UN: Australia climate “free-rider”

From Fairfax comes the Conspiracy for World government:

Australia has become a climate change “free-rider”, dropping off the list of nations taking “credible” action to curb greenhouse gas emissions, according to a panel led by former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.

In the Africa Progress Panel’s 2015 report, Australia is named along with Canada, Japan and Russia as appearing “to have withdrawn from the community of nations seeking to tackle dangerous climate change”.

…The country was on course for emissions to rise 12-18 per cent above 2000 levels after scrapping the carbon price in 2014, compared with the promise of a 5 per cent reduction by decade’s end.


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  1. Becoming a bit of a rogue state are we?

    From climate science to human rights, we seem, as a nation, bizarrely regressive.

  2. After reading another MB thread, “Audience whoops at Joe the GDP clown”,I realise that Australia is too broke to pay the fare to Paris, but will no doubt clip the ticket.

    • My comment has disappeared…

      I saved your comment, here it is:

      The whole edifice of the alarmist warmists is collapsing, because they can’t explain the hiatus in warming

      You’d better read today’s news, dude:

      Global warming ‘pause’ didn’t happen, study finds

      Reassessment of historical data and methodology by US research body debunks ‘hiatus’ hypothesis used by sceptics to undermine climate science

    • Sorry fellas, you’re wrong again.

      “The greatest changes in the new NOAA surface temperature analysis is to the ocean temperatures since 1998. This seems rather ironic, since this is the period where there is the greatest coverage of data with the highest quality of measurements – ARGO buoys and satellites don’t show a warming trend. Nevertheless, the NOAA team finds a substantial increase in the ocean surface temperature anomaly trend since 1998.

      In my opinion, the gold standard dataset for global ocean surface temperatures is the UK dataset, HadSST3. A review of the uncertainties is given in this paper by John Kennedy http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/hadobs/hadsst3/uncertainty.html. Note, the UK group has dealt with the same issues raised by the NOAA team. I personally see no reason to the use the NOAA ERSST dataset, I do not see any evidence that the NOAA group has done anywhere near as careful a job as the UK group in processing the ocean temperatures.” (emphasis mine)

    • No one listens to Curry 3d1k except for “Merchants of Doubt” cranks like you.

      Skippy… the Tokyo Rose mouth organ of corporatism.

      • Wrong again. You must be getting used to it, it’s become your default position. Judith Curry is well respected by scientists and researchers including those she occasionally clashes horns with. They regularly contribute to comments and are often far more reasonable than headline writers at ThinkProgress or RenewEconomy.

      • @3d1k,

        Judith Curry is a climatologist at Georgia Tech, infamous for flirting with the denier community on the basis that some of them have “good ideas” and can’t get their contrarian papers published. For instance, she has posted on Anthony Watts’ blog, as well as Steve McIntyre’s Climate Audit. She has further embarrassed herself (and her university) by using refuted denier talking points and defending the Wegman Report, eventually admitting she hadn’t even read it in the first place.[1] This and other shenanigans led Tamino of Open Mind to say, “Judith, your credibility is now below zero.”[2] In short, she’s the Richard Lindzen of the South. Or maybe the Roy Spencer of Georgia, take your pick.

        Perhaps what has sparked the most criticism, more than any other one thing, is that she has invited McIntyre to talk at Georgia Tech. No, really.[3] This makes her a massive enabler.

        Some other stuff she’s been wrong about:

        Maybe the Heartland Institute isn’t so bad after all![4]
        The BEST team tried to “hide the decline,” because there has been “no warming since 1998.” (This was widely quoted in a Daily Mail article.)[5]
        (From the same Daily Mail article) “The models are broken.” She later backed down about this on her blog, saying she was misquoted and “had no idea where it came from.”[6]
        Murry Salby is right about CO2 and every other scientist is wrong.[7]


        « Will Global Warming Heat Up 2012 Election? Forecasting Climate Doom »
        Is Judith Curry Peddling Disinformation?
        By Keith Kloor | November 9, 2011 9:24 am

        In recent days, Richard Tol, an economist and “climate polymath,” has been battling Georgia Tech climate scientist Judith Curry. It started when Curry spotlighted some questionable research (two journal papers) on her blog, which contained statistical analysis that Tol initially called “sloppy.” He said the work was “published in minor journals, so that these papers had best been ignored.”

