s knife” for quoting unnamed sources when reporting leadership speculation

    so he was quite happy to have the murdoch press destroy the gillard/krudd govt. But ouchy when it happens to him. What a total hypocrite.

  5. Even StevenMEMBER

    You missed the best part of all – the Paid Parental Leave scheme. You know, for those desperately poor $150k+ earners…

      • Yikes, hadn’t thought about where she might end up! After poisoning relations with many in both the parliamentary and organisational Libs, probably not much though Loughnane no doubt has something in mind.

      • Probably some think-tank for the Liberal party will take her on. Can hardly see her being asset to any major business.
        Maybe the Grocery council.

  6. A most ungracious appraisal.

    He was accurate in critiquing the media. I expect some sold PhDs to be awarded analysing how a nation was gripped by hate, the fires of which were fanned and often ignited by elements of the media. This cannot be denied. It may be well be portent of the quality of political and economic debate we can expect henceforth. Surely a temporary never to be revisited psychotic episode.

    • Despite your appeal for civilised behaviour, I must note 1. the hatred is not irrational, it was earned with hard work. 2. Schadenfreude is about the only joy he offered Australia, and we are compelled to drink our fill in this one opportunity.

      • Malcolm, the joke is that he isn’t joking, what a joke 😉

        Let’s hope Turnbull sets Australia on the right path, one that rewards productive toil rather than houses and soil.

    • “I expect some sold PhDs to be awarded analysing how a nation was gripped by hate, the fires of which were fanned and often ignited by elements of the media. This cannot be denied. It may be well be portent of the quality of political and economic debate we can expect henceforth. Surely a temporary never to be revisited psychotic episode.. “

      Tones did more to trash the tone of political debate in this country than any other politician. So nice to see him fall but, I worry his main legacy will be a toxic political culture in Canberra that will endure long after he is gone. He has set the bar so low it’s hard to imagine it going much lower.

    • Actually, he was perhaps correct in his characterisation of the media. Although, I suspect he meant “feral” rather than “febrile”.

      However 3d, you seem to be a bit behind the times. This went on with Rudd and Gillard, and you didn’t find that a problem, so why now?

      Perhaps as one who quoted the bible when it suited him, Abbott should have remembered thequote from Hosea: “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind”

    • Have to agree with 3d1k here. Tony was a man of integrity, but the media had him in their sights from day one, fairfax and abc hang your heads in shame.

    • Ha ha ha! Whoever is using the 3D1K account today isn’t even trying; and the vocabulary and phrasing has completely changed. The writing style more resembles Skippy than the old 3D.

      Perhaps the intern is running the account again? Ha ha ha ha ha!

  7. Mining BoganMEMBER

    No, not forget. Australia must never forget the depths he took us to.

    He should forever be pointed out as what not to do.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Once MT starts getting “real” about the challenges ahead, you watch all the idiots cry out for a return to the days of feelgood BS.

  8. “when everyone could see that his agenda was not much more than a grab-bag of personal chauvinisms, he dragged Australia into the ISIS conflict, making the nation a target for no reason other than to save his own sorry skin.”

    I think you could have been harsher here. ” Tony Abbott entered a Proxy was against a nuclear armed Russia and Theocratic Islamic Iran WTF for no one knows.

  9. The only thing making this better than the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd mess is the fact that I didn’t have to read about it for months on end.

  10. Thank fuck for that. I only hope the right live upto (not going to use the word honour cause they have none) their pledge not to be like Labor and let Turnbull and Bishop prove their worth. Right wing conservatism has been a dismal failure and I hope they’ve learnt a lesson from this and never appears again.

  11. In a most peculiar fashion, Abbott adopted the persona of the ‘leader’ he thought the country wanted. How bittersweet it must be to realize this was entirely wrong.

    • Mining BoganMEMBER

      That is Tones all over. His shtick was to tell people what he thought they wanted to hear. This would work well with people he was briefed on but anywhere else was a dismal failure because he is no judge of character. That probably comes from having no character himself.

  12. I don’t think Abbott was in control especially towards the end.
    There are a lot of questions about the individuals around him (Credlin and Loughnane) and the extent to which they were effectively exercising Prime Ministerial power.

    It is slightly scary stuff, these are scary people.
    It is of great relief that Credlin will be gone and replaced by a quality act in Tony Nutt serving a capable moderate PM.

    It is now that the Adults are back in charge and the Australian community will be the biggest winner out of this change.

  13. While I don’t think the new regime will be any better- Pyne in Defense FFS- it’s good to clear out some of the hypocritical old dead wood and listen to the lunar right howl with rage.

    First we got rid of Bronwyn, now Tony, if Sophie loses Indi that would be perfect.

  14. Scott Ludlam nailed it 18 months ago with his maiden Senate speech:

    “Tony Abbott and his benighted attempt at a government are a temporary phenomenon. This too will pass. Just as the reign of the dinosaurs was cut short to their great surprise, is may be that the Abbott government will appear as nothing more than a thin, greasy layer in the core sample of future political scientists drilling back into the early years of the 21st century.”

  15. FiftiesFibroShack

    “A dunce to the end”

    Indeed. But who are the real dunces here, the dunce who ruled, or the dunces that thought him capable? His backers and those now hurling blame and inventing excuses are the real dunces.

  16. I note that even our resident troglodyte antiscience AGW deniers are pleased to see their fellow denier lose office. That tells you how bad he must have been 😯

  17. I’ve just wet my pants. Truss congratulatory address to the house commended Abbott on being a voluntary fireman ……… huh! Wasn’t that a photo op or didn’t Warren get the email.

