How Keating missed the negative gearing boat

By Gavin Putland, cross-posted from the Land Values Research Group:

The McKell Institute’s report on negative gearing (Richard Holden, Switching Gears, June 2015) concluded that negative gearing for future investors should be allowed only for new homes. I have been pushing that idea since 2003. But the McKell report, in its account of the Hawke-Keating government’s brief quarantining of negative gearing (based on contemporary reports in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Sun-Herald), reveals that the idea dates back at least as far as 1987. I quote from pp.21–22:

Treasurer Paul Keating insisted at the time that the overwhelming factor deterring potential investors was high interest rates, needed to counter high inflation. By December 1986, the interest rate on loans to building societies had reached 15.5%, with NSW particularly hard hit, as new dwelling commencements decline [sic] by some 28% on the previous year.

By February 1987, the Real Estate Institute (REI) of NSW joined the HIA in blaming [disallowance of] negative gearing for contributing to a “rental crisis” in Sydney. …

In March, the Master Builders Federation of Australia released figures showing that Sydney rental prices had skyrocketed by 25% in the previous 12 months. …

By April, BIS Shrapnel released data showing that the level of new dwelling constructions had plummeted to a 10 year low….

By June 1987, the Liberal Party announced that if elected, it would replace Labor’s prohibition of negative gearing on rental properties with a system allowing deductions from taxable income on interest incurred on borrowings up to 80 per cent of the value of the rental property.

This received immediate support from the Confederation of Australian Industry (CAI) and the NSW REI, but was sternly criticized by the Tenants Union (TU) of NSW.

TU spokesman Tracy Goulding… argued that “These taxes aren’t directly responsible for the housing crisis. The rental crisis is an ongoing thing…”

Nevertheless, the Coalition began to ramp up its attacks on negative gearing as contributing to higher rental prices and longer public housing waiting lists. …

In August, the NSW REI released new figures which showed that Sydney rental prices had increased by 66% in the previous 12 months…

That apocalyptic claim is not supported by ABS figures. Nor is it clear how the Liberal Party’s proposal would have alleviated the construction slump when the tax deduction was not tied to construction. A clearer solution came from elsewhere (pp.22–23, my emphasis):

At this point, the West Australian Government began lobbying the Prime Minister to reform negative gearing so as to reintroduce it but for new housing only. … The acting WA Premier, Mr Mal Bryce, said that the shortage of private rental accommodation was a major concern in the community, but also urged the government to not reintroduce the incentive for existing houses on the basis that it would drive up prices….

Under growing pressure from his political base in NSW, the Treasurer began to consider several options for reform, including:

  • Allowing investors to claim interest expenses against gross rental income before deduction of operating expenses, which would allow more interest to be claimed as a tax deduction and increase returns to investors;
  • Allowing interest costs on up to a set percentage of borrowings, effectively setting an equity limit below which the negative gearing rules would not apply;
  • Setting a borrowing limit on interest deductibility; and,
  • The West Australian Premier’s proposal to restrict negative gearing to new supply.

In September, Treasurer Paul Keating took to cabinet a proposal that would allow investors to claim interest expenses as a tax deduction against gross rental income… but cabinet was split and no decision was made.

Note that Keating’s proposal, like the Liberal Party’s proposal, was not tied to construction! The rest is history (p.23):

Eventually, the Treasurer’s preferred approach was rejected, and the Government revealed that it would reinstate negative gearing in its entirety.

The reinstatement of full negative gearing coincided with the minimum in the house price index (red curve) in the following graph. Next month, the stock market crashed. In the new year, house prices entered bubble territory.


And in 1989 the bubble burst, together with its companion in commercial property — giving us the recession we had to have, turning Keating’s surpluses into deficits, and trashing his place in history.


    • From an email I received on April 9 from the Shadow Assistant Treasurer Andrew Leigh (Member for Fraser):

      “Dear … and …,

      Thank you for taking the time to write to me.

      The Labor Opposition is keen to hear from the community, experts in the field, and other stakeholders. You have touched on a broad range of policy areas in your email and these are all feeding into our discussion as we formulate a comprehensive tax policy for the next election.