        After Curry and some of her readers objected, Tol became more direct:

        Judith: Statistics is a branch of mathematics. Right and wrong are strictly defined. These papers are wrong in the mathematical sense of the word. I think you have done a disservice by lending your credibility to these papers.

        He also tweeted:

        Skepticism is healthy, disinformation is not

        I started following the exchanges with interest, tweeting some of the highlights. Curry challenged the “disinformation” charges here, and the back-and-forth between her and Tol (which got more specific) continued in that thread.”

        read on @


        Skippy…. Curry is a political operative in the guise of a Merchant of Doubt” to muddy the waters. She has done zip work to buttress her position but only quibbles about a few cherry picked papers that are quite inconsequential to the magnitude and scope of all other works combined.

      • Pejorative assumption 3dfwit, pointing out the trend data is saying is not alarmist, tho with all the “Merchants of Doubt” [rigorously researched material w/ historical facts of record imo] one can only see how a rank ideologue like your self [more like payed stooge] would on like to craft the narrative in such a way as to broad brush anyone not in the septic preview [previously know as denialists before change of tactics] as radical deviants scaremongering the little kids.

        Skippy… its pathetic actually… no shame at all….

  3. sorry to be off-topic, not sure where to post hence posting it here.

    I would like AGBs (Aust, Govt Bonds). what are your thoughts on 3 or 5 or 10 or 20 year bonds?

  4. Don’t worry. With the recession Australia has coming we will meet our targets no problem!

    • Ha ha ha ha ha! You are a solid person in touch with underlying realities.

      Australia is in for a hard time for a long time. I only regret that I have no more AUD to convert to USD. Perhaps I should borrow some!

    • It’s the same thing, the government represents the will of the populace. In theory.

      Most effective means for change is the political system, it isn’t some exogenous body “cramming it down our throats”. It isn’t a distant organisation, it is the central governing authority.

  5. What a joke African nations voting on the efforts of western nations, what up AID checks bounced I’m sure it has TA shaking in his boots.
    Admittedly my direct experience with Africa is limited but it’s all adequately expressed in the simple phrase “This is Africa” …..must admit I do get a laugh out of Chinese firms investing big time in Africa only to find out that their money mostly flowed into the Swiss bank account of some dodgy despot, They get all righteous about corruption…Chinese cursing African corruption it’s a real hoot,.
    That reminds me I’ll need to record it the next time I’m at such a meeting It be an instant You-Tube success.

    • Colonialism…. the after glow…

      Skippy… the best bit is all those AID packages sent eventually get leverage 1 – 7 in debt back to the originator or pals.

  6. no need to worry, upcoming economic depression will make Australia cut CO2 emission by more than any voluntary commitment. Imagine just how much CO2 emission will be cut when Australians stop drinking fancy sparkling vine.

    • Recession should drop emissions, correct. Associate professor of atmospheric sciences, Tim Garrett, pointed out that only complete economic collapse avoids runaway greenhouse. Garrett reached the conclusion in a paper published online by Climatic Change in November 2009 (outcry from “civilized” scientists delayed formal publication until February 2011). The paper remains largely ignored by the scientific community, having been cited fewer than thirty times since its publication.

      • A global Depression – Recession tho would highly increase the possibly of war, in that case, the damage would actually increase.

      • that may be true for the world but upcoming Australian depression is likely to cause CO2 emission to drop more than 25% over a longer period

      • DrX,

        I sorry but I have know ideal how that is relevant, especially since it seems the exportation won’t slow significantly. The atmosphere is not static e.g. the pollution and dust from China [or wherever] blows both across Japan and onto America.

        Skippy…. actually the global back ground is completely compromised by a wide array of toxicity these days.

  7. “In the Africa Progress Panel’s 2015 report, Australia is named along with Canada, Japan and Russia as appearing “to have withdrawn from the community of nations seeking to tackle dangerous climate change”

    They forgot the USA, China, India …

  8. I was lamenting how bad Australia was on climate change stating that we contributed something in the way of 5% globally to my uncle who said something like “5% is only a small amount compared to what’s happening globally, why should we make changes if countries like China contribute massive amount of Carbon each year”.

    I said because for a population of only 20M people we contribute more than our fair share in carbon emissions and if every person on this planet wanted to live the “Australian way” it simply couldn’t be sustainable.

    It took a few seconds for the penny to drop but I think he realised at that point that we live a lifestyle that many others simply cannot enjoy but it’s at the expense of everyone else.

  9. Great to see Australia not getting suckered into this UN climate disruption scam.