Barnett Budget bumbling trashes polls

From The Australian:


The latest Newspoll, conducted exclusively for The Australian, shows Labor has a 52 per cent to 48 per cent lead over the Liberal-Nationals alliance on a two-party-preferred basis.

WA is the next state due to hold an election, in March 2017, when Premier Colin Barnett will be seeking a third term after 8½ years in the job.

If the sandgropers are turning already then Comrade Colin is doomed. Within two years the WA economy will be a smoking crater and Barnett’s budget bungling will be exposed for all to see in giant deficits.


  1. Torchwood1979

    “The Liberals are always better economic managers”.

    I had that stupid conversation again, yesterday. The person I chatted with it about also believes housing will double every 7 to 10 years because that’s what it does. Discussing facts didn’t help change any views.

    The person in question is an electrical engineer.

    We have the government(s) we deserve.

    • This more anecdotal proof for me that intelligence has nothing to do with this belief in RE. Don’t know how many uni educated people from Drs to engineers who say this crap as well. It’s just become accepted fact with nothing to back it up.

  2. Diogenes the CynicMEMBER

    This is before the pain of higher government charges is felt in the hip pocket and the strong possibility of another credit downgrade. Deficit of $2+bn is expected as they cannot stop the massive capex projects already committed.

    • I can’t see WA holding on to an investment-grade rating for more than 18 months, short of a dramatic rebound in Chinese steel demand. Perhaps a big reallocation of GST receipts will save them, but that merely drains revenue from the other states. The NSW and Victoria state governments are sitting pretty atop their bubble economies right now, but once the pace of property transactions slows, we’ll all see just how ephemeral that revenue stream was. Somehow the Feds will have to find the fiscal firepower to support dire state government budgets and backstop the banking system.

  3. Haven’t heard the term sandgropers in quite a while. We will be doing it tough soon, construction at Roy Hill Project is the last big job, people must know it (as progress is really slow). Most of our state economy is around spending money, shops and restaurants. They will be stuffed when we have to close our wallets to shield from the uncertainty that lies ahead. I saw last night RMS (Richards Mining Services) is in voluntary administration, they train mine workers on dump trucks and mobile plant. They went from 5 branches and 100employees to one branch and 10 employees. I think the owner said revenue was down from $25M to barely $1M now. THey trained 10,000+ people who many are still working in the mines, so it’s a bit sad.

    • Yes Shawn there will be many a sorry tale from our Western Necropolis once this has played out.

  4. People are increasingly tired of Colin here i think. The same letter writers to the paper bashing anyone opposed to the government spending on “world class” facilities like a football stadium for the AFL cartel and a waterfront monument to the elite are strangely silent right now.
    Fiscal reality sits heavy on the stupid head that wears it, dosnt it.
    Reality is sinking in when news report after news report depicts this government awarding contract after contract to SERCO as the lowest bidder for services at the “world class” Fiona Stanley hospital only to see reports about medical instruments not sterilized and being returned with blood and flesh attached to the operating rooms. Trainee doctors being withdrawn from the hospital by medical associations because of mal administration causing errors. Patients dying because routine blood tests are not being done in time. Computer systems offline because the “secure” data centers administering the hospital computers, lost power and they didn’t have any backup generators. Its just one thing after another and people are blaming government budget cut backs, and are not sympathetic in the least that the govt is forced to continue the trophy projects at a time when essential services are being starved of funds across the board. Couple that with a health minister here who is deride in the print media as someone who cant be bothered to get of his ass and go down to the hospital and take charge of what is fast becoming an untenable situation down there putting lives at risk. I laughed when i saw 1 letter telling people to stop talking about the bad things and focus on the good things given to us by the liberals building this hospital. Ignores the fact it was the previous labor that funded and got the project going. If it had been left to the libs it would never have been built and they still would have closed down other “under performing” hospitals.
    And dont mention the Midland Hospital debacle. This state govt awards a management contract to a state hospital to St John of God, who then AFTER getting the contract tell the state goverment that they will not provide certain female services like termination or contraceptive advice etc etc becasue of religious objection. So now the govt needs to build a NEW building nearby with NO direct access to the hospital and no signs advertising the “female” services provided because of this. HOW INSANE IS THIS !!!!