  18. Typical response by DLS and the lefty communists who trawl this site seeking desperately for validation and reiforcement from each other for their own delusional views. TA went to the last election with 3 key promises:
    1. closing our borders to illegal people smugglers;
    2. scrapping the carbon tax;
    3. scrapping the mining tax.
    Given this mandate by the Australian people. he delivered on all three, irrespective of what you may think of him as a person. This alone is an achievement that should be respected. Were there errors in judgement in relation to the budgets? Absolutely. Does he deserve the verbal diarrhoea that’s being heaped upon him at commie sites like this? Absolutely not. Malcolm, with whom people on this site seem to have a man crush, has promised to be consultative and all inclusive – i think that will last for about all of 3 seconds before he is back to his dictatorial old ways. As much as i hate to say it, Shorten to be a shoe in for next PM. Sad day for Australia indeed…

  19. Well, we’ll see if Malcolm first among equals Turnbullshit will be any better. Meet the new boss, same as the old one.

  20. Yes, along with Rudd’s crying, Hawke as well if I remember correctly and Fraser. Gillard is a class above all of them.

    One thing that surprises me, were is all the griping about MT knifing TA as Gillard copped here?

    • This is different. Abbott was clearly a dead PM walking and there was also no friendship between him and Turnbull.

      Rudd had just bounced back in the polls, still had plenty of fight in him and Gillard had obviously been a close colleague. Watch The Killing Season, if Gillard hadn’t flirted with the idea of taking the Prime Ministership and simply told everyone to pull together as a team that whole sorry mess wouldn’t have happened.

      • TW,
        I did watch the KS, and I don’t agree with your view. A bounce, for how long? Rudd was dysfunctional as a leader and any change was unlikely to last long, which is why the party dumped him. He was the same as Abbott as a leader.

  21. He was extremely lucky to have Rudd blow up. There would have been no lost five years if not for that one event.

    Oddly both were in part undone by loyalty to staff that were too big for their boots.

  22. The greatest failure of this government was the NBN – it shocks me to think this is not being recognized STILL by this website.

    As an analogy Failing to implement the NBN is WORSE than refusing to implement electrical power and insisting on remaining with gas lamps and steam, a lot worse.

    It is simply beyond belief people are not understanding the enormity of this failure.

    • +10.
      As communications minister Turnbull was responsible for The NBN. Under his watch it still missed every rollout target and actually stalled. We are headed to be in third world status for internet connectivity by 2020 if this keeps up. I also don’t understand why the govt. is outlawing competition to the NBN. Companies should be able to cherry pick area’s where they can compete and leave the government to build networks where no one wants to go (ie the bush)

    • What do you mean not being recognized? There are many posts on this blog that have criticized the NBN as a big white elephant in its current form.

      Don’t forget, Turnbull was given the task to wreck the NBN. Abbott wanted it dead, buried and cremated. It was only through his advocacy that we even got FTTN as a policy.

      Granted, it’s been a dud policy, but it’s just one of many dud policies from this government that all seem to meld into one giant fuck-up. Therefore, it doesn’t stand out and can be safely overlooked by the polity.

      Turnbull’s heart was never in the NBN in its current form, that’s for sure. His focus was on getting the top job. Now that he’s got it, let us wait and see what happens.

      • “Don’t forget, Turnbull was given the task to wreck the NBN. Abbott wanted it dead, buried and cremated. It was only through his advocacy that we even got FTTN as a policy.”

        +many for this comment.

        I’m very strongly in favour of a full FTTP NBN but I’ll give some credit to Turnbull for not letting Abbott completely destroy the NBN like he wanted to.

        Tony Abbott has ordered Malcolm Turnbull to “demolish” the Government’s National Broadband Network (NBN) as he today brought him back to the Coalition frontbench to head up its communications portfolio.

  23. “The Abbott Government should slide into history, quickly forgotten”

    That’s the last thing you want because the likes of Bolt and Sheridan will be revising history like nobodies business. Sheridan was already crying for Abbott earlier on 2GB.

    The Abbottalypse deserves a monument that people can visit to remember he was the worst ever.

  24. Remains to be analysed is how someone as incompetent as Tone managed to be a prime minister of this country (and someone as incompetent as Joe managed to be a treasurer). That to me is the bigger issue and the lesson that should be learned here so that we don’t find ourselves in a similar situation in the future. The blame here goes not only to Tone and Joe but also to the system and the people that allowed them to be in such positions including the people who voted for them.

  25. Totally agree with this post. But on a different note: why does everyone think the leadership volatility has gone? Turnbull has a party room 50% full of members who oppose his views. The next coup might not be that far away.

    • If they knife Turnbull, they will have perfectly emulated Labor. That would be utterly hilarious. It would also destroy the party. Hilarious destruction.

    • Ha ha ha! If you don’t like it, then don’t read it. Abbott was ungracious to the end. This was 100% his own fault: half the people who knifed Abbott are hardcore conservatives (ScoMo, Brandis). He was simply an incompetent who rose above his station, and you’re just mad because HnH’s points hit a nerve.

      Let me do my best loon pond impersonation:

      Hurt durr Abbott was a decent man and a man of integrity and Australians couldn’t handle the message and it’s all Fairfax and the ABC and the Guardian’s fault hurt durr splatch.

      Ha ha ha ha ha!

  26. Now that Abbott the Afraid-of-gays Ape is gone, I wonder of Bulb Spoongen or whoever he is will abandon the small target strategy.

  27. ……installed brown shirts at every street corner to check your papers, really??????. Your credibility is going down the tube