Nobody saw it coming because…

Of this, the chocolate wheel of economist’s excuses:


From Zero Hedge.


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  1. Unfortunately, Zero Hedge is a rathole of Libertarians who think climate change is a crock. I avoid it mostly.

  2. Zero Hedge might have some “wacky” contributors, but they do seem to get in front of a lot of issues that others ignore or put deep in the background! Maybe a bit weird but perhaps its just as well their weirdo ways exist. Some balance…..& some digging, which they have shown they can do….even if just trawling other websites. Accept that on Zero Hedge one does need to filter their content!

  3. Agree, ZH is interesting sometimes but can be a pretty fetid nasty place…. don’t have to scroll too far down the comments thread to reach “Zionist conspiracy/New World Order/Obama the Kenyan” types