      We are determined not to take the same approach as the Abbott Opposition did by entering government without ideas or vision. As part of my own portfolio I have been contributing to the conversation around multinational profitshifting. If you are interested in some of my work in that space you can find a link to a major speech at the McKell Institute earlier this year at this link.

      I appreciate you sharing your ideas for a fairer and more equitable Australia – I’ll take them on board for conisderation.

      Yours sincerely,

      Andrew Leigh
      Federal Member for Fraser
      Shadow Assistant Treasurer
      Shadow Minister for Competition”

      In other words, watch this space…

  1. It just goes to show how the longer they persist with a lie, the easier it is to perpetuate it.

    • Some believe that a “Captain’s Call” WAS made at the time, but by Bob Hawke rather than Paul Keating. We might never know for sure.

    • He was the politician who laid the path for the financial mess we are now in. The master of the scare campaign – think Hewson’s fiscal reform package and Keating’s ‘big new tax’ scare – the big new tax that in hindsight we found actually wanted to implement but was knocked back. That’s why no politician is game to do anything anymore.

      • Torchwood1979

        Yeah Keating scared everyone but Hewson’s 15% GST came with slashing welfare spending, effectively dismantling Medicare, a draconian IR regime and giving the lion’s share of the tax cuts to high income earners based on a heap of assumptions that the wealth would “trickle down”. It was Reaganomics and Thatcherism writ large.

        The complex economic arguments contained in Fightback! were above the average punter, and Keating knew that he needed a backbone for his counter attack and scaring the crap out of everyone over the GST was it. But in addition to that was Keatin’s relentless attack on the radical overhaul of IR, Medicare and social security. BTW Fightback! also had this genius idea of allowing young people to access their Super in order to get a deposit for a house.

        For your happy Monday viewing pleasure here are two videos of this era:
        1. A great 60 Minutes interview (FF to 14 mins)
        2. Interview with Mike Willisee
        3. John Hewson’s infamous birthday cake GST interview. Proof that Hewson was an economics professor first and politician a distant second

        Mind you, Keating’s first attempt to capitalise on #3 backfired quite hilariously when the cake shop owner he visited gave the PM a good ear bashing over payroll tax, which Hewson’s GST would have (in theory) abolished!

  2. Keating [+Hawke] did not miss the NG boat, he was our Bill Clinton [Rubinomics].

    Both took traditional Labour party’s and converted them to neoliberal lite, progressive ID consumerism in contrast to LIB’s more antiquarian social theory. That includes Shorten and Julia, right wing labour aka neoliberalism.

    Skippy…. Romanticism is not a good observer tool imo…

    • AusDreamNoMore

      I was too young to enjoy Keating time as PM. With the YouTube videos of him though I see a legend.

  3. Negative gearing should not be limited to new homes. The last thing we need is another tax distortion that favors cookie cutter investor stock. Nor should property investment be treated any differently from any other kind of investment. The underlying issue here is the tax payer footing half the bill for speculative investment activity (across all asset classes but particularly in housing) which presents a serious risk to capital values and market stability. The resolution here is simple: Do not allow investors to offset operating losses against other sources of income. Housing supply and affordability issues should be addressed separately. Negative gearing reform should not be touted as the silver bullet for Australia’s housing market woes.

    • Negative gearing reform to limit it to new homes only might be more likely to be politically successful than eliminating it altogether and it would be an improvement on the current situation. Agree about the result being cookie cutter investor stock which is happening in new developments anyway.

      “Nor should property investment be treated any differently from any other kind of investment”

      Well that is the cultural norm but the part of property that is land is provided by nature. Culturally, and academically, since neoclassical economics began, we are conditioned to believe that nature is property.
      This link is to an excerpt from a recent book, and is about the consequences of that assumption:

      • I’m not suggesting removing it all together. I’m proposing that investors only be allowed to offset it against the asset that incurred the loss. That way, the investment must make an operating profit at some stage for the investor to receive the tax benefit.

  4. Who’s up for triva? It’s called “what group?” and it’s pretty challenging.

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