Is Twiggy getting set for politics?

From commenter Ronin8317:

He may be laying the groundwork for a tilt at politics. While Clive Palmer’s party turn into a farce, a Forrest plus ALP/LNP government WILL implement all the horrible policies mentioned. The swing seat voters tend to be people who takes Alan Jones and Daily Telegraph as the gospel. Nationalism plays very well to that crowd.

God save us all, that makes sense!


  1. GunnamattaMEMBER

    Just imagine two things

    the ideology that could result…..

    and the investment rating that could be accorded…..

  2. I can just imagine the public expenditure programs. Need to soak up all that excess iron ore to raise the price. Every school child gets a lump of iron ore every day with their lunch, courtesy of the tax payer.

  3. maybe we could build our own stuff with the iron and import stuff.. like iron submarines! hehe

  4. It sounds very appealing.

    On the assumption that Australia alone does not have pricing power and thus cannot manage the market by managing supply Trade Minister Twiggy with the new Leader, and reborn, Barnaby might take off on an urgent trade mission to Brazil to sign a non-aggression pact with Vale. Alan Jones could cut the oranges and provide breathless live crosses back to the local networks.

    The deal between the two founding members of IOEC – Iron Ore Exporting Countries would be simple and involve agreed maximum annual volumes for various grades of ore.

    Each country would be free to divide up the annual volumes as they see fit. A clean auction of the volumes would make the most sense but no doubt some lurks may be permitted for junior birds with broken wings if said birds subscribe sufficient plates at the right party fundraisers.

    Now of course the idea of Australia seeking and successfully negotiating an OPEC style market management deal with another major commodity producer like Brazil is absurd – it requires too much rat cunning and is not what our branch manager business and political leaders signed up for.

    So the next best solution is to forget about doing a deal with Brazil and instead gouge the miners with state royalties until their pips squeak and Gina starts threatening to dig up her daddies leases in Africa (did he have any? – really ?)

    But we will not even do that because all the supporters of the dodgy ALP Federal miner tax grab spent so much emotional energy pooh pooing royalties (cause Colin gets the dough) as a sub-optimal economic solution that they will give the states little support if they play hard ball with the miners using that old fashioned ‘sub-optimal’ revenue raising tool.

    Anyone who is opposed to a ‘co-operative’ agreement with Brazil simply must support our state governments in gouging every cent they can from royalties. To do otherwise would be un-Australian.

    If Colin Barnett is to be given a hard time it should be for being a wuss when it comes to ramping up royalties to the absolute limit. That is where the brinkmanship is required.

    Dig deep Colin – get together with South Australia and starting cranking up the royalties on Iron Ore.

    Better late than never.

    • PF. you have some thought in that, but the Chinese have no long term interest in either Australia or Brazil except to copy the best practices of both. The goal for them is Shimandou, They are are actively working toward that.Their railway teams are over here at the moment “having a look around.”
      Note the newly formed China Railway Corp, is a number of times bigger than any company in Australia. WW

      • , but the Chinese have no long term interest in either Australia or Brazil except to copy the best practices of both.

        Can’t see it taking them very long to achieve their Australian centred goals then.

      • Crikey that is a big deposit – 100M tonnes per year in about 5 years.

        Sounds like Foreign Minister Twiggy and Barnaby had better issue an invite to Guinea to join the IOEC !

        Sounds like there is not much future in being a quarry – just as well we are putting in the hard yards to become a clever country.